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Found 8 results

  1. Skylar Grey went live in September 2020 and previewed the song apparently titled "No Pressure" produced by Diplo, Do we know if Rihanna recorded it, Is it scrapped and do you like it? No Pressure | Rihanna Wiki | Fandom
  3. Diplo produced Passenger and he said he's never met Britney, but she once saw him at Planet Hollywood and she DM'd him saying she saw him surfing. Related:
  4. Diplo was the musical genius behind the EDM Tracks on Rebel Heart. She started with Avicii, but due to severe health problems caused by alcoholism, he had to go have an important surgery to save his life. Unfortunately, cos he couldn't live the lifestyle he loved, and had to retire young, he went into a deep depression. Madonna without a DJ, found her lifesaver Diplo, which a Madonna fan, said it best. Diplo sound became more relevant by the Time Rebel Heart came out, she did the right thing by ditching Avicii and his team, and went with Diplo. He said by 2015 Avicii acoustic dance pop was stale and unpopular, Diplo became the top dj and he said 5 years later, he's still huge. Calvin is a hit or miss. Diplo is in demand cos he understands clubs and underground trends. Which leads to his favorite Rebel Heart track. Bish I'm Madonna, like he said. It's so bizarre, the first track to have Sophie's signature PC sound, Madonna scolding the public for telling her what to do and what she shouldn't do, plus Nicki Minaj. What's not to love. I knew he would pick the track that divided everybody. He's a True madonna Stan. We love to see it.
  5. ...............omg am I pregnant? Diplo...... PS: NOAH IS BECOMING AN AMAZING ARTIST! But are those lip fillers? ugh...
  6. Producer Diplo and Canadian country artist, Orville Peck, grace the cover of the newest Attitude mag issue. Attitude is described the "best-selling gay magazine." We love to see it. What is your body telling you?
  7. So in a recent interview. Diplo hopes Taylor's 2019 LGBT anthem endorsed By GLADD you need to calm down is not about him. Ugh. Once again. Hot guys prove once again to lack knowledge and intelligence.
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