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Found 8 results

  1. i was just thinking about it now since the pandemic and lockdown is about to be over in most countries by the end of the year do you think that the happy pop euphoric songs borderline maniac will make a comeback? i think like a lot of people already did self evaluation and got "depressed" in 2020, it was like our folklore taylor swift era, everything grey and uncertain and everybody struggling with life but 2021 people are sick of it and they want to go OUT and party and everyone is kinda like maniac right now, i'm taking the USA parties in the USA from this summer as an example, the 4th of july, vegas opening again... where music is going now? EDM is coming back strong than ever and i think pop colourful things too, grey and beige tones like folklore and billie eilish people are sick of it, also calm and mindfulness like Lorde new song Solar power, it doesn't fit now, too calm and peaceful and people are CRAZY right now what you guys think is the new trend about to come in music? what is hot right now this summer in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7AYTBAKK48
  2. Summer is almost here, girls & boys & @Style. Well some Australians can't relate What losers Anyways I guess it's time to share your favorite songs that remind you, give you summer vibes Please put your videos in spoiler as I don't want to see this thread loading ten million years due to too many videos @Midnight feature it daddy or I will take legal action
  3. So I was approached by a semi handsome older guy who lives on an Island with his 2 partners. (Not gonna say which app that was on) A younger guy and a women that is his legal wife. They own this luxurious resort in Croatia. And they invited me to come over there during the Summer. When I said I can't do it because of work and Covid border bs aka I have little to non vacation time,especiallydue to mandatory quarantine. He offered to pay all my expenses and to pay me as I if I worked for him. In exchange of having fun with 3 of them (whatever he meant by that). (Mind I say he said he will cover my yearly expanses) So idk what should I do. Its tempting to say the least. I actually talked with all 3 of them on Wapp and they are legit. I am on a fence of what to do.
  4. Summer is QUICKLY approaching for those of us in the northern hemisphere! So far, early 2021 hasn't provided much change in genre but we all know when it comes to music it is "sun's out, fun's out"! We need FUN music to enjoy our days of sun. What do you predict will come in with the heat this Summer? What do you think will be your favorite sound for this Summer? If there are songs that have been release this year that you feel will be potential Summer anthems, please share!
  5. “All In My Head (flex)” by fifth harmony is a summer bop still. This song deserved more success. ”He Like That” deserved to be a hit also. We need a justice for fifth harmony campaign (without the racist one though)
  6. Why do you think gay men love wearing speedos? I honestly don't get it. I know it's normalized with straight and gay men in Europe, but in America I would say 99% of men that wear a speedo (who is not an athlete) are gay. I have noticed this for years and now that we have this forum, I thought I could ask and get some thoughts. So what say you Exhale? https://www.instagram.com/p/ByfxgdwHVsp/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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