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  1. I mean, mine was with my boyfriend (obssesed with Kylie Minogue) and honestly I was a teen mess. However, he played a song called chocolate during and I have a nice memory of it, even if he sh%%ed on my ****. I started loosing VCard during Baby one more time era but I completely loosed during In the zone. Blackout era... I was a *** machine during blackout. Share your lovely stories
  2. What happened to the photos from this 2016 photoshoot? Did she go to the desert or whatever the hell she is and took just one photo to make the cover of Make Me single?
  3. I mean he was a big part of her life and career from 1999 up till Circus. ?
  4. Since we're all so obsessed with her appearance even though she's beautiful 100% of the time! My opinion: 2000 (teenage/youthful beauty) 2002 (primeney) 2006 (post-pregnantney) 2008-09 (more mature, womanly, vulnerable, GLOWING) 2013 (she seemed so happy and youthful again after an admittedly rough 2011-12) 2016 (return to primeney body, giving us the original Britney attitude again) 2018 (matureney, seems young again, happy, awkwardly adorable) What do you guys think?
  5. Here's a 'success' story of another musician with a fanbase movement that helped put pressure leading to the end of a conservatorship with some clear links and similarities to Britneys story. This is a story of how an errant judge and a controlling sibling stripped Nashville rocker Danny Tate of his money, his livelihood and his legal rights. John Daniel "Danny" Tate is an American musician, songwriter, composer, producer, and former Virgin Records recording artist, best known for penning songs covered by Jeff Healey, Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Patti LaBelle and many others. Danny Tate never dreamed the power of attorney intended for use by his brother David to pay bills while Danny was in rehab would instead be used to initiate and finance a conservatorship action legally stripping the musician of both his personal and property rights. Danny's brother David, president of a successful Memphis product promotions company, was named conservator of Danny's estate in October 2007 — after he convinced Judge Kennedy that his brother was a crack addict so desperate he was facing death. The initial freezing of Tate’s assets was reportedly granted in an ex parte “emergency” conservatorship hearing of which Tate was not aware (same as Britney). This freeze thwarted Tate’s hiring of counsel and provided Dr. William Kenner, a child psychiatrist without addiction medicine certification, opportunity at the permanent conservatorship hearing to pronounce Tate as “disabled” with no challenge to Kenner’s lack of credentials, brief investigation and questionable testimony. After just two or so years of conservatorship activity it was reported that Danny Tate’s $615,000 estate was reduced to about $175,000. Yet Danny Tate was far from a deadbeat. Though never attaining major “front man” commercial success, Tate is as an accomplished songwriter with decades of recognized marketability. Tate had found a lucrative niche composing music for shows such as Entertainment Tonight and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Between current jobs and royalties, he was reportedly making quite a comfortable living until the confiscation of his recording equipment via the conservatorship. Tate’s friend Kevin Montgomery, a self-described world-traveling singer-songwriter/adventurist/dad, was so moved by the injustice that he blogged about it as well as helped organize the Friends for Danny Tate’s Defense Facebook group. The group had well over 2,000 members and was selling “Free Danny Tate” t-shirts and held an awareness concert in May 23 2010 Then later in 2010 - the courtroom was packed with people wearing T-shirts reading “Free Danny Tate.” Supporters traveled from as far as Washington, D.C., and Key West, Fla., to show their support. They applauded loudly when Danny Tate entered the courtroom for the hearing that Monday morning. Danny Tate’s lawyer said that psychiatrists have found Danny Tate competent to handle his own affairs, and the lawyer asked to dissolve the guardianship. “It was just a big victory for me, as an American citizen, to be able to make my own choices,” said Danny Tate. Although Danny regained his rights, conservation has Consumed $200,000 Of Danny’s Tate’s Savings. Subsequently he was also ordered to pay not only his own legal bills but also his brother's post conservatorship leading him to bankruptcy.There is one group, however, that emerges from this story as a clearcut winner: the attorneys. Paul Housch, David's attorney for the conservatorship, has billed roughly $100,000 since October 2007. Danny's attorney, Michael Hoskins, has also run up an expensive tab since he was hired in the fall of 2008.Perhaps saddest of all, there is also a clear and possibly permanent loser: the relationship between the Tates. As David left the courtroom, the brothers did not look at one another. They did not address each other, or mutter even a perfunctory greeting. For now, the brothers remain locked in a kind of détente. One insists he saved his younger brother's life. The other insists his older brother tried to take it away. You can find more information on Danny Tate and his battles by googling it or perhaps read his books on it: "Fugitive From Injustice: Conservatorship Abuse "
  6. The first Britney candids She had a few pictures of hers taken before but this was the first time paparazzi followed her and took many Britney's first night on the BOMT tour (her first time on stage as a big star having her own tour) Britney rehearsing for her very first VMA performance Britney the day after her knee injury Britney right after her wedding heading to a nightclub The day Britney filed for divorce from Kevin Britney earlier the day she shaved her head Britney moments before shaving her head The night before the 2007 VMA performance Britney going back to her hotel right after the VMAs in 2007 The day Womanizer was released Feel free to suggest important days in her life and I'll keep looking what happened before and after them, updating that thread!
