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  1. Like many before said, this is a Revival unreleased track. But I'm glad you found it years later.
  2. I called him out. I've been a member for years. But since he decided to include politics on this Pop Music forum, he has been policing POC and telling us to play nice, be respectful and stop " fighting". I fight for my life everyday. I'll be d.amed if I'm paying a white man to be on this site and for him to to dictate how I should feel as a person of color, as a person who is discriminated for my skin color. It's hard enough being a POC but on top of that gay...Exhale was my escape. Not anymore. Jordan is a dictator here. His views or no way. He literally said he would give points if someone was being in his eyes disrespectful. We are disrespectful if we, colored people, speak our truth and try conveying this to others.
  3. I totally get your your point and thank you for this. Again my frustration is here on Exhale. I've been told so many time over the last week that my experience of racism and empathy is wrong. Me standing up and trying to show a different view that could enable a white person to see why a POC is triggered is me "fighting". So when this was mainpaged I snapped at the hypocrisy. I cancelled my Exhale plus subscription and will be moving on. Jordan wants a better world like we all do but he will never know what it is like to be a person of color. So after so many times being policed by him and me submitting myself, I am done. Again thank you for the explanation and I hope you can see where I was coming from. God bless
  4. you missed my point entirely. I'm a POC and Lea Michelle has been a douche to a lot of people, whether of color or not. These stories are not new if you have been around the Glee days. So again my issue is with Jordan main paging his story of inciting racial tensions when he has been calling out a lot of US, POC for speaking up for ourselves in political threads, and then he calls us out for "fighting" and wants us to get along.
  5. Jordan you are always policing us to not cuss or fight and to be better, but this post is you inciting a reckless fight. This dispute she claims is NOT BLACK LIVES MATTERS RELATED. She never even directly stated that. You implied it. Im so sick of you calling all of us out on here for debating and yet you blatantly did this for views on your site. I've been an Exhale user for years but you are so out of touch. You want rainbows and hearts on political issues but condemn us when it is not realistic. Then you post this thread inciting more hate? Hypocrite. YOU BE BETTER! F.uck I'm sick of being a person of color and YOU consistently policing me and MY FEELINGS. I'm fed up. A Lot of us are fed up. I subscribed because I believed in your vision of community building but you are too uncomfortable for people to call out injustices on your site. Edit: yes the actress tweet was a direct response to Lea's BLM tweet but in her response she never mentioned that it was racially charged. She never gave grounds for that and maybe there was something racial she felt but if so say it. She did not. I am not standing up for Lea. Lea Michelle is just a b.itch. A lot of talented women in the music industry are mean, but I'm calling out the intent of this thread.
  6. It's so good. Do you take requests? I would love to hear Britney's "I Will Be There" or "What U See Is What U Get" remixed to fit these modern times!!
  7. Geri was the worst vocalist in that group, but she had something special about her that made her the standout. Proves you dont always have to be the most talented to succeed just have the most drive.
  8. I wish I was alive to have been old enough to be around when the Spice Girls were popular! Lucky you!! I did see their reunion tour and LOVED it!!!
  9. Yes I agree with what you said. I was just trying to say the extreme hate some people have for the Kardashians is not warranted when they aren't true criminals. But I agree with you. Liars need to be exposed But there are degree to the damage those lies have. Yes I'm glad they were called out but the OP statement was so hateful I couldn't stay silent.
  10. The incredible Britney Online youtube channel has uploaded a rare Italian performance of a young barely 17 year old Britney Spears slaying vocals and choreo. I've never seen this and I like to think I'm a BIG stan. So enjoy to all those who have not seen this, but also those who have seen it. Let's all watch and do the choreo in our rooms! Stream Mood Ring on Spotify today
  11. Purposely rooting for the day there will be the downfall of a person/ family who manipulates the media, are, sure problematic at times, but are not criminals, not inciting violence, not promoting hate....so yes I find the OP statement that I was speaking on is disgusting. The President of the United States is the biggest liar right now and has been a great factor to the people creating protests from the Women's March, Black Lives Matter riots and so much more. So one young women inflating her revenue, yes lying, but it is NOT criminal and the reaction to take down an entire family for this lie is not warranted. What is dangerous and criminal are the lies President Trump speaks and tweets. Spend this energy on a real danger to society.
  12. Ok BB thanks, I was really worried cuz you're one of the best on here!
  13. I'm sorry I made you think it was more than a light hearted joke for liking the comment. From your posts here you seem like you joke around and I thought it was just a harmless sassy remark. I think it's funny when we can take the p.iss out of each other, ONLY in a joking way of course to not offend. I swear I think you are awesome! If it offends you, I will stop. Sorry I'm cancelled
  14. Yes that makes sense. Thank you for providing the link!
  15. I don't follow him really but I found that video on a BLM IG account. I think he did raise many valid points to some I never considered-mainly because I'm not black. There's still more for me to learn and I'm taking the initiative to do so. I just thought I'd share that particular video not because it's Trevor Noah but because it helped me to see a different perspective that connected to me and made sense.
  16. I got 20 points for posting a fake Tik Tik Boom single cover that showed Britney's side b.oob and a happy face emoji over a nude spread eagle shot of T.I. Swear nothing was showing but they said it was nudity. It took years for it to come off my record. We're both Exhale felons
  17. Yes this is a song the nation needs right now. I'm here for it. Set up the plan and "@" the mods to see if they can feature this thread!
  18. I would legit be here for a #99 debut. Its just so amazing having on the charts period.
  19. Britney will debut at number 1 and stay there for 12 weeks!
  20. Me asking how you were made aware of it was the first time I ever mentioned it.
  21. Yeah people make mistakes, even the creator of this site, but they work it, learn from it and move on. As a new member its sus that you would even hear about the IP incident. But yes, Jordan took it down as soon as it was brought to his attention.
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