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  1. Azealia could've been super iconic her music is so so good, as mentioned her persona is trash.. yes. but i don't see Kanye getting the same backlash. i also don't see the same pressure from public towards her happening to Kanye. woman sadly get the chop asap. she obvi needs help. this thread is a reminder that she's so talented also to stop the bandwagon hate towards her :/ no one deserves it.
  2. true which sucks tbh. she seems alone which makes me feel bad.
  3. hate me, idc.. i love and adore Azealia Banks and her ENTP energy. azealia deserves better. her bad attitude really messed her up but let's deny the fact that this chick released gems and paved the way for so many artists which is astonishing. the girl can rap, produce, sing and dance. i don't usually mix the person's persona with his art her flow is insane! no one can deny that. also she almost committed suicide and the public is so hard on her when she clearly suffers and inside needs help. all of them artists moved away from her and some for her "bad persona" and left her to be eaten alive. here's my reasoning on why Azealia Banks is an actual genius. 1 - she broke the internet with 212 it was a fresh sound, till this it still BANGS. it's aging like fine wine. also when she goes slow... she still delivers ! Broke with expensive taste is such a beautiful album! - a lot of DJ's / indie artists started using her sound she also created one of the most perfect instruments that people nowadays use/ inspired by example ; (PC Music) sophie, shygirl, sega bodega, etc. one of her best instrumentally pleasing and slept on albums/mixtape Fantasea! honestly.. #AzealiaBanksDeservesBetter
  4. i already have free health insurance that my ugly country provides esklskelflkf *maybe a membership here or smthn* + yeah. those what i was aiming for when i said "threads" i'm into pop-culture in general. i can make interesting threads, promote a topic that haven't been promoted to twitter that needs it, etc. it does! thanks..but just 2 more things, will there be a source of news that'll you'll tell us about before some other pop-news acc release the news? is it ok to get the news from another news acc but rephrase it? and use different pics (should we source em if we did?). hopefully i'll be qualified. my twitter is @WtfSiiren.
  5. im down. i'm always active on twitter ;) i'll sometimes share memes about Britney to make the account bigger. i'll also help share the news use proper pics and stuff. i can also make threads praising britney etc. hire meeeee - real questions... will there be benefits in a way? also are we gonna see the article before posting? also what are the rules? are the news from here? ty. @Jordan Miller
  6. same sis same. as long as the elites / big cooperates companies own the planet earth... we're doomed.
  7. we get those but dust instead. ugh i hate how human race is destroying the planet that literally kept us safe.
  8. true, it really gave us her growing up. and now at state where she feels "human?" i grew up listening to her during teenage days. each album really fits the period of time i was in. FJ/Electra heart, i was this teen filled with insecurities wanting to be perfect in a world where everything's cruel. Froot, gave me happiness, joy, and feeling good about myself. LOVE+FEAR, despite it not being my fav, but the album in general is great lyrically, it questions life, what are we, what's gonna happen? are we on the right path? which funny enough are questions myself nowadays. she's so smart and criminally underrated. i love her
  9. pretty sure it was his narcissistic "god" that he invented on his mind.
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