  7. I just finished watching Locked up and Elite, i loved both...
  8. I, as many of you, have been wondering what ever happened to the smile of Britney. Britney has shown that she’s not completely comfortable in certain situations and it’s pretty evident. For example, her M&Gs and at the X Factor. She’s been both, critiqued and trolled, for her unusual facial expressions and her “fake smile”. Some people blame it on lip fillers, but Britney’s fond the lip injections and in the past, it was pretty obvious whenever she got them. For example, in 2007, she got some: And then, in 2013, when we was about to release of Work *****, she got some more. We can see the result in the single cover and the result was pretty good: But the result never was near her current smile. Now, we all notice Britney is an insecure person, she has ticks and she’s anxious in public. If we consider the criticism she’s faced for her uncomfortable faces, I don’t doubt that she did something about it. I dare to say that those comments got to her and considering she’s constantly in the spotlight, she couldn’t afford to look that uncomfortable that often. So, she did something to fix it, but it wasn’t lip fillers because we’ve seen how they end up looking and it’s not like she looks now. Recently, one user at Exhale mentioned she got the Korean smile lift, a surgery meant to make you look like you are permanently smiling. They cut some muscles and then sew them differently to create the effect. Here’s a video explaining it in detail: Here are some of the results of that surgery. And this is one of the most disturbing results. And here is a video of the procedure. It is graphic. If you look at Britney’s smile closely, putting special attention to the corners of her mouth, you can see the resemblance to the results of the surgery and, in specific, if you look carefully, you can see it in the interview with Jonathan Ross. Look at the before And the after But the question here is... what the hell is going on behind the curtains that she felt the need to do something like this? Why does she feel the need to smile all the time? Isn’t she genuinely happy being a singer? And if she isn’t, why does she continue to do it? Is it her choice? Or as a lot of people here think... is she really being forced to do it by other people?
  9. Why can't she get her old classic Britney hair back? Blonde, but not as light as it is now, a little bit under her shoulders with side bangs and not as voluminous It looks great either straight or curly It looks so good on her!!!! Don't get me wrong, she's had nice hair days like this one y'all love I like it but I feel like it's too long for her age. Don't get me wrong, late 30s is in no way being old, but hair down to her waist is, in my opinion, more of an early 20s look She had her classic hairstyle back in 2014 and she looked SENSATIONAL What's your favorite hair on Brit?
  10. It was around the Femme Fatale era, it was for MTV I think. She’s not in a good mood and she’s watching music videos and one of the questions is about ‘INAGNYAW’ and she says something about how it was up to her if she was going to jump off the cliff or not. I could be remembering it wrong but I think it was wiped off Youtube.
  11. https://www.buzzfeed.com/hanifahrahman/britney-hits My score: Perfect Score! Share
  12. Fans always reference Brian, Andre and Wade when they mention Britney’s iconic choreography throughout the years but what about the guy who taught Britney the BOMT choreo. Before I read this I didn’t know his name. Randy Connor choreographed ‘Baby’. His work has stood the test of time. So flawless. I don’t think he’s gotten enough recognition and credit that I think he deserves. Here he reminisces on his experience working with a 16 year old Britney Spears. (Thank You, Randy!!) I posted his quotes in case the link doesn’t work. _________________ Britney was no record label’s puppet,” says Randy. She had a key voice in the production and her creative touches made the video iconic. The school class was her idea, which she convinced the management would be better than their idea. "Britney wanted the video to relate to her fans and their experiences, so felt a school was more natural and realistic to them and her personality. “The idea was they are daydreaming about getting out and having fun, remembering a guy she broke up with.” Britney talked Randy and director Nigel **** around on the school theme at the 11th hour and they grabbed the outfit from a department store. “It was kinda last minute but Nigel and I thought it was a fantastic idea,” says Randy. “All the uniforms were picked up from K-Mart for about £19 with costumiers working fast to get them fitted. “After a couple of takes Britney felt that the tails of the shirt were getting in the way of her hand movements. So before another take she tied a knot in the shirt. It happened naturally. She was in fantastic shape so her midriff was toned. “I heard she kept that outfit. It has become an iconic look. It is now one of people’s go-to costumes for Halloween.” When the video was released, its impact on pop culture was seismic. “It was innocent in its conception, but the integration of the styling and choreography created that edge,” says Randy. Bosses at Jive Records teamed Randy with Britney in late 1997 after signing her to be “the next big thing”. Preparations included her learning acrobatics, having six-hour rehearsal sessions, five days a week, before writing and recording sessions. Randy says: “Jive saw Britney as their next big project. And their plan was not simply to knock out a quick song and video but to grow and build her as an entertainer. We wanted to create moves that would have people hooked. She learned acrobatics and practised for hours. She is a natural athlete and fast learner, who just relished every rehearsal. “When I looked into her eyes I saw a genuine, sincere kid, a young girl, who was driven and willing to work 150%. She never complained.” Baby One More Time was filmed over two days at Venice House School in LA – the site used to film Grease in 1978. Randy, 