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  1. this whole thing just breaks my heart for Britney. Lynn basically admits here that she knew damn well Jamie Spears was not only unfit for this role, but that this entire damn time he's been abusing Britney. I don't see any way where Lynn couldn't come forward before now. It's just heartbreaking. Britney has literally had NOBODY on her side.
  2. So..... I just.... I can't even weigh in on this one. I'll say this though.. You have to think to yourself, as a celebrity, why would you even try to make "art" like this, in today's climate? Whether your intentions are pure or not, people are going to assume the worst. For me, Camila's an idiot on that basis alone. I feel like you have to be smarter than this.
  3. oh my god, louder for the ignorance in the back! Thank you!
  4. Not sure why it’s hot, or when I praised Cardi B or any other “pop girl” for blatant, blah ***uality, but ok…. looks like I wasn’t alone in my opinion though, based on this comment thread, so I’ll just take the win.
  5. Nope. Not at all. I’ve been a fan of literally one Cardi B song…. And repeatedly dragged Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ Lp and other “pop girls” for lack of depth over the past few years. But thanks for the assumption, I guess?
  6. I must be the only person in the gay community right now that just isn't into this. Loved 'Montero', and I think the bold representation is great, but it's 3 videos back to back with the same blatant ***uality. I guess I was hoping someone in the powerful position that Nas X is in right now, would take the opportunity to also produce something with some depth. I'm definitely not hating, and I've got respect for the fun he's having, and what it means to young kids that never got to see their fantasies or desire represented. I guess I'm just an old gay now, and I'd love to see something groundbreaking
  7. it's GLORY .... hands down. That album gave us a glimpse of what Britney can do outside of Sweden's hit making team. The up and coming producers on 'Glory' gave Brit a fresh sound. 'Slumber Party' was one of her career BEST. 'Femme Fatale' was a great record.... lots of fun, and I'm all about 'Hold it Against Me'. BUT.... there's a ton of filler on that album like the steaming vegetables quip, 'trip to your heart' and 'how I roll'. In my opinion some of the bonus cuts like 'Up n Down', 'Selfish' and 'Scary' trumped half the tracklist that made the final cut. 'Britney Jean'? I literally can't. I just don't feel like Britney was invested in that album in any way, shape or form. While it did however give us another of career best singles in 'Work *****', I'll ultimately never forgive Will for ******* up 'Alien', or RCA for not correcting it.
  8. I actually agree with this one whole-heartedly. The online bullying is completely un-called for. I mean, I get it… what she’s been through is completely inhuman, but it’s up to her to speak for herself now, and as a fan base it makes us all look ridiculous to just start picking victims and throwing negativity. Britney has always been a positive person. She wouldn’t do it…. We all know that, so we shouldn’t either.
  9. He's definitely what she deserved 10 years ago. This whole thing was supposedly started in order to put a circle of protection around Britney at a troubling time, when vultures were coming at her from every angle... including the media. 2 years into it, after the release of 'Blackout' and 'Circus', and the completion of the record-setting 'The Circus: Starring Britney Spears' world tour, it was very clear it should have been terminated. She was, and has been, completely able to take care of herself. Rosengart is smart as a whip, and putting Britney's humanity and interest FIRST before making any comments, was an instant success for me. To hear him now go after Jamie immediately, is the icing on the cake. I think something fans need to understand though is the complex legal situation she's in because of Jamie. These conservatorships are near impossible to terminate, and it's going to be an uphill battle. Comments like 'The end is near' are almost dangerous, because in fact, Brit could be in court battling this step by step for the next several years. that all being said, yes, ACKNOWLEDGED, Rosengart is a badass... and I can't wait to hear him shred these ****ers.
  10. it's definitely getting embarrassing to see Cassie and team continue to post, knowing Sam will just counter-post, and knowing Britney has already come out and told people she's been miserable. Like, how stupid do they think people are? Then again, this is the day of social media.
  11. Ohhhh I just love these Stan wars 🤓 I normally stay away from these posts, but this is too good of a pairing! Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are easily two of the best female artists to come out of the 2000’s, and sustain their success respectfully throughout the last 15 years. To pair them against each other is honestly impossible though, me here are my thoughts on why. Let’s examine three key areas for each shall we? 1. Quality of Singles / Well-themed Albums 2. Visuals 3. Cultural Impact Let’s start early on. Both women have had phenomenal singles, as well as critical flops. That being said, Lady Gaga’s singles were far superior in her first 3 eras, there’s no question. ‘Just Dance’, ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Alejandro’, ‘Born This Way’, and ‘Edge of Glory’ were all brilliant, artistic takes on fame, power, equality and toxic relationships. Taylor’s first 3 eras in contrast, while producing relatable, cute singles like ‘Our Song’, ‘Love Story’, ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Mine’, were empowering for some, but they lacked the connection to culture as a whole in their respective time. Visually, there’s no comparison. Lady Gaga’s visuals for each and every single of these 3 eras were challenging, stimulating, and a constant source of conversation, whereas Taylor’s were simply … Well, cute. For these early eras I’d tip the scale to Lady Gaga. For their next eras though, things got interesting. Where Lady Gaga was in the headlines constantly for the striking nature of her art, Taylor was In the headlines for her personal feuds and the status of her relationships. In these next eras, in my opinion these women switched scores. While ‘ArtPop’ is one of my favorite Gaga albums, and ‘Joanne’ a solid crossover, neither of these albums were interesting culturally, nor will they be remembered. 2012-2017 was a largely forgettable time for Lady Gaga in terms of headlines and impact. For Swift though, these years packed 3 of her most solid releases. ‘RED’ will go down in the books as likely the best country / pop crossover since Shania Twain’s peak, while ‘1989’ solidified Taylor as a star like no other. While Gaga’s chart success dwindled, Swift scored multiple number one singles, some of her career bests, and won ‘Album of The Year’ twice, plus countless other accolades.The visuals for both of these eras were quirky and fun, as well as high budget when we look at ‘Shake it Off’, ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood’. The world tours for both eras were also record setting. At the forefront of all this success was Taylor’s personal life, aptly on display. At the worst of it, and from her darkest place though, Taylor churned out what might be my personal favorite of her discography, ‘reputation’. The lead single and it’s visual will go down In the books for the clever representation, and cheeky strikes. All 3 of Taylor’s releases also debuted with over a million in sales. For these years, I’d definitely tip the scales to Taylor Swift. In recent years (2018-present), both women have thrived. Both had their decent (and natural) pop releases… Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’, Taylor’s ‘Lover’… but they’ve both also released some of their best artistic projects. Gaga dove into acting, and crafted the soundtrack to ‘A Star is Born’, to critical acclaim from both Hollywood and the musical realms, while Taylor released yet another brilliant crossover into folk music, ‘folklore’, which went on to sweep awards yet again. She also released it’s sister album ‘evermore’ to critical acclaim, and has started re-releasing her original albums, in an impassioned brawl with industry mogul Scooter Braun. The power Swift is taking back brings power to the countless Women that have been slighted by this industry. I would Say the scales are tied for these years. all things considered, both of these women are phenomenal artists, with spades of talent…. Both actively support women, the LGBTQ Community and equality In general. Both are philanthropic, hard-working and culturally impactful. this one is a tie folks.
  12. it's always fun reading a Taylor swift post. Everyone is so polarized one direction or another. Call the woman whatever you want, all drama aside, she has every right to own her masters. While it's typical for an artist to need to purchase them, it's not typical for a shady deal like the one with Scooter, to offload them to another company behind the artists back. The artist is almost always represented in these dealings..... She had every right to fight back, and re-record her work. There's nothing against it.
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