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Time to stop blaming her team, designers, choreographers, directors, makeup artists etc

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    Britney's in charge of 99% of her career rn, she's responsible for her decisions. 

    Do you really think that her team dont want her to promote more, sing live, dance hard etc? of course they want to, just look at "Make Me" music video (randee st nicholas version) she's behind the concept of video, the lace dress, the group of friends (*** & the city style) that was her idea, If you know her through these years you should know that, the bad makeup, the choreographies (manequinn circus tour style) are her ideas too.

    Everyone was so happy about her when she was 19, because there was a bunch of people doing every thing about her career and she was obeying about everything, but right now she's 34 and she's tired of that, that's why she has a minimal team, just a few people, people that she knows very well and she knows that they do just what she wants to and no pushing her for more.


    So that's why I think it's a little immature from this fanbase always blaming her team, makeup artists, choreographer, fashion desigers, music video directors, backgroud vocalist, etc, 

    She's just need to learn that she has a level as artist and people are demanding that, she learn it for that with BJ whe she didn't want to record her own vocals, then she meet Karen Kwak from A&R and let her enter into her little circle and she come with one of the best albums of her career (Glory) 

    so I hope she continue to expand her creativity with new people. 

    I'm here since 2005, everyone know that I love her with passion.


    and sorry for my english :idkney:

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    8 minutes ago, Steel_Magnolia said:

    Is Britney also responsible for the budget?

    Because I'm seeing that as the main problem right now.

    She no longer works with A-list professionals - and it shows.

    Although I agree with OP for the most part this is actually a very good point. The record company doesn't seem invested in Britney anymore.

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    6 minutes ago, colormefresh said:

    Based on the (lack of) budget she's given? Sure.

    I'm sure she'd take Ellen Von Unwerth over Randee St Nicolas if she had the freedom to do so.

    Why she would choose Ellen? because of her reputation as a photographer?  what if she has a very friendly relationship with Randee? since they have worked many time before, maybe she give her the freedom to do what she wants to and another photographers just tell her what to do.

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    You really think that Britney is in charge when Legally she can't signature anything? Legally she is like a child who depends of her Father. 

    Larry Rudolph is literally killing her career right now. All her team is a Mess. 

    Her Creative Team (Silent House is the worst **** ever, but of course she is stuck with them because somebody of Silent House work for BTeam too) 

    Her Makeup Artist this era at least is better, but a few years ago (Remeber X Factor? What a Mess) 

    Her choreographer is bad, sorry, Britney Spears is a Dancer, and they hire the choreographer of Megan Trainor really? And now her choreographer is her own dancers :sofedup:

    Larry and her Label already are scrapped 2 music videos (Perfume and the worst was Make Me) and sorry maybe Britney liked Iggy, but if you're a good manager you NEVER will make you A list artist featured in a Song & MV Video with the MOST HATED person in the Music Industry that year aka Iggy Azalea.

    Britney of course have guilty on all this Mess, but right now she give her best she can, her Body is Fire, she made a AMAZING Album, and her Performance (even with the bad Choreo, are her best since 2004), the only people who is making this era Flop is her Management & Creative Team. 

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    I disagree, although I kinda get your point. But if she didn't want original Make Me she wouldn't shoot some scenes. If she did have that much control You spoke of she would speak her mind while creating whole concept for the video. 

    But with dancing and singing I can see it happening. She is too shy and embarassed singing live and she changes very often original choreographies. 


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    When she doesn't sing live - Blame her team
    When her dances are off but her dancers still do good - Blame the choreographer
    When she ruled the world - Nobody thanks her team

    When she doesn't want to promote - Her team is stupid

    People complains about Larry - He jumped over Miley and made a blast


    Simply nobody will ever want to work with Britney again because of the pressure from this fanbase.


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    Ppl dont belittle Brit as an artist tho, i certainly think that Britney has a voice over everything and we have multiple proofs of it, however, after the cutted jonathan ross c-ship talk, where B herself told that everything was given to her already done and she didnt really made decisions about 3(!) of her last albums, there's definitely not only Britney's decisions, as far those career moves were not good, ppl have a right to be angry with her team cause again, its not Britney, whos the boss in most of them. And if u mean designers and choreographers, im 100 sure she didnt sit down and search for them, they were brought to her and their work together (im talking about pom) didnt please her, there's no marco marco (i think) and no those squared guys anymore, hope glenn is gone too.
    it seems things getting better with glory and everything now, so i can only hope about Britney's being in charge of everything in her life can come sooner than we think, i hope and i pray :mcry:

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    13 minutes ago, LisaJane said:

    Although I agree with OP for the most part this is actually a very good point. The record company doesn't seem invested in Britney anymore.

    I wonder why this is? Because she did so little promo for BJ?

    It feels like they're treating Glory as a "throwaway album" -- as if they allowed Britney to get her own way this time just to keep her happy. However, her promo seems to revolve around POM, not Glory. It's as if they're literally looking for excuses not to give Britney artistic freedom with her next album, and are throwing Glory under the bus in order to do it.

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