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  1. This is such a difficult album to love. 😂 On one hand, ‘Work *****’ is iconic. But on the other hand this album produced ‘Chillin With You’, ‘Passenger’ (which has Brit’s vocals run through so many vocoders it’s just cringe), ‘Tik Tik Boom’ and ‘Don’t Cry’…. All of which were a hot mess. It’s hard though, as much as I don’t love this project in it’s totality, the original version of Orbit’s ‘Alien’ was stunning, ‘Perfume’ (Dreaming Mix) remains stunning, ‘Body Ache’ was catchy as hell …. Idk. I also feel ‘It Should Be Easy’, and ‘Till It’s Gone’ were great, maybe not for a Britney solo record, but maybe as will.i.am featuring Britney? Maybe that’s the key frustration with this record… it was supposed to be a vulnerable one, hence the personal name, however it just feels like an experimental record where the label just threw so many sounds at her to see what might stick next?
  2. Oh my god these are literally the tracks I was going to reference! 😂
  3. So heartbroken, yet completely excited for her. Britney gets to live a boring, blasé life like the rest of us for the first time in her existence! I hope this next period of time is just full of relaxation, growth, development and personal joy for her. ** and as for that comment about the interview. My GOD I can’t wait for the comeback that’s mounted off that interview. It’s going to be EPIC.
  4. so I'm just going to state an opinion ... (and at this point it's likely not the unpopular one anymore) ... Demi Lovato has become one of the most pretentious, obnoxious people with a public platform. At this point I'd rather watch Marjory Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz talk than listen to Demi. At least those two get called out for being nuts. What's funny even as I write that though, I don't think Demi is nuts at all. Every single thing she does and says today, and frankly, all of her past antics, are a sad grab for attention. At this point I'm just ..... over it.
  5. I think the general public might politely disagree with you on that, Jordan. 😂 Personally, I think art is open to interpretation. If a filmmaker chooses to make a film discussing and tackling another public figure’s personal life, especially a life like Britney’s where there’s so much scrutiny, that art is open to dissection. It’s definitely hard work and I respect that, but there is a value in the general public coming together and saying they felt this re-telling of Brit’s story was a bit trashy…. Because it kind of was. There were some great takes in this documentary, but there’s also a lot of wasted time here focused on that stressful and awful year, rehashing footage that’s already been seen. Pair that with the fact that the general consensus seems to be that Britney isn’t a fan of this story being retold in these documentaries, and it’s kind of easy to see where people might find it “trashy”.
  6. None of this was new information.... that's the bummer for me :( It was fascinating, and sort of 'confirmation' if you will.... but we've heard these stories before. I'm actually kind of surprised that this documentary didn't have more interesting contributors. I much preferred the 'Controlling Britney Spears' NYT doc. That one managed to leave Britney's dark moments alone, and focus very specifically on the abuse she endured. I do like how they mentioned the bathroom documents with Jenny though. It gives clarity to the fact that sine day 1 she wanted out of this ****.
  7. so this may be an unpopular opinion, but I'm just going to say this. "Framing Britney Spears" was a phenomenal kickoff point, and NYT's latest installment 'Controlling Britney Spears' is by far the best and most tasteful documentary released to date. I actually agree with Variety... I thought the Netflix doc (short of Jordan looking absolutely GORGEOUS), was overall tactless, repetitive, and yea, kind of shameful. Here's the thing, I think it's a sensational bit of redemption for Adnan and Sam, and I understand they deserve that, seeing as they were the scapegoats dragged through the mud, but in this doc it feels like the retelling was for their vindication, at the expense of retelling Britney's worst moments. For me, 'Controlling Britney Spears' got some things right. They didn't retell 2007-2008. Instead, they went straight into Britney's experience in the conservatorship. I thought their sources from her wardrobe team to the former blackbox employee were brilliant. Hearing stories like her iPhone being cloned, or her struggle to even get an iPhone in the first place, or buy a pair of sketchers .... when she's making $1 million per show, was heartbreaking. I also think they nailed they "how" behind her control.... her boys. It's heartbreaking to hear that she was terrified every minute that her Dad would block her access. Additionally... reporting on bad media coverage, like that incident with the ********* smell at the Circus Tour. Brit was painted to look like she was nuts for wanting to walk out of a concert... but nobody reported why, at least not up front. This documentary was captivating, informative, yet it didn't spend it's time rehashing Britney's darkest moment, it highlighted how much of a badass she is for enduring this conservatorship. As for 'Britney Vs. Spears'..... I didn't think it was all bad. But let's all be honest, it was so much slower than the others, dragged on an extra 30 minutes, and spent most of it's time dwelling on 2007/2008, and X factor ..... but it really didn't give us any glimpse into the conservatorship that we didn't already know. just my humble opinion.... and who knows maybe Lou did pay for the reviews.... but that doesn't make them wrong per say.
  8. I have been an avid fan of this performance since 2007, but I'll say it again.... THIS WAS NOT A BAD PERFORMANCE. The rehearsal looks even better than the actual show. It just goes to show those rumors were true about her team trying to force different hair and style. You can see the anxiety on her face in the actual performance, but here in rehearsal, she looks FANTASTIC. I'll never forget the 'For the Record' interview in the car, where she states it wasn't a "bad" performance, it just wasn't her best. In my opinion, I'll place this right up there with some of her best. The entire theme of that VMA's show, placed in Vegas, was a party. Britney showed up and turned the stage into a Vegas club. The only reason this performance was dogged so bad was because the press was (and essentially still is) run by a bunch of misogynistic *********. Her body (though not a size 'zero') was not bad here at all. She looked stunning. 90% of the bull**** that was circulated in the press following this was a bunch of jabs at her weight. I'm sure it's obvious by now, but I'm still FURIOUS about it all these years later. LOVED this performance.
