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There's A Rumor Kanye West Is Producing Britney's New Album

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ugh, Kanye is so passée.

for example, he produced some of the tracks on Madonna s Rebel Heart (2015!!! which was still ok): Illuminati, ***, Holy Water, Wash All Over Me. They are not bad, but kinda predictable (at least for Madonna standards). Sometimes it feels like he does not have new ideas and recycles beats and sounds...

So I would say :nonoNO:

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Kanye would never work with Britney Spears, first of all. He creates music and Britney only sings songs which is a big difference. For this process actually happening it would require a lot of work from Britney... which, guys, c'mon we all know that Britney's imput in her albums ended in the Circus era. Kanye is very passionate about his work and music in general and Britney is not. Let's say it will happen, but imagine the mess of Britney singing something she's not feeling it. Yeah, no.

Second of all, I would definetelly love to see Kanye working with her if she's ready to express herself truly and freely. Imagine the beats, the sounds, the dopeness from Kanye combined with Britney's experiences and stories. Imagine a song where she would approach subjects like the umbrella accident or close to it, the Justin break-up and all his shade after that, all the wannabe pop girls created based from the Britney formula: skinny, blonde, ****, rich. A gay can imagine though..........

I know this won't happen and are just rumors, but give us the Pitbull song!!!!!!!!!! :badthoughts:

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