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Jamie officially steps down!

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This bish needed to have stepped down like 10 years ago.  His only stepping down now because knows his days are numbered.

A bit uneasy about this Jodi character especially since Jamie himself recommended.

...I wouldnt be surprised If this Jodi woman  turns out to really be Loucifer in disguise. Stranger things have happened in this case.


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it's so frustrating how britney's family can't hold on together to protect britney from any drama issue.
i mean his father being a ***** with Sean is ridiculous. Sean as well could solve this with her mother. Kevin will take any chance to keep the guys and money.
i feel like no matter how britney tries to fix her life, is so sad how her family seems to be out of touch with her.

still dissapointed. i believe Lynn is the only one with common sense. Even jamie lynn is dumb with her reactions. 

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It’s scary and frustrating that Jamie is essentially paying someone to be his puppet, but this time last year we would never have dreamed of the progress that has been made in 2019. It’s taken a lot of crap for Britney to go through, but so far:

- Brit has gone on the record admitting she was forcibly made to go to a facility 

- Jamie has been exposed as a liar, as forcing Britney to take medication

- A three month investigation has been ordered  

- Lynn has made it very clear the c-ship is a problem and is fighting alongside Britney

- Jamie has jumped before he was pushed because it’s not safe for him to be around her kids

- Worldwide media attention

- A worldwide movement trying to free her 

- Britney herself is posting shade relating to the c-ship online

It’ll probably be a slow process but progress has been made. I hope Britney can see a light at the end of the tunnel 

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