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  1. she has a gorgeous voice for this kind of melodic pop, but this was never it for me. Her debut, 'Spirit' and the album 'This Way' were stunning for me. After '0304' I almost lost interest in Jewel..... some of her newer alt/country work isn't bad though!
  2. Taylor Swift's re-release of Fearless (Taylor's Version) shifted 500,000 units globally, in just 24 hours. This marks her 9th album to debut with 500k. 27 songs, including vaulted tracks never heard by the public, this could easily move over a million by weeks end! Fearless (Taylor's Version) also has the biggest debut on Spotify in 2021, surpassing Justin Bieber's new album Justice. thoughts? How big will ‘Fearless’ be?
  3. HOW ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE QUESTIONING HER SOCIAL MEDIA!? though Queen of many things, maybe our girl just doesn’t dig technology, or editing. Her last video of the catsuit was hysterical, and clever, but maybe Sam helps her film/edit? Y’all think she’s just being forced to speak on camera, dance on camera, date Sam!? its ******* exhausting and y’all are a mess. Leave her the **** alone
  4. I mean, I wasn’t a fan either. But “Christians” make fun of and **** on other cultures every day, in the name of Christ of course, so I guess That’s not comedy for them, just righteous judgement?
  5. for everyone arguing in defense of the documentary... saying Britney clearly didn't write this, I don't think you all could be more wrong. I think this is definitely one of those times where she could be expressing how she feels. She said herself in 2008 that she was sick of being viewed as a 'Victim', and longed to just be seen for the strength she had (and still has) to overcome it. This new documentary was made without her consent or blessing, and despite how solid and encapsulating it was, it definitely painted her as a victim trapped in this conservatorship for the past 12 years. Maybe Britney isn't ready to appear in court? Maybe she's fighting slowly, in her own way, and enjoying her life right now, like her son and boyfriend have said. I'm honestly so tired of every assuming everyone around her is full of ****. If those closest to her are confirming she's working to get this resolved in her own way, and will speak her mind when she's ready, that's enough for me. I'm so, so tired of the internet dragging her around for clickbait. All along, she's asked for something so simple... "Don't view me as a victim"... "respect my privacy".
  6. I’m so over this garbage. Just be gay dude. Make good music. Why do we always play right into conservative hands? Selling satanic shoes is just so unnecessary. And from the way it’s mentioned by Nas X, he’s not even a satanist which means this is all just a ploy to piss people off. Next.....
  7. This is literally one of my favorite Britney moments. So many good songs to choose from! 1. Hold It Against Me 2. Trouble For Me 3. I Wanna Go 4. Criminal 5. Up ‘n Down 6. Scary 7. Till the World Ends 8. Gasoline 9. He About to Lose Me 10. Selfish **** the whole album is good.
  8. This comment section. 😂 like are we really tearing apart his video because it may seem trivial, while at the same time spending our own time behind a keyboard to do it. that’s enough internet for me today 😂 Jordan, best wishes to you. Making giant decisions that change your everyday process isn’t easy at all. I get What you were trying to convey in the vlog
  9. Did he really just use MLK to introduce yet another album full of songs about his wife? If the “depth” he’s talking about this time around is that he’s singing about how supportive and deep her love is, verses how ‘Yummy’ her ******* is, I’m already over it. he can keep it.
  10. The problem with Rihanna, and boy am I gonna Get raked over the coals for this, is she has NO iconic hits. Rihanna has countless number ones because at the time when album sales declined and streaming / singles became the norm, she had a new “album” every year. ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ was released in 2008, followed by ‘Rated R’ in 2009, ‘LOUD’ in 2010, ‘Talk that Talk’ in 2011, and ‘Unapologetic’ in 2012. It got to the point where Rihanna was so burnt out on touring and making music she straight up started canceling shows, showing up late, or drunk, then stopped making music altogether for 4 years. Don’t get me wrong... ‘LOUD’ is a great album. But ‘ANTI’ in 2016 was perhaps the first time we really started to know who Rihanna was as an artist. Then she just disappeared. She’ll always go down as one of the greatest hit makers of the 00’s / 10’s, and she road that pop-star on the radio success, straight to the top of the charts. But you can’t call her albums / songs iconic. They didn’t re-define pop music, or set pop culture trends..... they road a wave of success paved by songwriters / producers of that time. when I think of iconic, I think of albums like Britney’s ‘Baby One More Time’ or ‘Blackout’, Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ or ‘Like a Virgin’, Janet’s ‘Control’, ‘Velvet Rope’, ‘Janet’ or ‘Rhythm Nation’.... Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’ or ‘Born This Way’.... even more vocal albums like Mariah Carey’s ‘Butterfly’ or ‘Daydream’, Adele’s ‘21’, or Whitney Houston’s ‘Whitney’. For me Rihanna’s catalogs lacks the iconic looks or choreography most pop stars present, and the vocal power that the best singers present.
  11. This was TRULY a spectacular vision.... and I loved every minute of it. It's so refreshing to see a Director get to release something so fully developed. I need this tonight!
  12. I won’t speak to this problem in other Countries, because I can’t pretend to understand how their systems work. HOWEVER... in the US, social media is a *** **** disease. It’s beyond out of control on BOTH sides of the spectrum. We argue terms like “racist” or “reverse racist”, but “reverse racist” isn’t a thing. Racism is simple to define: 1: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2: the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another Systemic racism doesn’t just show up or exist spontaneously. It’s created by the specific institution, by those in power. It can be a School, a corporation, the GOVERNMENT... Likewise, racism doesn’t just exist, it’s ******* created. Using a picture of an African American person in a text message, when you’re not African American, is NOT racist. However, using said picture in a derogatory fashion, or using it to perpetuate stereotypes against an entire race of people, IS a racist thing to do. Being prejudiced against and consistently mocking an entire race of people like they’re less than you, makes you a racist. Running your corporation, School or Government in a way that supports the opinions and desires of a single race above all others, then taking it a step further by allowing the opinions of other minority races to be silenced, makes YOU guilty of instigating institutional and systemic racism. IF you’re the person who just flat out thinks racism doesn’t exist, while you may not specifically be a racist, or say racist things, you’re guilty by association for supporting people who do. It's not "free speech" to perpetuate hate. That's HATE SPEECH, and RACISM. It’s that simple. These days, social media has made it so easy for soapbox warriors to just tackle the little issues, that really aren’t a problem, because it makes them feel empowered or an ally. The problem is there are real issues at stake in the US, and Countries all over the globe. I would suggest this to those that are so worried about GIFs and cancel culture. Instead of trying to destroy someone for something they said a decade ago, from behind your keyboard, or calling out friends for something stupid like "digital black face".... Try to find a way to get involved, and actually make a difference. Go vote, go volunteer, study political silence, get involved in your community, run for community office, or even local government. DO SOMETHING to ACTUALLY bring about real change. as for the question at hand... in a more specific answer (🤪), I will NEVER stop appreciating the GIF of Viola Davis. I don’t Send that gif to mock her, or anyone like her. I use it because I respect the hell out of her as a person, as an actress, as a storyteller. She’s a legend. 😎 great conversation from our topic host. Thanks for posting.
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