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  1. This. The entire team was complicit in the cship and was profiting off it. It sounds like Britney spoke up (based on the June 23 testimony) many times over the years and was completely ignored. And they shut her off from most of the world, monitored her nonstop, so she really had no way of doing her own research or talking people who could provide her with valuable information. She didn't know because they didn't want her to know.
  2. 100% feels like gaslighting to me. Protecting medical privacy is one thing, especially given how harsh HIPAA violations can be. But we've had court docs about the kids for years now, especially since the Jamie/Preston incident, so I can't imagine that's a valid rationale any longer. Besides, if Britney chooses to speak about her own children in open court that's her right -- and she did bring up how they were made to sit in the car when she was in that "treatment facility" but again, her right. They can't silence her forever.
  3. I would lean this way. AA isn't necessarily limited to people who have a drinking problem. NA meetings (narcotics, drugs) are usually hard to come by, whereas AA meetings are easy to find, so sometimes you'll see people attend AA to get that similar feeling of support on a more regular schedule even if alcohol was never their "drug of choice." Similarly, Al Anon (not to be confused with AA/Alcoholics Anonymous) is for people whose lives are impacted by alcohol/drug alcohol use/abuse but are not abusers themselves (parents, partners, family of users) and could easily be called AA for the sake of not getting super specific because the whole damn thing is supposed to be anonymous. We know Jamie has/had a drinking problem, so it's also possible that if people in Britney's life saw her heading down a similar path or being at risk for use/abuse, it would make sense for her to not drink/drug at all and use any of the above meetings to connect with sober people. All of these meetings can be amazing support systems, even long after someone has been sober for whatever reason. As to the regularity/longevity of involvement in any of these, people should stay consistent with them long after they are sober. I have family members who are 30+ years sober and still attend meetings because it's important to be surrounded by others who are sober to understand you're not alone.
  4. Gaga is still a great LGBTQ+ ally, so it's not all tea all shade. But team con runs deep.
  5. Just trying to go through some of the emails one by one and started with Adnan and trying to figure out how/why team con was already working on their own narrative about Britney's pre-con days. There's an old blog that was trying to point fingers at Perez/TMZ for changing the narrative back in 09/10. Sounds like team con really wanted this process server story to distract people. Over the course of several posts, the blog notes that Adnan was served Feb. 2 (by Ram Mozkowitz's partner Jason Alexander--not the Vegas marriage Jason), making the Feb. 23 "date served/hit and run" incident absolute nonsense. Ram was not alone on the 23rd and was not there to serve papers. He was with another partner, Jesse Martell, who allegedly did not leave the car that he and Ram arrived in. There are also some allegations of Ram and/or Jesse brandishing firearms at Adnan, which could explain why he tried to take off in his car. Adnan pled no contest to the whole running Ram over with a Mercedes fiasco. Blog photos with each story are all from JFX https://breatheheavy.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/britney-spears-ex-boyfriend-reaches-conditional-settlement-averts-trial-in-civil-suit-against-him/ https://breatheheavy.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/adnan-ghalib-faces-more-than-one-man-in-alleyway/ Edit: Links posted with a BreatheHeavy URL rather than breatheheavy.wordpress.com. AAAAND it keeps happening. What am I missing? Also, meant to add that Ram's attorney questioned why this fiasco didn't get MORE media coverage Author’s Note: Olson indicated he was surprised that the media had not covered the story yet. I am surprised as well given the prominence of the names involved and previous interest by the media in Ghalib. I will meanwhile make another attempt for fair comment from Ghalib’s attorney.
  6. Can we get a key to go along with this? I always have a hard time remembering some of the early players because there were a million stories a day about Britney back in 07/08. Even just clarification on some of the names used. Assuming MT is Lou but I’m lost haha Love your threads!
  7. Gaga was out there eating bbq with daddy Spears and the rest of team con like it was nothing
  8. I just started a similar thread to this one, albeit without nearly as many details as @Steel Magnolia provided, and was linked over to this tread. I was trying to figure out if Sam L and Lou had some sort of ties since both have been linked to Britney, Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes. But now my mind is just blown away with all the info here on what went down in Britney's life from 2007/2008. There were so many new stories about her back then that it was hard to make sense of what was happening, but in retrospect the pieces are really coming together. Someone with more time and better investigative skills than me needs to draw some sort of chart linking all the characters in Britney's life together. How are Sam A and Lou connected? Sam L and Lou? Lou and Bobby Campbell? What the hell really happened with Andrew Wallet? Were KFed and Mark Vincent Kaplan complicit or cooperative in setting up the cship? There are so many players in this game. I know everyone is looking at Jamie right now, but the media needs to dig into everyone else that was around in the year before the cship was set up and the year it was established and when it was later made permanent. How can we get all of these details out beyond Exhale?
  9. I just can't stand that Sam L acts as if he's an ally to Brit. These voicemail leaks have me so confused. I find it so hard to believe he is on her side. He did almost exactly the same thing to Courtney Love that he did to Britney and Courtney has been very vocal about how he should not be trusted.
  10. Found it! Gaga's manager is Bobby Campbell, who has been spotted with Sam A. And let us not forget Sam A plugging those damn Chromatica Oreos that Bobby gave him. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING.
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