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I hate the hypocrisy with slumber party

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Slumber party (godber godty) is one of her best since toxic and gimme more.

Deal with this!!! flopped because of the lack of promo, the lack of a proper cover and also the big release gap between Make me.

show some respect *******


by the way, go and watch the amazing video 

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I actually always liked Slumber Party, but I didn't buy it cause I was tired of feats (if only the feats were with huge stars). When I heard Tinasha was featured I gave up on it straigh away. The video is great but not what some people make it out to be.


If it had promo as was a solo it could see it being a hit. It's a good song and Britney could make any good song a hit, with actual promo. Not the messy schedule we got in the glory era.

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"Slumber Party" video is really great !!! It this was released back in early 2000 it would be a HUGE HIT!! I'm telling you....

It's something about music channels and radios that doesn't play Britney's stuff anymore as much as it used to. It's like if she's not cool enough for school anymore...

Once I spend two days doing nothing, but watching MTV and not even once they play Britney and it was probably few month after "Slumber Party" was released so it was still very fresh.  They just kept playing the same stuff all over again (Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Justin Bieber....) After I've been tweeting official MTV accounts my dissapointment over this....

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i always said that slumber party wasn't a good idea for single 2. so i hope bteam never listen to delutional fans again.

love me down and change your mind are so much better options, just luv me as well.

but yes. i agree with all you said. 

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