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  1. I have no idea what's going on in the IG post. Just wanted to say hi to my avatar twin
  2. Solid points. I guess it just feels extra gross in this case because we know Britney has little to no say over her career. And then fact that she could not hide her obvious discomfort.
  3. Was anyone able to verify this blind? Just got a message on my Free Britney IG account from someone asking me to look into this claim. I've searched hundreds of rentals and couldn't find Britney's home. That's not to say it's not out there. IF they are renting it, I'd assume it's through a very exclusive, private rental agency that would do background checks but I've been hunting for it on luxury vacation sites just in case. Just trying to see if we can back this claim up. I wouldn't put it past team con to rent out the condo and keep the money. I have to give up my search for now and get back to work, but there were an handful of rentals on https://emeraldkite.com/ that looked like they could be in the Regency Towers. Do we know whether Brit's condo still has the piano in the living room and the bedroom with four bunks for the kids? Ugh, I sound insane today. I just want to do whatever we can to expose all the corruption.
  4. Came in here waiting for someone to bring up the ****show that was Perez opening the Circus tour. I have a feeling Perez has been in Team Con's pocket since day one. The fact that JL now follows Perez and we have the screenshot here of Perez praising JL just adds fuel to that fire. I'm sure Perez will jump on the "OMG Britney drove with a cellphone in her hand--that's illegal" bandwagon with all the other trash outlets.
  5. That Sun headline is messy. Everyone here knows Britney bought the Destin condo well before the conservatorship. However, I can't stand Juno Lou, so let the cancel party continue. I mean, JL does run around acting like the condo is her own and talking about it like she bought it with her own money. Are you broke or rich, hunny. Pick one.
  6. This performance was all around awkward. It felt like some sort of tribute to an artist who passed away. I wonder if they planned to have Britney perform and she wasn't interested.
  7. This was such a bizarre era. Knowing now how much control the family had over Britney's career, this feels like a huge ego trip for the family. It feels really self serving of Jamie & Co. to structure an entire era around the idea of family and Britney's "personal" side of life. Cringe then and even more cringe now. The scenes with Britney and her boys are super cute though. The way her face lights up when she hears Jayden start playing piano while she's in the kitchen
  8. This always read like it was written by a PR team to me. Never thought it was Britney posting. This was a press release disguised as a personal note.
  9. Aww I always loved this interview. Even Primeney was admittedly awkward during interviews and more comfortable on stage. She even alludes to that fact here with going into character during performances. I think sit downs are just weird for her, especially since she can't get into certain topics. She seemed much more relaxed when they started playing games. I don't think there's a whole lot to read into here.
  10. Team con is removing this video from all the IG pages that are supporting #freebritney Make sure you have your backups saved!
  11. Sam’s story was just shared to Britney’s IG stories. I don’t even know what to think of the account anymore.
  12. Saved the full video on my phone and we have a clip up on www.instagram.com/free_britneyeastcoast No response would have been better than this train wreck
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