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Uhm, just how real are Sam's feelings for Britney? [PHOTO]

Mr. Lucky

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He's a clown who's literally in it because Britney makes his little roid ***** stretch a bit.  I mean, do you see them SERIOUSLY being in true love?  Britney maybe, because she's a naive lonely woman who didn't want to be by herself during a tour (wow, them Onyx teas LOL) but him?  He's on a free ride to every country she's going, he drives her ******* cars, he's just enjoying it.  

Anyone can say "I love you" easily when they have so much money to jump in :queenriri:
13 years older than one of her sons and acts like he's hot ****.  He's an arrogant disrespectful clown and I can't believe Britney even fell for someone like that 30+ years into her life. :eheeek:

and I dare exhalers to try and come at me with: "BUT ITS A FUN RELATIONSHIP~~~ LET HER HAVE HER FUN, THEYRE JUST CUTE TOGETHER!!!!" 
Let me know when Britney will have an actual relationship with a man who actually loves her for her than for her image and name.
I'm glad her fans want her to have fun instead of finding love with someone who will love her back unconditionally.  The dude has nothing to ******* do lmfao, he's Britney's lapdog since Slumber Party.  He seriously has no ******* schedule?  Nothing to do on his own?  For some reason I find that pretty unattractive in a guy lol rich or not, go do something productive you lazy ****. "poor people are poor because they're lazy" no, you just have a ******* rich *** woman giving you everything and you're taking advantage of her loneliness.
Britney also wants her lovers to be with her 24/7 so it works out for her. :explainlol:

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7 minutes ago, --- said:

i said at the beginning to not put any weight into this relationship

I was ok with it cuz I thought it was something casual and Britney just wanted a boy toy but it's starting to look serious and she seems really in love. It's making me worried. 

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Why are you all so dramatic about Sam? It's only a pic... It's not a big deal that he's not touching her :sofedup:

It's obvoious that it's not that serious, they are just enjoying their relationship, it's not like they are going to get married anytime soon.  The biggest proof is that there aren't any pics of Sam with Preston and Jayden and we know that they met David and Charlie like 2 weeks before they started dating (The People's photshoot, christmas and Hawaii pics, and more). And we all know that Charlie is gay and Brit was only a beard. That was tragic :meltdown: That's why I like this relationship more than the others... There's no rush and I can see that she's happy.

Plus, he has his own work, his money and I don't see him trying to take advantage of her. :forkit:

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I don't take this relationship seriously and I dislike Sam more and more with every new thing we learn about him but at this point Britney is a 35 year old woman she should know better so if she falls for him and it doesn't work out its like okay who cares? Use better judgement. I also think as much as people worry about him using her that's just how its gonna be for her until she grows up and doesn't need a man who can just follow her around everywhere. A man basically can't have a career of his own and still be able to give her the type of attention she craves so I guess this is what she wants.

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I didn't notice when the picture first came out, but when I opened this thread it was the first thing I saw :mhm:

as someone said, probably he moved his hand right when they took the picture, but it doesn't look blurred like when something is moving... :sassybrit: maybe his biceps are so big he can't bend his arm anymore :idkney:

I guess we'll have to wait and see in what ends up all this :plzexplain:

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6 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

I'm gonna officially drag that little boy soon but let's not act like this picture has meaning :orangu: maybe she was sweating or he was sweating :orangu: 


lets at least wait till the rumors start about him talking **** then We can start the exposition and we can drag his ugly little toupee 


Can't wait!


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