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  1. Omg the classy reply to JL again… and some have the audacity to keep saying is not her posting…
  2. I think is very well executed and it’s the perfect 101 for the GP that don’t know a lot about Britney’s case
  3. Our poor beloved Cassie is sad she’s about to lose her job <a href="https://ibb.co/2FVgwB6"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/8mv6JVB/1212-C3-FB-EF6-A-4-C2-C-8-FEE-FF32563-F535-A.png" alt="1212-C3-FB-EF6-A-4-C2-C-8-FEE-FF32563-F535-A" border="0"></a>
  4. I’ve been in and out for 3 years now. I’m currently taking them again and like @samblakejacobssaid every person is different and you need the right doctor and the right meds that works for your body and your mind. I was lucky the first one I got is the one I’m still taking now but I know people who needed to try 3 or 4 different ones till they found what was best dor them, so it’s also important to not give up if that happens. Also antidepressants are not a cure for anxiety, depression, insomnia… they are just a little help, there’s a lot you need to do and work on yourself, they’re not “magic pills” like some people think
  5. GUUUUUUUURLLLL! There’s no such thing as “Spanish countries”
  6. From Madrid! The only Europe capital Britney has never visited on Tour Last time she visited was in 2002 to promote Crossroads paying homage to all “Spanish Señoras” Never forget
  7. You gays always talking **** about him and saying how regular he is but still bother to be the first ones to enter and see every single shirtless pic he has if you wanna pound his *** it’s ok, you should stop feeling guilty for feeling attracted to someone, have some fun
  8. Do You Wanna Come Over was literally the most radio friendly song from Glory and we were ******* robbed
  9. Southern, religious and pregnant at 16. The title of her upcoming biography.
  10. At this point I feel that ******* ******* will die before justice is made for Britney. Let’s see how long that colon lasts…
  11. I can’t hear it, just by reading it I can’t stop crying. I know this isn’t big news, we know a lot of this bull**** but hearing it right from her… I guess it makes it finally real. This needs to change, everybody should use their little voices and be together in this, no more conspiracy drama, no more Instagram posts paranoia, sh1t is 100% real and Britney needs to recover, the world needs to be here for her,
  12. Am I the only one thinking that there’s way more swearing in Britney’s post descriptions lately than usual?? Like even more than during Chaotic. I think all this situation is making me even more paranoid or something and I really hope that her Instagram getting more and more crazy is really her not giving a ****, but if we assume that Cassie or whoever is writting her descriptions since they usually don’t match the post in controversial topics we should assume that this is also Team Con and they are trying to portray her in certain way
  13. Try, Explode and One-Trick Pony are amazing songs from Folklore that definitely needed and still need more recognition
  14. They will release more posthumous albums than Michael Jackson team.
  15. I spent years thinking "Blanket" was a name given by the media because of that incident and not a name Michael himself gave to him
  16. First thing Britney should do once she’s free is fire and ban Randee forever, I don’t wanna see a single awful picture from her never again
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