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  1. I asked Fe after one of the Vegas shows in 2016 why Britney seemed to be in such high spirits. She said she was really excited about the revamped show because she got to provide a lot of input. Couple that with the fact that she got to be more involved with Glory and I think overall she probably felt more empowered. Turns out when she has more control, she’s more passionate and it shows in her work. What a concept!
  2. This went BEAUTIFULLY! Vivian came across robotic and insincere. No one would watch this and change their stance on #FreeBritney. 👏🏾
  3. This this THIS! I, too, am always a bit surprised when people say Britney probably didn't want to do the show. To me, the fact that she was rehearsing early and even getting involved in the choreo was proof that she was into it. She was probably craving something different from POM (as we all were). Also, the guy who left the voicemail for BritneysGram also said the show was canceled as punishment for Britney refusing to take her meds. It all makes sense. I was really, truly looking forward to Domination. She was more involved and when she has more control (like with Glory), she's more engaged and puts out her best work. Her vision + NappyTabs' direction was probably going to be stellar. She was performing songs she hadn't performed in years (or ever before)... She was helping with choreography and auditioning dancers... Brand new stage, costumes, set list... A fan's dream... Sad we didn't get to see it, but glad that it was the beginning of the end of her imprisonment.
  4. I saw the video back then. It was just Tabitha (part of NappyTabs creative team) walking through pretty much exactly what Britney did. She was at the top of the stairs, walked down, and was es corted by dancers. No performance.
  5. I really like it! It's ethereal... I love the imagery that the lyrics evoke! As for vocals, I believe it's another Mood Ring situation where they kept the demo singer's vocals in certain parts to fill out the song more... But no lead vocals are being passed off as Britney's (a la BJ). <3
  6. I, too, would love to see him removed completely today, but I think I'd be satisfied with a suspension because it would be highly unlikely for him to be reinstated after a suspension. I would see a suspension like a direct path to termination in this case. These little wins add up, and they've been adding up quickly as of late!
  7. I think today he is asking to have him suspended. Hopefully that will be approved and then Ingham can petition for complete removal. Fingers crossed!
  8. I think for me, and probably many other fans, the documentary seemed to dance around the topic of conversatorship and instead framed her situation as media overexposure and the dangers that come with that level of attention. I remember feeling like her team was being so protective of her to shield her from the paparazzi (and that probably was part of the motivation initially). When she talked about the "restraints" she was under, she didn't say (or they edited out) what those restraints were specifically, so I think it left the impression that she was under tight security control to protect her well-being, but not that she was allowed to do the things she wanted to do (little did we know). She even talks about wishing she could do normal things like take a simple walk outside without being noticed. So for me, at that time, they framed it like she was so unhappy with the paparazzi and level of scrutiny she was under -- they never mention the word conversatorship. The documentary would've had a more raw, authentic feeling if they would've followed up with a question like, "What are those restraints that you speak of?" Maybe the filmmaker did ask that, but they may have censored it. Even when she says, "When I tell them how I feel, it's like they hear me, but they aren't listening..." They never reference who she's talking about specifically. So they gave us just enough to give us some insight into her thoughts, but kept it clean enough not to make themselves look bad. Watching FTR in the last two years or so really puts things into a different perspective. I definitely had some different emotions when watching parts of it again recently. Ironically, it's the closest thing we've gotten to Britney's truth on the topic and it was never spoken about or alluded to since -- that was definitely by design.
  9. Love this video! So simple yet effective. I would LOVE to see extended choreo shots or even rehearsal clips. The section with her and the two guys looks unique. Just goes to show that routines don’t have to be complex — fluidity and intention go a long way. 🔥
  10. I personally would've loved to see the finished product. I think NappyTabs would've brought some fresh production and Britney really seemed eager to dive into something new. I think she would've had POM 2.0 energy but with new choreo, which we were all craving (Britney probably was, too). The issue with POM towards the end wasn't energy -- it was the choreo and Britney's boredom with it... The fact that she was rehearsing months in advance for Domination and even met with dancers and taught them a routine says a lot about her involvement with the show. I mean, if the rumor is true about Jamie pulling the show as a punishment to Britney, then that underscores the idea that Britney actually wanted to do it. Also, NappyTabs directly responded to fan opinions and feedback. That hasn't really happened with previous projects. For example, I tweeted them about how we as fans were missing high-level production like DWAD and I also said we would've appreciated a stripped back moment in the show where Britney really makes a connection with the audience. They replied that they were taking the ideas into consideration. Then we later received the rumored set list and production details, which included Britney traveling to all corners of the theater on a moving swing while singing a stripped-back version of Born to Make You Happy! New production team + new choreographers + new remixes + an involved Britney = success. I really don't think it was going to be a rehash of POM. I can see how people assumed that due to how quickly the new show was starting, but I just don't think it would've been the recycled disappointment that many fans believe it was going to be with an entirely new creative team working on the show. I also like that, even though the choreo wasn't necessarily difficult, it had a swag to it that was missing in most of the POM routines. Britney has always done well with fluid, hip hop style choreo, which POM mostly lacked. For example, I think this GM choreo would've suited Britney very well and I would kill for rehearsal footage of Britney doing it:
  11. Hi Jon! Thank you so very much for contributing such an impactful song to Brit’s discography! What specific considerations had to be made when vocally producing Britney’s vocals in comparison to other artists you’ve produced for?
  12. Probably a top 10 Britney track for me! This is the kind of music that Britney does best. Smooth, melodic mid-tempos complement Britney's voice so well. I place Outta This World in the same category as songs like Invitation and Don't Hang Up. Slices of dream pop-like heaven!
  13. Hi Brian! Thank you so much for contributing your passion, dedication, and talent for the world's entertainment. My questions are: * Creatively, what are the major differences between choreographing a routine for a music video compared to a live performance? What considerations have to be made for each? * You evolved from a dancer on the Oops Tour to choreographer and creative director. Could you describe how that career progression occurred? * What is something the general public would find intriguing or surprising about the music industry that we may not know? This can be general and doesn't have to necessarily relate specifically to Britney. Thank you for your time! xx
  14. Awwww! #ClassicBritney Fun fact: This was actually recorded in Sacramento, CA -- about 20 minutes from me. She was on the Oops Tour and pre-recorded these performances at KVIE (PBS) studios.
  15. Looks like he worked with the Jonas Brothers (they actually brought him up on stage earlier this year). Someone mentioned he’s working the Ariana Grande tour right now. His relationship with Britney was so cute!
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