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MEGARATE: Britney Spears - Glory (GAME)

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1 hour ago, Slayer said:


10 - Make Me...

Overall rate: 7.629



Lowest rate: 1/10

Highest rate: 11/10


- A solid good song, but not a lead.

- Really solid single, poor video.

Great song. Britney's vocals on it is excellent and it's one of her stronger mid tempos.

- This was the perfect lead for the album. This showed a different side to Britney and I'm not usually a big fan of rent-a-rapper in pop songs, but G-Eazy nailed it on his verse. Britney took a risk releasing a mid tempo but she pulled it off. No pun intended but this truly is a sensational song. The chorus is so anthemic, it's a shame the song flopped  as it deserved to do better. 

- this has to be one of my least favourite songs she has ever put out and that's including the Britney Jean album.

- as much as i love make me, it was a weak lead single

make me is one of my favs 😭 why u guys dont like it

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50 minutes ago, Slayer said:


18 - Private Show

17 - What You Need

16 - Hard To Forget Ya

15 - Clumsy

14 - Invitation

13 - If I'm Dancing

12 - Just Like Me 

11 - Coupre Electrique

10 - Make Me

9 - Man On The Moon

8 - Better

7 - Love Me Down

6 - Do You Wanna Come Over?

5 - Just Luv Me

4 - Slumber Party 

3 - Liar

2 - Change Your Mind


Slumber and CYM 💙

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Arrived fashionably late and read every single page. I liked the ranking. WYN was my 11, but I think we all did a good job and did the album justice. <3 

Liar is one of my faves by Britney's whole discography, I just wish they would've kept her adlibs.

In man on the moon I love the lyrics, they're so smart. The "I was in your arms so strong" (Neil Armstrong pun) is smart af

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2 hours ago, ColdAsFire88 said:

Please don’t shoot or cancel me :jj:

Better - 11

Man On the Moon - 10

Liar - 9.9

Mood Ring - 9.8

Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - 9.7

Do You Wanna Come Over? - 9.6

Just Luv Me - 9.2

If I'm Dancing - 9.1

Clumsy - 9

Hard To Forget Ya - 8.8

Love Me Down - 8.7

Coupure Électrique - 8.6

Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) - 8.5

What You Need - 8.1

Invitation - 7.9

Just Like Me - 6.5

Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) - 5

Private Show - 3

What’s your favorite cake flavor? :explainlol:

                🍻Intoxicate me, I’m a lush🍻

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OK so here's mine :

1. Invitation

7/10 good intro !

2. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy)

6.5/10 needs more ad-libs, solo version is better!

3. Private Show

that song is so unbearable so it's a 1/10

4. Man On the Moon

8.5/10 It's a Oops Part II, that song makes me wonder so much !

5. Just Luv Me

It's the 11/10 one, it's the best song ever but we need the solo version of that one. When I'm listening to it I can feel a painful love, a magical love, weakness and what's best Brit is so in that song I can hear ^^

6. Clumsy

3.2/10 A little unbearable.

7. Do You Wanna Come Over?


8. Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe)

5/10 that's not a single...

9. Just Like Me

8.3/10 That song is an acoustic version of a Toxic 2.1 ( if you listen to closely, it's close) => Yes, I'm the one same musical notes but slower, I'm surprised nobody made a mashup with Just Like Me vocals and Toxic instrumental. 

10. Love Me Down

9.1/10 I love that one, it's a really good song !

11. Hard To Forget Ya

8.1/10 A hit !

12. What You Need

4.5/10 seems like there's too much screaming 

13. Better

9.5/10 should be a **** single

14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

7/10 So good!

15. Liar

9.7/10 this should have been a single instead of the weak Make Me. Some years late, that's a shame...

16. If I'm Dancing

9.2/10 I love when I can't stay sited listening to a Britney song.

17. Coupure Électrique

8.5 so magical to hear a french Britney song, but it need some extra work. => I'm also one a the french that like this song a lot.

18. Mood Ring

10/10 I'm glad they gave us a """""single"""" even if it's just a money money thing...

oops i did it again GIF



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16 hours ago, Slayer said:


Your wish is granted...



11 - Coupre Electrique 

Overall rate: 7.481



Lowest rate: 1/10

Highest rate: 10/10 (x4)


I speak french and her pronunciation is atrocious, but someone how it still sounds AWESOME to hear her singing in another language. Super atmospheric and melodic and Britney sounds like an angel. Blackout tribute gives it extra points too.

- so magical to hear a french Britney song 

- Slays in incomprehensible french 

- experimental but kinda falls flat given it's reference to Blackout. But she sound so pretty and its still definitely worth a listen.

- love this song!

- i never skip this song and I appreciate the direction, such a nice song to finish the album too. Strips her voice bare too.

It is the perfect reference to Blackout that the album needed. It was the first song I listened to on Glory (I don't remember why) and it got me so hyped. I love how she incorporated French and Spanish in the album, it gave the entire album a very European feel.

Sad Black And White GIF

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Here's mine. Happy to see Liar, Mood Ring, and Change Your Mind at the top. 

But really... Better coming in at #8 is a tragedy :receipts2:



1. Invitation - 7

2. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) - 9

3. Private Show - 8

4. Man On the Moon - 6

5. Just Luv Me - 6.5

6. Clumsy - 7.5

7. Do You Wanna Come Over? - 8

8. Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) - 8.5

9. Just Like Me - 8.5

10. Love Me Down - 8

11. Hard To Forget Ya - 6

12. What You Need - 5

13. Better - 9

14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - 10

15. Liar - 9

16. If I'm Dancing - 6.5

17. Coupure Électrique - 10

18. Mood Ring - 11

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Thank you @Slayer for organizing and executing this, it was awesome. Seriously great job!

my ratings:

Invitation: 8.5/10

Make Me...: 8.2/10

Private Show: 6.8/10

Man On the Moon: 8.0/10

Just Luv Me: 7.7/10

Clumsy: 7.2/10

Do You Wanna Come Over?: 7.0/10

Slumber Party: 9.1/10

Just Like Me: 6.0/10

Love Me Down: 8.6/10

Hard To Forget Ya: 5.4/10

What You Need: 7.4/10

Better: 8.3/10

Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes): 8.7/10

Liar: 8.0/10

If I'm Dancing: 7.0/10

Coupure Electrique: 7.8/10

Mood Ring: 9.2/10

the only one I’m really mad about is invitation tbh. Tragic.

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