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Found 18 results

  1. Hey, It's my first time remastering a song from scratch. The main problem I had with this song was the instrumental being lower than Britney's voice so I tried fixing that (which was hard lol) + I also added a few more instruments on the pre-chorus and chorus. I can't do much with a rough demo but I tried to make it sound better. Hope everyone enjoys!
  2. Hi! Let me share with you my new 4K remaster of Overprotected Darkchild! The sources of this video aren't great but I think it looks really good. Believe it or not, but I re-edited this video more than 30 times until it got unblocked on YouTube. Even if it got slightly compressed by YouTube, I hope you like the quality!
  3. Hi! I'm happy to share with you my newest upscale of Stronger, with better quality, crisper details, better editing, audio remastered, original frame rate, and a few new scenes were added! We can even notice some pimples on her face (right she is human too). 480p SD YouTube VEVO: 4K Remastered Previews: I hope you will enjoy!
  4. Hey guys. I bring you new videos of Britney remastered in 4K with AI conversions. With no edits, original as it is. Hope you enjoy it and support the channel Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysgmUG8qS3QxPxQNou5HuQ
  5. Hi! I’m sharing today the last music video of the iconic and one of the best album "Baby One More Time": From The Bottom Of My Broken Time, remastered in HD 1440p (upscaled at first in 4K but after downscaled). The audio is also remastered for information. I hope you will enjoy it! Check my channel for more Britney’s videos, thank you!
  6. Hi!! UPDATE: Ok so I reworked the video to have better results, better quality with a lot of details. Check the new video! The Audio is remastered too! Official YouTube VEVO version 480p: 4K Upscaled: Hope you enjoy! My recent works:
  7. Hi! I wanted to share here my latest video, You Drive Me Crazy upscaled in 4K!! Well, I added the alternative scenes that you may never saw before as they are rare (essentially in this quality). I hope you will enjoy!
  8. HI THERE!! I'm super excited to share with you the OFFICIAL music video (the Director's Cut one to be precise) of Hold It Against Me in 4K 60FPS!! And you know what? There's NO more ads placements scenes, and have more uncut/dance scenes!! HD 1080p VEVO Version: 4K 2160p 60FPS (my version): I hope you enjoy!! UPDATE: The video is blocked worldwide, I will have to edit it to let it on YouTube so it will be out again soon. I suggest you to enjoy other Britney music videos upscaled in 4K, my latest ones:
  9. Hi!! I’m sharing today a 4K upscale of the music video "3", edited with uncensored lyrics and added new scenes. I kept the color teint, the original aspect ratio. We see skin imperfections of Britney and also of dancers now!! Britney is naturally awesome anyway! I hope you will enjoy this video, but I’m afraid that due to copyrights, I may not continue anymore by posting complete music videos but will continue anyway to make new videos about Britney music videos (remastered) but not in a complete music video way like I do usually. #4KRemastered #3MusicVideo
  10. Hello! I'm super excited to share with you my last video which is an extended version of Piece Of Me featuring the US and International version (based of the Album Audio remastered too). I hope you enjoy.
  11. Hi! I'm really happy to share my new version of Circus in 4K 60FPS with Lighting Restored + Audio remastered!! I keep now everything in original aspect ratio so it's 4:3. Obviously, it's slightly edited to let it on YouTube. Hope you will enjoy! Other music videos in 4K 60FPS:
  12. Hello!! I just released and wanted to share with you my new video which is an upscale of My Prerogative in 4K 60FPS where I tried to restore the lighting (we barely see a few things on the original due to a lack of luminosity). The music video is edited to let it on YouTube, but hey, I included some alternative takes to re-discover the music video to make it as "second" alternative version of the music video. Hope you enjoy!!
  13. Hey! I'm happy to share my remastered video of "Radar" in 4K 60FPS! The audio usued is the official Remastered audio of Radar where it's less lossy and well mixed compared to the original Blackout and Circus versions. This is for #JusticeForRadar - hope you enjoy! PS: I don't want to see "it looks like the horse is on her radar"
  14. If one thing I give credit to the Prince estate, unlike Michael Jackson, The Vault has simply kept Prince the artist alive. Well they're at it again. The estate announced A remastered and expanded reissue of 1987's Sign O' The Times. Now while it's not as successful as 1982's 1999 or 1984's Purple Rain, it's still viewed by critics and fans as his best album of the 80's. The expanded reissue contains the original 1987 album in a 2020 remastered sound, plus a 13 track set of Single edits, Club Mixes and B Sides. Plus, we get close to 40 tracks from his vault of material recorded during this era that never saw the light of the day until now. Plus a live audio concert of the tour from Utrecht. Now the physical cd/ Vinyl editions are. CD Standard: The original 2 Disc set remastered. Deluxe The remastered album plus the 13 track Promo Mixes and B Sides Super Deluxe Disc 1 Sign O' The times Disc 1 2020 remaster Disc 2 Sign O' The times Disc 2 2020 remaster Disc 3 Promo Mixes and B Sides 2020 Remaster Disc 4 Vault Tracks Disc 1 Disc 5 Vault Tracks Disc 2 Disc 6 Vault Tracks Disc 3 Disc 7 Live From Utrecht Disc 1 Disc 8 Live From Utrect disc 3 Disc 9 Prince Live from Paisley Park 1988 DVD Vinyl Standard 2 LP set Deluxe 4 LP Set SUPER Deluxe 13 LP Set plus dvd. The super deluxe also comes with a 120 Page hardbound book, containing rare photographs, Hand written lyrics and liner notes by a Few colleagues and a Minnesota music historian. The Super Deluxe is available to pre order For 70.99 on Google play, itunes and Amazon music. You can also pre add now on Apple music. The physical super deluxe cd is priced at 148.99 for the 9 Disc set and 275.99 for the 13 LP Set plus dvd. Can't wait to hear the artist and his work.
  15. Hello guys. Make sure to follow this page to keep up to date with all the 4K and HD remastered ai upscales for her music videos. This is the best quality we will ever have unless her team wants to master them with the producers in the future. Enjoy. for more check: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysgmUG8qS3QxPxQNou5HuQ/videos
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