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  1. Part of me hopes Brit and Billy really are speaking and that he comes through with the receipts. Everything he has posted as "proof" over the last week has been incredibly confusing. Like just show us solid evidence that you speak with Brit and then we have solid evidence that her IG is not her own.
  2. If I had those legs, I would be taking scissors to every damn outfit She did that a lot now that you mention it. That could be a fun thread.. like designer originals vs Britney remixes.. who did it better?
  3. Go off, Nancy Never really been a fan but I love to see her channel some of her rage into defending our queen
  4. This was a great rundown of some of the most important questions that have been raised without including any speculation or Tiktok conspiracies.
  5. Good lord, it's like everything is falling apart at once. Between the Billy B mess, Britney's IG captions, and LFB, this movement is looking so messy rn
  6. I've been trying to make sense of Billy's IG posts since yesterday. If this man has actual receipts, he needs to drop them now. The screen shots he is posting make zero sense and could be a convo between any two people. He's hinting about the Hawaii trip being a receipt like all of Exhale didn't figure out where Brit and Sam were days ago. His captions make even less sense than the ones we get on Brit's page. I have no idea what to think anymore. I wish people would just drop real proof of what they think and say.
  7. This. All. Day. Britney's IG never lines up with everything else we've heard even from way back.. FTR, the handwritten note, the voicemail. Back then, people were pretty much just bullied or bribed into silence. But now team con has social media at it's disposal so they can create all the false narratives they want. The OG "I'm fine" video was probably creepiest of all. I can't imagine what they tell Brit to get her to record something like that. I mean maybe she thinks that video and any other one she has done is OK but when you throw in the captions it's just a hot mess. Why not say it all on video? And what in the world do we make of the fact that Paris posted a video response to this mess? Just when I think I can't get more confused, something else comes our way.
  8. Even I couldn't find that damn link and I sit on my couch all day. Unrelated but related, if that's a link I can use in the US, can you pass it along?
  9. Oh for sure. Paps and tabloids have used her everyday appearance against her for most of her career and I’m sure team con loves that. But as fans I feel like we’ve got to give her a break sometimes because I think what is most likable about Brit is how relatable and down to earth she seems.
  10. Can we all stop acting like we’ve never been anywhere with our hair looking a mess? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Britney because she is REAL. Not one of those celebs who needs a glam team to walk out the door. This is the same woman who walked barefoot at gas stations. When she’s not working, on stage, etc., why would she care what her hair and makeup look like?
  11. What was this? The Twitter account has been suspended Screen shots? General explanation?
  12. I'm loving how often she's been on Sam's IG and reposting his videos to her IG (I know, I know, through Cassie on the reposts). Feels like they've had a lot more videos together since Sam spoke out about Jamie. She looks more like the Britney we all remember in these posts - fun, relaxed, goofy. That silly high five at the end was peak goofy Brit. Forever on the fence about Sam, but seeing the recent videos I don't think you can deny they enjoy each other's company and have a good time together. She deserves that.
  13. Happy to see the Britney era get the recognition it deserves You couldn't blink without seeing Britney somewhere during this part of her career. She was on top of the world. Love this album so much - definitely part of my trinity
  14. Came here to say the same. Looks like they’ve been spending more time at her place. Love it!
  15. Can't believe I missed this! First time that my top five were the mega rate top five ...Baby One More Time - 11 (You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop Remix) - 10 Born To Make You Happy – 9.9 (You Drive Me) Crazy (normal)- 9.8 I Will Be There – 9.5 Thinkin' About You – 9.3 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - 9 E-mail My Heart - 9 Sometimes – 8.7 The Beat Goes On – 8.5 Soda Pop – 8 Autumn Goodbye – 7.5 I'm So Curious - 7 Deep In My Heart – 5.5 I'll Never Stop Loving You – 5 I Will Still Love You featuring Don Philip - 4 Ya'll did Soda Pop dirty though
  16. I kept wondering if she was with Sam when I saw him posting in Italy. I kept hoping she was there because I'm sure she would have enjoyed herself.
  17. @Slayer count me in! What do we rate after we wrap up BOMT?
  18. I was thinking the same thing! I had to pause it because I was like wait is she watching herself on the front camera.
  19. Idk about the rehab part but there have been rumors of Britney's adderall and vyvanse use/abuse in the past. Back in 2006/2007 was the first time I heard about her using adderall to keep herself going. There were lots of rumors about her being on hard drugs around that time, but I'd be more inclined to believe it was a prescription drug. It's not uncommon for people who are prescribed a medication to land themselves in a situation where they realize they're abusing it. Wouldn't be shocked if she took adderall long before that time period though, like during the Britney/ITZ eras. Vyvanse is a whole nother thing though. Like @Brit52 said, you could easily be up for 24 hours on it, and the timeline for 2014 fits with the time when this medication became more widely used. All speculation, and I mean no harm by it. But it's all too easy for celebrities to access prescription or street drugs and sadly they're often surrounded by team members who help them get these things at a young age and throughout their career so they can keep the show going. Think Demi, Judy, and so forth.
  20. Dead at the Billy B comment I don't think I'd want to chat randomly on there outside of a Breathe Heavy group, so I figured I'd mimic my name from the forum. If there are people on clubhouse who don't get the username reference then they are not our people Enjoy
  21. Thought the same when I saw it on IG. Definitely looks like Britney's house. He moved the pic to highlights now and keeps doing all these magic wand emojis on his posts and in comments. What does this mean?
  22. OMG yes can we please do this? I don't have an invite but it let me create a name while I wait for an invite (@shatteredglass) I'd love to chat Britney or whatever else with all of you. This social distancing is getting the best of me and this forum is my distraction for sure.
  23. Britney's vacation photos are always my favorite photos to see. She always looks so happy and relaxed.
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