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Found 8 results

  1. I can’t find any sources on this unfortunately but this rumour is going around.
  2. I never wanted to believe the Britney Jean album was dubbed by Myah Marie. That said, six years later, the allegations persist, and there is some audio evidence that Myah Marie did dub certain parts (such as the chorus of Brightest Morning Star—I've listened to Myah's raw takes as well as Britney's—the "take me home" part of Alien and the "Not alone" hook of Alien). Note: ad-libs like those heard at the end of Tik Tik Boom don't actually qualify as dubbing. This video resumes all of the allegations: Years ago, after gathering evidence, a Michael Jackson fan brought a lawsuit against Sony Music over three songs alleged to have been dubbed by vocalist Jason Malachi on a posthumous release called Michael. Sony, however, managed to win twice: https://www.mjvibe.com/sony-wins-fake-michael-jackson-recording-claims-for-second-time/ The case is still ongoing, though: This takes us to Britney Jean, an RCA (Sony Music) release. I've spoken to a lawyer, and here's how it goes. If the allegations are true, fraud was indeed committed by a number of participants (Anthony Preston, will.i.am, William Orbit, Julian Prindle, David Guetta and so on + Myah Marie, Britney Spears and RCA executives). In order to initiate legal action... 1. We'd need a forensic analysis of the lead vocals of the Britney Jean album. Such an analysis could cost around $400 per hour, and it would likely take a few days at least. The analyst would need to (if not already familiar) take some time to get familiar w/ Britney Spears' recording voice, and then do the same thing w/ Myah Marie's by listening to her own solo material. Would any of you be interested in crowdfunding the analysis? 2. We'd need a plaintiff, preferably someone living in the United States who purchased a copy of Britney Jean (hence gave RCA money) believing Britney Spears was indeed the lead vocalist of all songs. 3. We'd need witnesses, credible witnesses. Lawyers don't like conspiracy theories, and they'd need credible witnesses as in individuals close to the situation who may have seen or heard something and have a serious reason to believe dubbing indeed occurred on that record. 4. We'd need to explain why would RCA commit such fraud knowing the risk, the liability that it is, esp. after the Milli Vanilli scandal and since Myah Marie's own father, Murray Langston, claimed his daughter was dubbing Britney's voice months prior to the album's release. Unless we come up with a plausible explanation, our accusation may be seen as a baseless conspiracy theory. To conclude, if there was indeed some dubbing, proving all of Body Ache and most of Work B***h, Chillin' With You and Til It's Gone were also dubbed is going to be harder. Note: In the booklet, Myah Marie's credited for singing background vocals on Work *****, Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Chillin' With You and Now That I Found You. On SoundBetter, Myah Marie confirms in her credits to have also done background vocals on Alien, It Should Be Easy and Body Ache. On her Spotify playlist Songs I've Been a Part of, Myah Marie confirms to have also done background vocals on Don't Cry, Brightest Morning Star and Hold on Tight.
  3. As far as i remember, Britney renewed her contract with RCA in 2014, where the label basically gave her more 'creative control' and at least 4 albums to record whenever she wanted to do so. Glory is one of the four albums by contract, so now she still has 3 left! Since Britney is, at the moment, rightfully refusing to work in any form, will RCA start looking forward her unreleased material in the near future as a way to fulfill her obligations? I honestly wouldn't mind at all a boxed set with all her best unreleased remastered catalogue form each era, tbh. Thoughts?
  4. The newly registered song "Drink To My Freedom" is made by the same creators that made Britney's unfinished song Exaholic, Antonina Armato, Tim James and Rock Mafia. The other "Free Your Mind" is created by Lance Eric Shipp, Nathalia Marshall and Rachael Kennedy, they did "Coupure Électrique". It's speculated by fans that this could be the "Freedom" song Britney was referring to at a Piece Of Me meet and greet in 2016 with a fan when asked what her favourite unreleased song was. Here's what Britney said to the fan "Oh...I don't know there are like 30 or 40...but there was a song I did called Freedom." Here's the Source
  5. I know you guys find it annoying that people have been making why hasn’t ___ and ____ said something threads… but it jusr irks me. They have more power than most people in the business, and far more money than any entity like Lou or Jamie. Outside of the court industrial complex made out of the conservatorship model, Sony still can legally make a statement. The Spears cannot gag label heads. It’s not that I expect there to be much of a difference now, but I am annoyed that they genuinely did NOTHING following this Perhaps before JIVE and RCA were unaware of the extent of and the depth of the damage and abuse that Britney has endured, but you would think that after the AUDIO of the court date leaked and confirmed everything, that they would have said something. she is a legacy artist and much of her success is built off what she did prior to the conservatorship. I’m glad former label people in Framing Britney spoke up but it’s not the same as someone with genuine power TODAY. Industry heads who can make serious contractual consequences for Jamie Spears and co. I don’t expect, nor want the label to drop her or participate in some sort of “muting”, especially if Britney is listening to the deluxe edition of self titled but I am irritated that no one has said anything. where are the actual ones in power within the industry? Shouldn’t RCA/ Sony say something or have they been compliant? Could they not have witnessed the abuse?? #FREEBRITNEY 🌹✨🌸🌺🌺🌺✨✨
  6. There's a rumor that RCA wanted Britney to release a Xmas album this year, but she said no because she's not working right now while she fights the conservatorship. Related:
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