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  1. ITZ, Glory and Blackout are my holy trinity tbh, so I totally understand. She smashed it with Glory
  2. Does anyone have a link where you can actually download the untagged video?
  3. Send me the untagged version as well please!!
  4. Its a shame, because I like the choreo, her hair, make-up, outfits and she looks stunning and so gorgeous in the video. The concept though..... is just bizarre. This video actually has potential, it just needed more direction. Team B weren't lying when they felt the video didn't make any sense.
  5. Britney grew up watching and idolising Madonna. So it really isn't that weird or hard to believe Britney wanted to be a "****" - "catholic" girl in her debut music video. She learned through observation of her idol, clearly. She also spent her teen years telling people that she hopes to have a career like Madonna's. I think once she introduced an idea like that and that she idolised Madonna... executives were happy to go with it for obvious reasons. The idea isn't even that crazy. Lots of girls did it in school. She just decided to do it in a music video because its her and relatable.
  6. Never saw audio or video myself, but I remember multiple different fans that actually went to the live taping tweeting about it. There are even people in the comments section on YouTube that mention it as well. It was never just one person. There were a number of British fans tweeting about it and it really doesn't surprise me. She's been silenced and edited countless times throughout her career. Nothing new. I'm uncertain whether audio/video exists, but not ruling it out... because there used to be a ton of really not so great videos of her during her breakdown that got completely wiped off the internet before or just after her comeback. You now can't find them anywhere. There are still some left, along with her most obvious ones with the umbrella incident. However others seemingly have just disappeared over time and fans here felt like it was her team erasing them.
  7. Andoo 833 points 1 day ago Yeah, I don't even know if girls realize what a *** icon she was for boys 11-15 when she made it big. She literally was source material for 98 percent of boys. [–]26326312 321 points 1 day ago* I'll never forget the look of confusion on my parents faces after they saw that I had recorded the music video for toxic, followed by the instant look of realisation why after my dad watched it. [–]Gimpinald 254 points 1 day ago I was a 13 year old lesbian in denial when that video came out. I also recorded it.
  8. LMFAO this makes me laugh so much! [–]sceincefaire 309 points 1 day ago I have this weird thing where I only listen to Britney Spears when I am coding. It somehow magically increases my programming capabilities! [–]bigmac3d 320 points 1 day ago when your code can’t compile because of a missing semicolon do you go “oops I did it again”? [–]scotty_beams 242 points 1 day ago Oops I did it again You recompiled the lines, got lost in the code, oh baby, baby Oops, you think I'm your support Some kind of syntax high court I'm just a semicolon
  9. I don't get why fans put random strangers from online who say they know dates as Britney's or her team's responsibility tbqh If someone decides they'd rather believe in that, then an actual announced date from Britney or her camp, then that's on them. I'm kinda surprised how much people really do rely on Britney this much to calm their frustrations and reassure them which tweet is real, and which tweets aren't every week whenever a person on twitter decides to tweet out that they know official dates for her new material. Tweets her and her team have nothing to do with. Literally anybody can tweet they know dates. Its part of twitter culture in every fan base there is. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn't, it'll come eventually.
  10. I think its rather lame to decide to not go ahead with an entire full superbowl halftime show, just because she can't say the word "*****" in a couple of her songs to be totally honest.
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