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New music....

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Hey peeps,


So, over many many MANY (many) years, I've been writing and producing my own stuff and I literally sit on this **** for like, months and months. But now I've finally snapped and decided **** it and released a bunch of songs.


Thought I'd share it here, in case anybody was looking for some new stuff and happened to enjoy listening to it - hope you enjoy!! :toodles:


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2 hours ago, DarkOut said:


I suggest getting the vocals mixed, parts are already great though. The music is great. Love it.

Who's singing on the song Sunrise?

The vox are mixed babe :yeahhh:

But thanks!

She's a vocalist from Portugal, Deborah Goncalves, was on the Portugese equivalent of The Voice, she's brilliant

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1 hour ago, DanaDotte said:

Very unique, special sound! You can really make something of your production creativity if you indulge in this sound :tiffanynod:

Thankyou!! :kisses2all:

I'm working on some new stuff and I'm hoping I can push even further into the sound I've created and not go into a more cliche form, here's to hoping!

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