47, says: “It was relentless but there were no complaints because this was her passion. “I lost count of how many backflips she did. It was groundbreaking too with the casting, because we had a diverse cast of dancers – which represented what the truth about American schools.” Britney even did a Dirty Dancing lift but it was cut from the final edit. “It was an incredible moment where Britney ran and jumped into the arms of our lead dancer,” says Randy. “It was beautiful.” Randy says when Britney was shown the finished video, she almost broke her bed jumping around at her hotel. She knew it was special and proud her idea came good,” he says. “Her look and sound were different. Straight after, everyone knew the words, kids were doing the choreography and it was all over radio. After its release it took a life of its own.” And Randy says while she owes so much to Baby One More Time, Britney also got where she is because of the work ethic, determination, resilience and creativity she showed him in those two days in LA – and she still has 20 years on. She had hunger and drive to be an artist, not just a star, and a real pro,” he says. “The fact she is still where she is now tells the story.” Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/britney-spears-baby-one-more-13455282.amp
  13. Things I share with Jeffree Time marked, ears bleeding
  14. how is that possible for britney to look so different in meet and greets back in the 2011...wow the difference is huge and they are from the same year
  15. One day when Britney was about thirteen and Jamie Lynn was just a toddler, we all went to a local pastor we knew for some family counseling. Jamie's drinking had been out of control, and I thought this pastor could give us some much- needed guidance on how to keep us four from splintering. We only went a few times - nobody except me really appreciated what the pastor was saying - but he did point out something profound. "If this young lady [Britney] and her daddy don't resolve their issues, and he doesn't try harder to establish a good, strong relationship with her, she will end up clinging to the first real romance in her life. That man will be of extreme importance in her life, and that relationship will determine the course of all her relationships with men from then on." I couldn't know at the time, but of course, the first true romance in Britney's life was Justin, her childhood sweetheart, the one who had been friends with her since they were both young cast mates on MMC. – Lynne I wonder the impact of the c-ship on their relationship and how affected her relations with men. I hope she is happy and that soon enough she will have the stable family and happy ending she always dreamed of
  16. I was watching some of the vids where she was signing autographs and stuff and it made me wonder where some of the people who saw her there first are nowadays. those people have to have those autographs and promo CD’s somewhere, and I’m sure they have such a cool story to tell. They met brinni before she was brinni. I wonder if they stayed fans of her or if they still care about her even today. It’s so crazy to think about her entire career and how at that point she could’ve never even imagined what her life was going to become. Back then she was just a small town girl who planned on being a music teacher and getting married after all the hype died down but then it never did...
  17. Hey guys, could you please help me find Britney's tweet in which she names us "Britney Army"? I googled it and I can't find it... I swear my googling skills get worse as years go by, hah...
  18. I can’t seem to find any info on him. Do you think he was just a “skit” for the show? I can’t recall following the threads here during the time and kinda lost the interest during that era.
  19. What do you guys think Britney will do/act once the conservatorship ends? It's been 10 years so far and I don't really think she needs it anymore. I'm hoping she will open up more because she seems so distant. Do you think they will end it soon? Thoughts??
  20. Hey fam! We decided to revamp the General section (don't worry, the old posts still exist just in case we need em). Wanted to kick things off with a post your photos thread. Would be nice to put a face to the name! Dis me:
  21. The other day I was listening to Janet’s All For You album and I realized how similar it was to Britney (2001). I feel like Britney could’ve killed so many songs on that album, especially this one: I could totally hear her voice on this, singing like how she does in Do Somethin’. Sounds like Cinderella, Bombastic Love, and Lonely. Nelly Furtado’s Loose is another album that is very Britney. I think Danja is on a few tracks and that’s why. These songs are soooo Blackout. THIS SONG ESPECIALLY!! I could hear Britney on every track tbh, but I can’t link every single one. I really recommend listening to the whole album, you’ll see what I mean
  22. Can we just agree this was bad from scratch? I mean, what did these people have on mind? They KNEW she wasn't going to blow everything up like usual + they didn't have the magic trick part. What made they think letting her in there without a snake, without a special prop, without coming from the ceiling or anything, any explosions, was a good thing? Sometimes I feel it was planned as a fiasco (Ps. The MOST AMAZING to notice, is that she does some parts better than the double)
  23. I’ve seen it referenced a few times in #FreeBritney posts so thought it be an interesting and relevant watch. However, I’ve only found it to stream or buy on DVD through Amazon Prime US but as I’m from the U.K. I can’t watch it that way anyone know another?? Here’s the trailer below for it:
  24. Anyone knows where this is from? Why does she have a long *** ponytail and the extensions look nice but then in the official performance he hair looked mesy? She even had short hair again for the leaked rehearsal which I suppose was before the one on the gif as dress rehearsals are done closer to the show, I have so many questions
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