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  1. Indeed, all of my edits are unblocked for all countries, everyone can watch Britney’s videos on my channel without countries restrictions. The only bad thing, is my edits aren’t the official videos. Which is so weird, is the fact that Britney’s videos are blocked on her official channel for no "obvious" reason, idk why my edits work but not official videos. As far as I know, my edit of Gimme More isn’t blocked in Canada. It’s almost like the official video, with just some additional scenes.
  2. The problem is that we aren’t even sure that first LQ video is official or not. Since there’s no logo of a TV channel, that means it was potentially ripped from an original source, but where? We still don’t know. Maybe from the CD single but there’s absolutely no rip of it on internet... I still don’t understand why the label didn’t officially released the video somewhere. I mean, probably not on her official channel but at least somewhere else like on Greatest Hits: My Prerogative DVD as a bonus video for example.
  3. Oh thank you so much for asking to @Roxxy, also thank you so much @Roxxy! Apparently it was also aired on MTV Philippines, so maybe it would be easier to find some accurate information?
  4. Yeah that LQ video of That’s Where You Take Me on YouTube looks legit, it have a few differences in the editing but there are no major changes. The other versions out there look more "finished" as there are additional scenes instead of black fading transitions where we can find on the first LQ video, maybe the new versions a sort of "Director’s Cut" or some people re-edited the video by using the making of DWADT and 2001 VMA, something like that.
  5. Yeah I just saw that before and thought that looked like an official single but wasn’t sure if it’s not fake. Lmao yeah at least we are (almost) sure that’s the official video but it’s kinda weird to release a Video Promo for a song that isn’t even a single. However, it was apparently very popular in Philippines so idk.
  6. Thanks for the research! I didn’t know that Bombastic Love was a single too! For That’s Where You Take Me, there’s this CD-rip under "Singles" folder of Britney Media, with the scans of the CD-cover of the single. So that’s maybe confirming that’s actually an official single? https://cloud.mail.ru/public/7mAu/FUZTZpCSe/Singles/2003 - That's Where You Take Me [Philippines Promo CD Single]/ But the music video is missing there.
  7. Oh, I found indeed many people on YT who confirmed that appeared on MYX TV, a popular music channel in early 2000s in Philippines. Just found this page, where it confirms that was released as single and also had a Promo Video as bonus on the Single CD. And that Promo Video is actually the music video which makes sense.
  8. Thank you for confirming! So it’s one of the rarest single of Britney
  9. Indeed, there’s no other sources of the original music video, not even a TV/VHS rip which is weird since we even got a TV rip of a channel airing the Original Music Video of Gimme More (2011 Leak, it’s not even an official video). I did a research on internet, and I never found the original video or a TV rip. But many people confirmed that was aired on Music TV channels of Philippines and also Brazil, idk if @PokemonSpears know anything about the music video being aired in Brazil. I’m not sure if it was really released as single, but it’s probably true as the audio of the music video is longer than the Album version. It has also ad libs on the beginning of the video. It sounds more like an official audio edit for the music video to me but idk.
  10. That must be indeed the major label (SME) which is the holder of copyrights and probably owns her videography (as SME, Sony Music Entertainment, owns JIVE and RCA). There are indeed many issues, especially on her official YT channel. The Overprotected Darkchild Remix video missing, wrong titles on some videos, the bad remasters from Sony which look, sometimes, worse than the original 480p... And actually, they didn’t uploaded Overprotected DC Remix on YouTube but added a vertical video of it on Spotify, on Overprotected (Album Version)... I-
  11. I know it’s been a long time lol but here you go (AI upscaled in 4K) I think it’s the best quality out there since there’s still no CD-rip from the Philippines’ single.
  12. I get why you think it’s weird, I mean, it’s not common to change a mind like that, but I don’t think her father decided to delete this music video. I know she is taking a break until her father isn’t the one who run the conservatorship, but in general, he don’t mind what Britney does on her artistic creativity as long as Britney is working properly. The most accurate, and easiest fact to believe is that Britney changed her mind due to how vulgar and inappropriate the video is, as she already said, she is a mom. If it happened to Work B***h, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t with the original Make Me. Because if the chains and the cage are the reasons why it got scrapped, then the new video for Make Me would have the same level of vulgarity/inappropriate contents as the first version. But here, the new video is softer than the old one, with a whole new concept which totally proves the "It just didn’t worked" as the old video [the leaked cut to be precise, as it’s not the Director’s Cut] had no-sense. Not saying the new version is better, both are trash in my opinion. I hope you understand more my point of view, but I totally get why you think it’s so weird and suspicious how she changed her mind like that. And to answer to your last post: yes, the leaked cut was edited by someone else and not by the Director.
  13. Exactly. It’s just Britney who didn’t liked it, it’s not that deep. I don’t think her father has anything to do with this music video, it’s Britney who changed her mind after thinking to potential consequences. In my opinion, it’s not weird, because it happened the same thing with Work B***h. Even if she shot the whole music video, she said that she did a lot of things that aren’t on the final music video. The half of Work B***h video was cut by Britney because she said that she is a mother: So it’s not surprising that she finally changed her mind on the first version of Make Me too.
  14. If she makes new songs like Glory’s songs, I doubt that she will dominate the charts as those types of songs don’t hit all generations and all people. If she makes songs like Circus/Femme Fatale’s songs, I think she can easily dominate the charts with good and fun music videos. Womanizer, Circus, I Wanna Go, Till The World Ends and Scream & Shout are the perfect types of songs for dominating the charts again, especially because of their choruses. Also, the promo is really important (unlike the Britney Jean or Glory eras where there wasn’t enough of promo). She also need to do more TV live performances to promote her songs. But for doing all of that, the most important thing is: Britney. She should be ready for this new era, she should have the energy for performing again, doing music videos, recording songs. And of course, it’s if she wants to.
  15. You had the opportunity to continue trolling by posting other photos before admitting that you’re trolling no one will believe you now
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