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Fan Details His Experiences Meeting Britney On The Piece Of Me Tour In The UK (Video)

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10 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

I wonder what is going on in Britney’s personal life right now. Like you said in the video, she is very moody and unpredictable. Also, the idea of Britney turning back and staring directly into a wall is weird and worrying... it seems like she is not all there right now. I really don’t believe putting her around all these people with her high anxiety levels was ever a good idea. She also seems to be posting less on IG and just seems less open. I wonder if she’s okay. :decisions:

i was thinkin the same, i hope her personal life its all ok

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9 hours ago, LBoggie said:

During your second time meeting her and taking the picture a second time, I feel like she turned around because she wanted to cry not because she was upset, but maybe because she felt bad after you blew her a kiss and wished her a nice show even after she was moody the first time. Maybe a lot of people before you were rude and unforgiving for the first round and when someone finally came in and was kind and understanding, it might have made her emotional. 

I would love to think that what it was. Because I blew her a kiss in the night before and she smiled at me. 

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9 hours ago, bitbitboi said:

Your experiences were cute and... disturbing! But I'm so glad you had them and decided to share them with us because they paint a "balanced" picture of what really goes on in those meet and greets, and also what's happening below the surface: Britney is truly bipolar, and she needs help because she obviously cannot handle it well.
And, side note... Your eyes. Your eyes are beautiful.

thank you so much. I think she was emotional that day, like very

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8 hours ago, ubritney said:

Well obviously she was sad and emotional that night. And on stage when she started crying she turned her back to the crowd and covered her face with her hand to hide. So if people saw her crying during the m&gs, it’s obvious she was emotional and tried to hold her tears in. So when you left she probably had a hard time holding them in so she turned around and faced the wall to hide. To me it’s pretté obv? :checkit:

you might be right boo

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8 hours ago, zxcvb said:


The truth is that Britney's team needs to be exposed for the scum they are; And negative media publicity is the only way to do it.

"I get nervous in a lot of situations. Parties, clubs. When there are a lot of people around, I’m a weird, anxiety-ridden person...I’m actually a very boring person. I don’t go out."


How can somebody who says this be doing meet and greets?  Justin Bieber stopped doing meet and greets for pretty much this reason.

Larry Rudolph Lou Taylor and whoever else better understand the only reason the media hasn't attacked her mercilessly for the last decade (while some media have attacked her its mostly been just social media) is because of 2006-2008; which has nothing to do with Larry etc...

Her team needs to be exposed by the media into just how unethical her brand is as a music act; that New York Times piece was nothing.

The negative meet and greets may be the best window in order to do that.

What she should be doing is announcing that she's taking a long, long break; this is what many past their prime acts do.

I AGREE that she needs a break

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Britney has zero connection to her fans because of these two people; they also have no clue at all what Britney was from 1999-2004, (they were never even there) so they hardly care about that and it shows.  

At this point, anyone with a brain knows that whatever next show they produce is eventually going to be reduced to mediocrity in choreography costuming, etc...  If Britney is lazy with what she does, these people tell her whatever she's doing is fine, as long as the money keeps coming in.  

This is the dilemma for fans.  You are not supporting her if she has this team/personal conservatorship in place.  You are simply supporting her making money for other people disgustingly disguised  as 'stability.'  That's it.

Someone who openly says "I get nervous in a lot of situations" and says she is an "anxiety-riddled person" shouldn't be doing meet and greets.  At this point Britney herself does not need the money from doing these shows whatsoever.  If she cuts all the managers/business managers/personal conservatorship, she would have far much less people to pay.  She could just keep her financial conservatorship with her lawyers there continuing to invest her assets with judicial oversight and continue to collect her fragrance royalties and remain wealthy. (10% of $50 million a year is still $5 million a year) . And is she wants to release music for her fans she can keep doing that.

It has to be a total lie that she has to do these shows to demonstrate stability to have access to her kids.  The basis of her constant performing is to keep people paid.  Period.  That is it.  But these are people she doesn't need anymore, perhaps other than her financial conservatorship lawyers and that still shouldn't affect her wealth when she still would bring millions from fragrance royalties.

The Circus Tour/Era, despite the issues/rush, was perfect; and her legacy would have been infinitely stronger if she took an extensive break after that.  It is only after that era where things became an irreversible decline due to her team.  Being the biggest star from 1998-2004, having a massive break down then demonstrating she could come back from hell with Circus and then taking an extensive break and if she wanted to keep performing, perhaps performing intermittently throughout the years is how it should have been done.

2010 is when this should have stopped. (She probably would have had less pressure to do much plastic surgery work too; so yes her team is her complete downfall)

All this money that has been made since then has not helped her legacy, it has just made her a cash cow.  It's not like Beyonce or Tayor Swift or Lady Gaga etc... who likely also have large teams. 

The difference is that Britney solely performs to make money for other people.

Of course, she doesn't read/see any negativity and/or constructive criticism from her fans, social media or the media in general because of Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill.

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I always knew these two are the culprits for everything that’s happening. Yeah I know it’s Britney’s fault too but her and her team has been with her since day 1 and these women came in later and all they care about is making money which is why everything is so messed up. Everything is cheap and unprofessional because they aren’t industry professionals. They are con women!

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