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There's A Rumor Kanye West Is Producing Britney's New Album

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4 hours ago, Plaidatlo said:

Kanye West started following Britney all over social media and now new rumour is out he’s producing Britneys new upcoming album.

Who knows what’s in Kanyes head that he got into Britneys world, but it might has nothing to do of him being hands on Britneys new project.

However ,would you like Kanye to produce B10?

I think Kanye already worked with Brit Brit before having his hands on on one of “Me Against The Music” remixes and also while she was recording “Blackout” he popped in with Pharrell Williams in the recording studio where Britney was having recording sessions.

I wouldn’t mind him producing few tracks. Would be something new.


I'm kinda so here for this! I THINK HE WOULD DO AMAZING STUFF WITH HER! AND ALSO Kim K stans THE QUEEN! SHE gave us the more  glory promo when the album was dropped! more then Britney!!!

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