  9. This is so vindicating for Britney. That man is a con. He’s everything she’s said he was for the past 13 years, and this is him throwing in the towel. I’m so glad Brit has Rosengart, and I can’t wait to hear this story told in her own words some day. she should write a book.
  10. I mean.... we all have have our preferences when it comes to paying to see an artist live.... I'll give you that.... but your thoughts on her potential successful come back are WAY OFF. Can she a long term, sustainable 3-4 album run? Maybe not. The buzz will wear off, and I'm not sure she has the sophistication to excel beyond the style of pop that made her famous, a style which is now firmly stuck and left in the 2000s. That being said, can she make a big comeback? I think that's an emphatic YES. All of the odds are in her favor. The WHOLE WORLD is watching her right now. Everyone's talking about this conservatorship, and nearly everyone is rooting for her. If she's successful in terminating it, and taking some time with Sam or however else she wants to re-set, the world will be watching how she comes out of it. Like I said, this may not translate to a 3-4 album, decade long stretch.... but it's definitely enough buzz for a big era. 'Glory' proved she could pull of a modern pop sound. If she took some time to get back in tip top shape (which we've seen in 2016), and really put together a decent album... I think the odds are more than in her favor. And as for the age comments.... Madonna had 2 back to back tours that were the most successful of her career, sold out worldwide, in her 50's. Janet Jackson made a massive splash just recently and had a sold out tour..... and the album she dropped was a bust. Success isn't necessarily album sales alone, and as long as there are fans that find an artist fascinating, there will be avenues for success.
  11. Haha.... that's very true. Sorry, I got swept up 😂
  12. When people post that they're "just becoming a fan" or "have to be" a fan of Christina Aguilera, I get feelings of intense rage, swirling throughout my body. Christina Aguilera is a LEGEND. None of the pop girls from the 2000s could sing like Christina. Nobody was an ally to the LGBT like Christina was, before Gaga smashed the scene in 2008. The entire 'Stripped' concept, production, sound, style, lyrics, videos and era in general was iconic. 'Back to Basics' was ******* stellar.... the tour was stellar. 'Bionic'? Don't even get me started. Call it all over the place if you must, argue whether it was 'ahead of it's time'.... but nobody in the current game, aside from possibly Lady Gaga, could play with all those sounds so effortlessly, like Christina. 'Your Body' ..... certified bop. 'Pipe' and several others from 'Liberation'.... bops. STOP ACTING LIKE CHRISTINA AGUILERA isn't the ICONIC QUEEN she's always been. Thank yew.
  13. Can we stop promoting Demi Lovato already? Good Lord..... the level of stereotype.
  14. I love that the focus of this situation is finally where it should be! Celebs, fans, and politicians are involved not based on her personal health, but based on her BASIC RIGHTS. The further we get here the less I'm concerned about Brit's mental state. If she's struggling with some stuff, or perfectly fine, she deserves to focus on her self in HER own way, without her dad's thumb. I'm so excited to continually see people getting that point and standing up for her.
  15. if these are fake, they're the best damn fakes I've ever heard. It's absolutely disgraceful that nobody took the time to listen to these in court, or to call her in to verify in person. It's despicable. Who knows what Sam Lutfi was or wasn't, but clearly Britney trusted him more than any of the people that have run her life since.
  16. this whole thing just breaks my heart for Britney. Lynn basically admits here that she knew damn well Jamie Spears was not only unfit for this role, but that this entire damn time he's been abusing Britney. I don't see any way where Lynn couldn't come forward before now. It's just heartbreaking. Britney has literally had NOBODY on her side.
  17. So..... I just.... I can't even weigh in on this one. I'll say this though.. You have to think to yourself, as a celebrity, why would you even try to make "art" like this, in today's climate? Whether your intentions are pure or not, people are going to assume the worst. For me, Camila's an idiot on that basis alone. I feel like you have to be smarter than this.
  18. Not sure why it’s hot, or when I praised Cardi B or any other “pop girl” for blatant, blah ***uality, but ok…. looks like I wasn’t alone in my opinion though, based on this comment thread, so I’ll just take the win.
  19. Nope. Not at all. I’ve been a fan of literally one Cardi B song…. And repeatedly dragged Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ Lp and other “pop girls” for lack of depth over the past few years. But thanks for the assumption, I guess?
  20. I must be the only person in the gay community right now that just isn't into this. Loved 'Montero', and I think the bold representation is great, but it's 3 videos back to back with the same blatant ***uality. I guess I was hoping someone in the powerful position that Nas X is in right now, would take the opportunity to also produce something with some depth. I'm definitely not hating, and I've got respect for the fun he's having, and what it means to young kids that never got to see their fantasies or desire represented. I guess I'm just an old gay now, and I'd love to see something groundbreaking
  21. it's GLORY .... hands down. That album gave us a glimpse of what Britney can do outside of Sweden's hit making team. The up and coming producers on 'Glory' gave Brit a fresh sound. 'Slumber Party' was one of her career BEST. 'Femme Fatale' was a great record.... lots of fun, and I'm all about 'Hold it Against Me'. BUT.... there's a ton of filler on that album like the steaming vegetables quip, 'trip to your heart' and 'how I roll'. In my opinion some of the bonus cuts like 'Up n Down', 'Selfish' and 'Scary' trumped half the tracklist that made the final cut. 'Britney Jean'? I literally can't. I just don't feel like Britney was invested in that album in any way, shape or form. While it did however give us another of career best singles in 'Work *****', I'll ultimately never forgive Will for ******* up 'Alien', or RCA for not correcting it.
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