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  1. Ugh I hate that my thread was merged with this cuz then it looks weird why there is this overly-long post
  2. It wasn't available on YouTube yet when I made this topic so couldn't do it earlier lol
  3. https://youtu.be/adIl-dIaiEc Kylie just released the second single from her upcoming 15th album, Disco, called "Magic"! Personally, I love this much more than "Say Something", the production is very upbeat and bouncy and the chorus is so damn catchy! The music video will premiere in 10 hours (here in the U.S.) but by the thumbnail it looks incredible! What are your thoughts on "Magic"? Do you like it more than "Say Something", feel the same, or think it's worse?
  4. I'm so sorry that happened. There are so many people who choose not to see what is going on and say George Floyd's murder was a "one-time-thing", when it's been going on in America for hundreds of years now.
  5. It's sad it has taken not only the life of Geoege Floyd, but countless innocent black lives for this to happen. I agree with the riots, they have been peaceful for too long, and no changes have been made in our law system. It's time to make an impact. I just hope not too many more lives are lost in these riots before things get better
  6. Smh at all the fake fans not knowing of "Kylie" 88 or "Kylie Minogue" 94 😌😂 lol Anyways, I do hope "Kylie" is just a placeholder name or something, cuz yeah I agree there's been two main albums (3 if you count IP's brief name change) that are self-titled, and with another it would just be too much lol. We'll see......
  7. Although. I'm not too knowledgeable on Dua, her style would definitely fit perfect with Kylie! Super excited to see if they do anything
  8. So proud of my queen for pulling through these difficult times! The fact she is producing her own stuff (with help ofc) is so exciting to me! Reminds me of the 'ol creatice days back at DeConstruction with "Impossible Princess". I hope this album is a mix of disco Kylie and indie Kylie (with a smidge of 80s Kylie sprinkled in lol) Either way, I'm so happy cuz she seems to be really happy and excited with her music lately 💗
  9. The new cover looks beautiful. Hope it gets a vinyl release sometime
  10. September 2013 looks great! Should've stopped there. 2015 on the smile is too much
  11. MDNA is a ****** mess. I've had several relistens and cannot get into it. There are a few tracks I like, but eeh. I have problems with Madame X too, but at least it makes sense in it's "messiness" cuz it was meant to go in an experimental direction. MDNA is just noise...to me at least
  12. Yes. I hope she is just staying off socials or something. If I get word she passed I- bye world
  13. And yes I know I commented a stupid thing about the virus in another forum, I was an uneducated idiot and learned the actual severity of the situation, and I apologized for my dismissive attitude of the issue. Thought I'd clear that up
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