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If someone would have said in 2007/2008 thay Britney spears would still be alive in 2018 would you have believed that

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she has done AMAZING since then! to think many people thinking she wouldn't survive she came back winning many awards, gone on three worldwide tours, extremely succesful residency, number ones, looks amazing and now seems happier than ever!


so proud of how far britney has come!

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I never thought she was going to die. But I was literally at the edge of my seat in high school early college all the time. Waiting to go home and refresh x17 for new britney info.

it was so crazy. Great to see her career was able to get back on track but she never fully recovered. She was never the britney I was looking forward to returning in 2006. 

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Yes because I think the whole "Britney almost died!!" thing is a little bit dramatic. There were a few very scary moments but just because someone is going through hard times does not mean they're on the verge of death :xfactorlook: I worried she might really lose all custody/visitaion with her kids or might be in a bad place mentally forever but death didn't cross my mind that often.

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I was really worried it would end up much worse than it did. I didn't join here until the spring of 2008 but found the forum in late 2007, and although things were maybe somewhat exaggerated by the media, there were times I would expect to turn on the tv or come online and find out something terrible had happened. If you followed what was going on at that time, the paparazzi presence was insane, and the amount that was surrounding her.. her car being followed, chased.

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No, I wasn't sure she would make it. I actually finally registered on Exhale right after her hospitalization in 2008. It was crazy. The pictures from her being loaded into the ambulance scared me. She looked a total mess but was smiling and laughing. A lot of us were expecting every day to wake up and read that she would be dead.

Despite all of her recent career failures, she still survived 2007 and made one of the greatest professional and personal comebacks in pop culture history. I will always be proud of her for that. :tysm:

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3 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:

Yes because I never believe she was ever going to die.

Just the media and some of the public over exaggerating for a story 

Over exaggerating how?

She was hospitalized twice.

She was extremely erratic.

She had lost custody of her children.

None of it was exaggerated. Britney’s life was in danger and she was being used by every person around her.

I was honestly scared she wouldn’t make it past 2007. It’s a miracle she didn’t OD or get into an accident with the amount of paparazzi thet followed.

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