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There's A Rumor Kanye West Is Producing Britney's New Album

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3 hours ago, I Always Sing Live said:

maybe she'd get to meet Trump.. I'd be down for that.. imagine the memes.. :explainlol:


57 minutes ago, jessej said:

Keep his Uncle Tom *** self away from Britney. She has been unproblematic and I'd like her to remain that way. He's trash and needs to disappear. He's a joke and she would receive so much backlash for working with him as she should if she does. Britney is smart though and I don't think she'd go near that wreck. I would love for B10 to either have whole new producers or a mix where she works with new people but with some of the classic producers like Max or Bloodshy + Avant or peeps from Glory.

What a very tolerant and not racist thing to say! :receipts2:

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omg NO!!! NOT KANYE. He's an egotistical child, no no.

And his MATM remix SUCKS.


6 hours ago, RussianFan said:

He also produced The Answer from ITZ! That would be cool tbh!


Oops! That was Diddy! 

That was DANJA! Diddy was a ghost producer, or whatever that's called. I could almost swear I read that somewhere, serious source.

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