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  1. Ok…… **** this thread. “this isn’t intended to start war…..” 🙄 Disclaimers that claim stuff like that before ultimately offering a jaded review of a pop-star’s career, in a negative light, only serve one purpose ….. pissing people off and STARTING FAN WAR. dua lipa is fantastic, and she’d be lucky as hell to have a career trajectory like Katy Perry. ‘Future nostalgia” was a masterful pop album, and she deserves nothing but accolades. Can we just stop comparing pop stars to each other please? These women are all powerful, hardworking, enthusiastic and gorgeous. Let’s just celebrate the eras for what they are. EVERY pop star that tops global charts 3 albums in a row will eventually have a cool off period. That’s all there is to it. I’m getting super annoyed with the constant negative references to Katy Perry on this site.
  2. 1. Reputation -- This album is brilliant. 2. 1989 -- I could do without a couple of songs, especially 'Shake it Off'... but there's a ton of great music here. 3. Folklore -- the artistry here put the rest of the players out of the game. 4. Lover 5. Red 6. Evermore 7. Fearless 8. Speak Now 9. Taylor Swift
  3. I'm so sad more people aren't talking about this. Aly & AJ are a great example of artists that new when to pack it up for a bit, pursue their lives, and now all these later they return with something fresh, that's quite frankly their best work. This will fly under the radar, and it's too bad. pop tarts of the moment come and go, but I sincerely hope these sisters stay in the game!
  4. She’s obnoxious. There’s nothing groundbreaking here. Next……
  5. I don't buy any of these documentaries or conspiracy theories anymore. I don't care if people think Brit isn't making her instagram posts. All I know is this.... homegirl seems to be having a great time with her boyfriend, and some friends, and couldn't give two ****s about any of this enough to show up in court or stand out and say something. It's old.... it's tired. the only way I'm buying ANY OF IT, is the day Britney herself comes forward and sets the record straight. Till then, THRIVE Queen.
  6. Honestly, I’m so glad she just validated my feelings about the hype around her. We just spent the last 2 years listening to her trash talking every other celebrity for this basic ***ualized bull****, and at 19 years old she’s got blonde hair and her **** out on Vogue? Miley Cyrus deserves vindication. Britney Spears deserves vindication. Janet deserves vindication. CHRISTINA AGUILERA deserves vindication. MADONNA deserves vindication.
  7. This one really isn’t a challenge. Lady Gaga has crafted every piece of her art. Rihanna’s first 7 albums were simply record label hit factories.
  8. Yea, I respect that, and in general I don't disagree. It's just in this case, respectively, Wade has lost multiple lawsuits / court cases against Jackson and his estate, because he has no evidence to back up his claims, but instead, multiple close sources including his own Mother, coming forward to state the opposite. That's the only reason this feels a little icky to me.
  9. Lol, thank you for calling me a mess, I guess. I didn't state I had a problem with ***ual assault survivors seeking money, or any other form of revenge against their abuser. My problem with this isn't specific to the desire for revenge. My problem is that Wade is continuing to pursue revenge against someone who's already dead, continually dragging both HIS family through the headlines, AND Michael's children. If you want to talk about innocence, it would seem his children qualify there too, no? The whole situation is, to quote you, a "mess". ** Also, if you're gonna call people a "mess" .... maybe do all of your research on the situation? Judges aren't throwing out Wade's case just to "protect" Jackson's estate. They're throwing them out on the basis that there's absolutely no concrete evidence to back up Wade's claims, in fact the depositions they have say quite the opposite.
  10. I think it's wonderful we live in a world that makes coming out so simple, and praiseworthy ................. for the surface deep, beautiful men. I guess that's really all I've got on this "celebrity"?.
  11. I only have one problem / question with this pursuit of Wade's, relevant to the comments in this thread. WHAT WILL MONEY DO TO CHANGE WHAT HAPPENED? ..... nothing. Wade Robson was already paid for the documentary released a couple years back, his voice was heard by MILLIONS of people, and Jackson's reputation has been irrevocably destroyed over the past decade. Millions of people believe he was guilty of these allegations, among dozens of others, and no longer support his legacy. For survivors of ***ual assault, healing is never an easy process, and I respect that. Sometimes validation, and the accused being brought to justice can provide relief.... and eventual long term healing. But at this point, Michael will never be brought to justice. He'll never have another day in court. Michael Jackson is gone. To the points of several of the comments in this thread, he's been dead over a decade. There will be no proof at this point that will concretely uncover whether Michael was or wasn't guilty. At this point in time, these lawsuits serve no healing purpose, all they do is attack the estate that benefits his children and family. Wade is continuing to bring constant shame and pain to people who are potentially innocent in all of this (maybe the knew, maybe they didn't) and still haven't been able to let go of THEIR Michael, because these continuous lawsuits keep threatening his memory. I feel like Wade is no better than Michael if he's continuing to just bring shame and pain to his children and family. Money won't change any of this... it'll just serve to line Wade's pockets.
  12. You know, I'm actually here for this. I quite enjoyed Selena's last 2 albums.
  13. I'm so glad to see who many fellow exhalers on the same page with this issue. What kills me the most, is that Demi's fans are so BLINDLY devoted that they're literally just trolling all over the internet, desperately trying to defend this ****. 😂
  14. Lmao Jordan.... you and Tom Holland 😂 such a cutie, but damn he makes me feel old....
  15. ooooo.. this is a fun topic! For me there's one that stands out more than ANY other........ DEMI LOVATO. Now, I'll preface this by saying I'm in my 30's, so the Britney's, Christina's, Beyonce's ruled my teens, and Lady Gaga, Katy Perry ... they kind of rounded out my 20's. That being said, I've always tried to appreciate the Disney slew that came out.... Selena, Miley, Demi.... and out of all of them, Demi is just the most frustrating. Miley has re-invented herself time and time again, and while it's not always my cup of tea, I can respect the artistry. Selena just makes light dance music... I can also respect. But DEMI.... ******* Demi. I've consistently liked a few tracks here and there off her albums. I thought 'Cool For the Summer" and the whole 'Confident' album were so solid, and I LOVED her follow-up with 'Sorry Not Sorry'.... but her personal life and endless ****ty opinions have just made me consistently rocking back and forth with sour feelings about her... This year was really it. Between the use of her overdose / assault to launch a record, to this little yogurt shop debacle.... girl, it's done for me. Another one that's consistently frustrated me is Ariana Grande. I feel like her first few albums it was so hard to nail down a lane for her, and then when she finally picked the urban trip/pop thing she's doing, I just instantly got bored with it. 'Dangerous Woman' was her peak for me. 'Thank U, Next' a close second. But 'Positions' for me was a complete snoozefest of b-sides, most of which not suitable to be released on 'Thank u, Next'. I'll still give Ariana's music a spin though because she's got the voice of an Angel..... Demi on the other hand, skip.
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