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  1. Why was this so hard? I went with GGGB for best singles because Disturbia pushed it over for me. But Loud was also an excellent Riri era with iconic singles. Voted ANTI as the least good because I liked that era the least and Needed Me is not my vibe.
  2. I think Britney if she wants to. But she has to want to. Key to it being a success is Britney looking invested in her artistry and looking as if she wants to be there. But yes, with her cult status she could absolutely do a surprise release and pull it off.
  3. One of my favourite MVs. Bonus points because Bombastic Love makes a brief cameo As it has already been stated, the bridge with her choreo is why pop girls still can’t compete to 👏 this 👏 day👏 F cking iconic legend
  4. My mother is coming over for dinner Xmas Eve. My bestie is coming for dinner Xmas day. I’m catering but I’m most excited about the desserts: creme brûlée and choc raspberry pavlova. Because Xmas calories don’t count (and even if the do... it’s 2020 so idgaf ) What about your Xmas plans @Slayer?
  5. That performance was all over the place. No other way to put it Cleanse your ears with her best live vocal performance below Xtina is a good singer. Unfortunately the phrase “less is more” hasn’t resonated with her since B2B though
  6. In camp #notokay tbh. 15 months ago, I got new neighbours who have called me derogatory names since day one. The mother screamed me out in the street a few times this year over me being gay and her being on drugs. Bright side is they have finally been evicted and are out as of yesterday. A great Christmas present Also my aunt and pop were both diagnosed with different cancers and deemed terminally ill throughout the year. My pop died a month ago. It was right before my birthday and it sucks But time presses on regardless and hopefully heals wounds. To anyone who is dealing with a hard time, I hope the best for you and that you find enjoyment and peace over the holiday period. You all deserve it. And if any of you want to talk about anything, I’m happy to listen. Nothing but love for you guys
  7. I know this is far from her best music video but I stan so hard. The song still slaps. I stan the purple dress and the dance number in the bathroom. Pop stars wish they could be this iconic at their worst. This is what it looks like when you’re that bish
  8. On the 21st of November 2007, Australian Pop Queen Kylie Minogue released her 10th studio album X. An unusually long gap between studio albums (her previous studio effort being Body Language in 2003), work on this album didn’t begin until Kylie’s recovery from breast cancer. Proving once again that nothing with slow her down, Kylie worked with producers such as Bloodshy & Avant, Calvin Harris and Freemasons. X debuted at number one in Australia (her first since Fever in 2001) and went on to be certified platinum. In the UK, it debuted at 4 and was certified platinum. It reached the top 20 in Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Scotland and Switzerland. The projects lead single 2 Hearts (released November 9) peaked in the top 10 in several countries including Australia, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the UK. Wow was released in Australia, Europe and the USA while In My Arms was released in Europe. X was further promoted by the KylieX2008 tour, performing in Europe, South America, Asia and South Africa. It grossed $70mil at the box office and was widely praised as her best tour to date. While X went on to shift a million copies, some fans were divided over Kylies more adventurous sound. For me, X is in my top 3 Kylie albums. It was definitely ahead of its time and still a pleasure to listen to. 2 Hearts, In My Arms and Wow (all included on her Step Back In Time: A Definitive Collection as the deserve to be) are still favourites of mine. Like A Drug and Nu-di-ty are also standouts. (After I went to effort, I noticed there is a thread for this album but it wasn’t to my lofty Kylie standards so I’m posting mine, not sorry) What do you think? Comment below.
  9. I always knew there was more to his story. Amazing edit: @Slayer @Cheshire-B Pokie solved it wbk
  10. Continue on. I’m not sure we get your username Jordy
  11. Pokie used to have really good theories about Britney releases and their correlation with Pokémon releases. The coincidences were kind of amazing
  12. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) just spoke to me upon hearing Blackout. I don’t know if it was the sultriness of it all or the chanting of get naked but it’s still one of my favourite Britney songs. It’s so Baby I’m a freak and I don’t really give a damn
  13. It’s not fashion until Riri says it’s fashion There’s an annual mullet festival near where I live (yes, Australians are effed) and Riri would slay the game with hers
  14. Great questions. What was big that Brad has been in lately? And I totally forgot about the Gucci movie thing. That’s the only time I’ve been interested in one of her acting roles
  15. I’m glad she’s finding successes in other areas of entertainment, I am. But Lady Gaga the performer and pop star > Lady Gaga the actress Don’t come for me but I didn’t really like ASIB (not my kind of movie tbh) and I never got into AHS. I wish she promoted her music career as hard as she promoted ASIB (but maybe without the same speech repeated 78 times )
  16. She looks amazing Why has everyone gotta release pics but never any music though?
  17. Radar really has some haters Tbh, I still like pretty much all of the Britney songs I have previously liked. Although when it came out, I loved Sometimes way more than BOMT but I don’t really care for Sometimes anymore. I also used to really like Everytime but I just can’t listen to it anymore
  18. I’m not the biggest fan of her music but I love how she’s handling this thing. Keeping her fans in the loop, not leaving them hanging, letting them know she’s okay and she can deal, showing her exact position on the matter. Good for her, putting her wants and needs ahead of what could be a lucrative deal for the sake of some royalties
  19. I feel this is a little unfair to Gaga given the year that we have all faced (and continue facing) but they make a point. The thing is Kylie almost always works hard at an album release because she has to. She’s an iconic legend, yes, but not breaking into the American market in the same way other artists have means Kylie has to work harder to for success to ensue. Lady Gaga however has been half a55ing it since BTW (Edge Of Glory MV, ARTPOP single choices/project died early, making a country/blues album you knew wouldn’t appeal to your fans) but everyone was calling her a legend by the third single of her debut and it went to her head and made her complacent. Although Gaga had a rough start (allegedly) breaking into the industry, since she hit it big she just treats it as a job and feels her name is enough so she doesn’t need to deliver like she used to. Bad attitude and work ethic to have when you’ve only got 4 pop albums under your belt if you ask me. Kylie shouldn’t have to work as hard as she does for recognition, but I’m glad she doesn’t take her successes for granted and become lazy. 52 and still giving it her all. A true pop artist
  20. They calling their collab “Monster” but it won’t even be about the kind I want them to have. Disappointed Hopefully they catch up to all the other celebs doing well this year and join Only Fans
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