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  1. I was an emotional mess when she told the necklace story. Knowing that Britney wasn’t allowed to form or maintain proper connections with genuine, good intentioned people breaks my heart. I hope she can reconnect with Tish, she seems like a sweetheart 🥺
  2. probably brainwashed her to believe it was the only way to get access/visitation rights to her boys.
  3. Don’t jump down Drew’s throat, she’s one of the most genuine people in the business and she’s been through her own **** too.
  4. https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/erik-s.-lesser-taylor?family=editorial&phrase=erik s. lesser taylor&sort=oldest so these are from 2001, apparently Lou was a manager to supermodel Niki Taylor
  5. can't wait until she's a part of Britney's life again, unrestricted.
  6. There's no way he cheated on her either, they seemed genuinely in love with each other - but, he was working in a law office or something.. and Charlie had money and connections, they were both a threat to the conservatorship.
  7. Thanks for sharing this! I wish she'd done something solo with the track, closer to the original though.
  8. Not her falsetto. this girl sounds like a decent Faith Hill/Leanne Rhymes tribute though.
  9. the Blackout vocals are underrated, I've come to appreciate them over the years tbh. The vocal production is fine, the layering with Keri's background vocals is perfect, and she sounds engaged throughout. So there's no real ballad moment on the album, but her voice on Outta this World is just beautiful - there's a lot of variety vocally. Not to mention her voice around that time was seemingly in a really good place, she felt confident with it - evidenced by the unreleased stuff from that era.
  10. this outfit, the vocals, the routine, the backflip, the hair the only thing that it could have done without is that whole "now scream" segment
  11. does anyone have a full photo of this one before it got cut up? she even wore matching boots.
  12. This woman seems like such a kind soul - and as the host kept repeating throughout, I'm really glad Britney had her around in 2008 after so many people were stripped out of her life, for good or bad.
  13. Love Drew, I've always thought she'd be a great friend to Britney - so imagine my fangirl heart when she went to her Halloween party in 2008.
  14. Her nose definitely looks better now she has some weight back in her face. The only reason Britney looks older than her age in some photos is her insistence on the super yellow blonde hair and dark eye makeup, it washes her out so much when she naturally has quite a warm tone to her skin.
  15. There was also a series of tweets last year or 2019 from a guy that worked on this shoot she did in 2016, saying how over-medicated she seemed to be.. sleeping a lot, and the "interview" that was published was basically patched together from nothing. I wish I had bookmarked it.
  16. Plastic surgery is a good option for the right person and for the right reasons, getting a skilled surgeon is essential as well. Britney never had any real "flaws" that needed fixing, objectively. Her first nosejob was really well done, and she could have left it at that and just used botox and fillers as preventive steps later on for the ageing process. Her lips weren't thin, she had a beautiful smile. We'll never know why she chose to have the procedures she's had, but I think they were 100% her own choice.
  17. we need to stop giving this person a platform on here
  18. it's got that hard edge that Britney would sound so good on
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