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  1. Seriously, in DC?! I live in Chicago, and was super stoked it was supposed to start here. UGH! ...BUT also, no thanks no money from me to the brand until she is free.
  2. I can't be the only one that see's that the whole thing was a ripped right from Britney's 2016 Billboard awards performance right? The pole, the pick up, the cross position....either way I am a fan of Lil Nas X
  3. I hate when people are like "she wouldn't have been able to do it"....yall can take some seats....just think of what Brit went through all those years...a slave to making money for other people and then being attacked by the very fans she is performing for. The same ones that fed the beast that kept her enslaved. I think the "Britney Domination" concept was really cool, but way too soon after POM...they were working her too hard. I do love that there are so many dancers in this, looked like it was gonna be huge! ....I hope she comes back so I can see her again under her terms and no one elses <3
  4. Lets see what Britney has to say about him. We have only heard the narrative that the conservatorship has laid out about him.
  5. i could have done without her adding: Garbage Pizza after Britney...but sure.
  6. This video was cute. Her trying to cut the nuts with the knife while holding the phone was adorable. I dont understand the "fans" that comment saying the video's they post make her look crazy. She is just chilling at home making a cute lil baby needle sandwich. I thought it was cute. Even if the content is picked by the team, she made it at one point. So I love anything she makes. We stan your sandwich B.
  7. Oh what a surprise.....Justin taking advantage of the news coverage he got around Britney. LOLLLL I feel like Brit deserves residuals at this point tbh.
  8. Looks like filler. You can do a lot with that. He probably thought it would make him look older, for less "boy next door roles".....he hasn't been in much lately other than his Netflix series.
  9. She is vaccinated which is 95% effective, and current science states that you have a 1/1,000 chance of getting Covid from a service.
  10. He's kinda problematic, but happy for anyone being themselves.
  11. The only thing that worries me about the Netflix one is that Lou was pictured with a high up person there. So who knows.
  12. I can't wait for this Bieber thing to be over. I enjoyed him until the homophobic church thing. I don't feel the need to comment on his looks, cause that is kinda crummy to do.
  13. Oh for sure....Keri was bold when she spoke out. She also talked about Beyonce stealing writing credits. They silenced her quick.
  14. Too bad legally and owner of a website is not liable for the content other user's post. Soooooo all these letters are empty threats. Ask her how her lawsuit against the fan in GA went? ....oh yea it was laughed out of court.
  15. It strange to me how many people dislike him for the satan thing. It's a good video and a good song. There are either some self hating Mo's in here or homophobes. Whatever, stay pressed. lol
  16. I don't think it is a coincidence tbh ...Im tired of people calling her weird....seems like she has a love for history and for women who were treated badly
  17. So, if you look into who the woman is in the picture, we might be able to draw some parallels here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nellie_Grant - She was a beautiful woman, who was married young, to someone her parents did not think had enough value - She was treated much different and harder than her siblings and sent away at one point - To keep her out of the limelight her Father sent her away with people to watch her - Historian's said she was undervalued in her time ....so maybe the Devil is in the details.
  18. Does your ex workout at your old place? I have questions lol ....but it takes a lot to implement a life change, sounds like this all comes from a breakup.
  19. I love him, but am I the only one finding it slightly annoying how much everything is around him marriage. What was the music video with all the Brother's and their wives were all over it. Cringe. She is even in Spaceman. Don't get me wrong, I love his wife too, she is great. Also, I would like to see him be a little less wholesome.
  20. MTV has done her dirty since 2007. I don't want to see her on anymore MTV award shows.
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