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Get your coins out: Justin Bieber Is Charging $7500 For Meet & Greets

Jordan Miller

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I actually think this is a good strategy..

Considering Justin is a person with social anxiety as Britney is, this is the best way to reduce their struggle meeting so many people and still making a business from it.

Of course sounds kind of ridiculous since many fans will not be able to pay for that, but that is the main point, to have less meetings and still make a profit from it. 

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On 1/31/2020 at 7:53 AM, JordanMiller said:

Bieber famously was miserable in past meet & greets. He actually ended up cancelling them mid-tour last time. Looks like he only wants to rub elbows with the rich :well:

Are you gonna purchase M&Gs / see Bieber on his upcoming Changes tour?




Imagine paying $15,000 for your kids to take a damn photo with this chode? I honestly don’t know where any of these celebrities get the idea that a photo is worth even $1,000.... but $7,500? Bieber, unlike his chart positions of late, is high.

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Whos going to spend that on Bieber who treats his fans like **** most of the time when so many people meet Harry Styles in the streets for free? Someone who is kind, polite, respectful and grateful for his fans, always takes pictures, records videos for fans friends, holds and chats for free? 

Ill never get that Bieber fever anyway but maybe thats me :well:

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