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The mess continues | Xtina's new "EP" consists of only TWO TRACKS

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are we sure that nothing else will come after this? I've just checked spotify to see if the album was released and I couln't believe my eyes when I saw that ****. is this what she meant when she said that she had enough material to make three albums? can she be that stupid? I'm super disappointed. stupid beyond words. also, I was hoping that lloras por na would be on this one, I liked that leaked song so much. now I don't even want to listen to that no es song and the stupid intro. I'm so fed up with her ******* idiotic decisions. 

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Some of y'all really like devoting energy to dragging an artist you don't like with inaccurate information. The 3rd EP which will complete her new album hasn't been fully released yet. There will be probably 5 more songs. Spotify updated it to list this new release as a single, not an EP. Seriously, find something better to do, OP.  

Edit: I'm not believing that fan twitter account. Xtina said the album would be comprised of three six-song increments. 

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The “Aguilera” album on Apple Music was updated to include the 2 tracks from “La Luz”. I think it’s safe to say that this era is fully materialized. 

With all said and done, I actually like the project as a whole, but will agree that I the roll out was a hot mess. The tracks are good - but not good enough to be drip-fed over a year and a half…. 

Still hoping they decide to drop a vinyl of the entire project! 


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