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  1. I can't at these people calling users who love Britney at her biggest fansite a britard when in contrary all they did was spreading negativity in here and some of them actually have spent their time in here more than the actual fans Get a life and get out of your mothers basement you virgin
  2. Expectation: Reality: Grammy can remain in the garbage can
  3. - Not release Boom Boom as a single - Only did animated video for Break the Ice - Released Radar twice as a single, when song like Unusual You could have been a great single choice - Letting Larry (he's the EP) messing with Circus' main track listing where he left out some of the great cuts as bonus tracks (Amnesia, Phonography, Quicksand) - the whole Make Me original video mess - Petty Gorilla - Getting too ****** too quickly. I LOVE Slave but it was too great of a detour from her previous releases. In the Zone imo was also too ******. She lost a lot of young followers during this time. She should have done a full sensual album during Blackout era - Abandoning Glory
  4. Well perception of quality and entertainment value may differ from one person to another. If you don't like POM, that's fine but stop putting your opinion to anyone's mouth
  5. Maybe you and your fellow Nancies need to get drunk when tirelessly watching those blurry YouTube videos
  6. Why are you so fckn pressed that Britney had this success tbh? You mentioned Fast and Furious prove my point. The recent Fast and Furious have been very good, the paying audiences are happy about them, so do the critics. Maybe this is the same case as POM. Maybe the fault is on your judgey attitude
  7. The comparison between Britney and everyday worker is an idiotic comparison tho. Britney is not fckn corporate peasant like most of us here. The paying attendances for POM had the power to NOT paying her or watching her perform. YET she is still selling very well in the fourth year of her residency. So clearly the paying audiences ARE still happy with POM despite her not being her best self I feel like what GP perceive now about Britney and her POM show is much more positive than the dramatic users in here
  8. Britney has surprassed Janet during her Primeney era (1999 to 2014) I consider Britney's overall success as more of an accomplishment compared to Janet's Janet is great but she was clearly famous due to the help of her much popular brother. As for Britney, she was the little Southern girl who had little to no connection in Hollywood, yet look out how she totally changed the face of pop music when she came out Janet at her peak was overshadowed by Madonna, Mariah and Whitney' popularity While Britney at her peak was an undisputed A-list pop star. She was the front runner and everywhere. Female like Avril, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys at some points were more succesful than Britney but look at where they are now Talking about her peer, probably only Beyonce who as of now is still more succesful than Britney. But we may have tons of pages to debate on exactly the reasons why Fakeyonce is still so popular in the US and some parts of Europe
  9. https://youtu.be/IyYnnUcgeMc bye doofus
  10. Beyonce with her Destiny's Child (which I love btw) had revealed as much, if not more than Britney during late 90s or early 00s
  11. So you want to compare a goofy IG video with a Superbowl performance and legit MV? Bye Fleahive. Sign up your enrollment on the nearest elementary soon so you can get higher education than your fave
  12. Slay those seizure movement When will iHeartney
  13. No. Britney at her hey days was very articulate. She is still now but her shyness sometimes get the best of her. Beyonka always spoke like a kindergarte drop out
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