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  1. So I just saw this post about the passing of Dani Hampson, a dancer that worked with the Spice Girls and Harry Styles. She passed away the morning of June 18, the day she was supposed to marry her fiancé Tom Mann. They had a baby boy together. Source So sad
  2. Spice Girls Emma and Mel B are going on the new season of The Circle, a reality show in the UK. The reality show is a chat- based show where people can present themselves to the other contestants as anyone they think could win over the other contestants. The girls have revealed that they will be playing together as a "catfish". Will you be watching??
  3. I am curious - for us Millenials age 27-40, Spice Girls turned most of us on to pop music and culture. What do you think of them? Do you like their music? Which is your fav? What questions do u have? I am curious
  4. Her appearance by fans and critics is getting more praised, compared to basically mild mannered and lady of the manor Geri Halliwell.. Which sources say is behind the rumored break up again. Spice girl Geri Halliwell (49) is pretty much done with the group due to judgemental fans preserving an image of her from 1997 when she was 24 to 25, as the way Geri is supposed to be nearing 50. She's had it, this time according to the sun, the fans are to blame. Geri wants to be respected for getting older and being graceful but when your fans are basically between early 30s and early 40s, it is very hard to please them as most refuse to accept society norms or the fact that Geri is okay with getting older and doesn't hold the views she had in her 20s.. The other girls might be okay with being the same way we met them especially mel B, but Geri isnt and she wants to be a role model to tell females it's okay to get older even though society and environments every where makes you feel less important to a girl in her 20s, which forces you to compete even if you get depress cos you lose yourself. And as for Victoria, Melanie C pretty much proved why she left the industry, the other 4 had their mics on and Victoria rarely got solos due to a lower vocal range than the higher registers, I guess Mel B secured her bag as the main girl with a low regi8fir beckham to only do background vocals.. But some speculate that was intentionally planned cos with 5 girls, one will always be the odd girl out and that was Victoria Beckham. @Slayer @jordeezy
  5. It was also the 25th anniversary of the original video recently
  6. Due to the phenomenal success of Spice 25, including a number 5 UK Repeak. The Spice girls are thanking the Spicers, the best fans in the world, and hint that next year at The same time a Spiceworld 25 is looking like a go. If you go by the Prince reissues where to get the vault material. you had to pay between 65.00 to close to 150.00 for the super deluxe sets. 1999 was 5 CDS at the super deluxe while sign o' the times was 8 CDS and close to 100 tracks in music. Spice was just a 22 track with 5 unreleased tracks and 17 already issued. And it's looking like the most successful one of a 90s Expanded reissue. Congrats, girls. @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears
  7. Even the Spice girls being British said It's Christmas time on their social medias. It's been the holidays for some countries with phillipines beginning back in September.. In the states however there has been a push back since To some people Thanksgiving has been erased, and that's for some people their favorite holiday, and it upsets them that it got erased, and they don't blame cancel culture but the commercialism and hallmark is their main reason why Thanksgiving is seen as just a meal, and not a valid holiday like it was 15 to 20 years ago.. But here is the full 4 Minutes of the madness of Spice girls in London, 70,000 fans all kids. Most of them are our age now. So I see why The second album and the image went more towards the fantasy elements of the Spice personas and characters. The money was in the kids parents wallets, not people their age.. @jordeezy @Slayer @Jordan Miller Victoria face is priceless when she realizes they can easily fall on the platform as it cant handle the weight of everybody on there.
  8. GEM needs to release more songs IMO! I loved "Song For Her". Geri, Emma and Mel B are awesome.
  9. Omg....my inner child is so happy!!! Spice Girls and Britney are my gayvorites!!!
  10. Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham knew each other it was revealed they met at the tank girl audition. So they knew each other and chris Herbert story of manufactured is out the window. They knew each other but he said he put them together. When the tank girl audition proved otherwise they met each other prior to that audition.. @Slayer @Style. @Jordan Miller
  11. In the UK, Channel 4 begins airing the Documentary on the Spice girls, and how their brand if feminism actually changed Britian forever. They talk about how fast it went from fun to super negative (most of that came in from endorsement deals and other stuff that was unheard of in the Music industry at the time, but is more common and accepted now to be the brand of potato chips, chocolate bars and other novelty acts like suckers) even when toured in 1998 in the states. Spice girls did commercials for domino sugar that played during, before and after the concert as the main sponsor on the tour.. Cant wait for the youtube rip of Spice girls: How Girl power changed Britain forever. @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  12. It's a bit slower, different vocal takes and Adlibs.. Emma's No is getting hella praised by the fans.. "Tell me will this deja Vu, never end, No!" Even the saxophone part is getting praised.. This was probably gonna be the official single version, but a remix did happen and it became the version that we all know and love today.. Spice 25th Anniversary deluxe edition is the original album, but the original 2 become 1 is being replaced by the more inclusive single version.. The gays are praising this move. The original 2 Become 1 limited the love making to just hetero couples, with the boys and girls feel good together.. Emma said that 4 out of 5 the two mels, Geri and Emma said if it's going to be our first ballad. We need to make it more inclusive as intercourse is not just straight people. So Geri's line was replaced With Victoria singing "Onve again when we endeavor Love will bring us back together.. Take it or leave it, take it or leave it" The 12 new tracks is B Sides, Demos of last time lover, Who do you think you are, if you can't dance.. Most fans are mad that songs they talked about like C.U.Next Tuesday and the more vulgar stuff is not being included, one fan joked Geri the virgins bride queen is at it again. Spice 25 is out On digital platforms October 29. No word on physical formats though. Some fans are saying if they wanna chart, they better think about cds and vinyls.. Veterans can't rely on streaming and digital. We are not that markets biggest strength, most of us mid 30s or approaching 40 for the ride or die Spice girls fans. @Adriannn @Jordan Miller
  13. Screaming!!! There was many buzz that a Spice 25th anniversary box set was commencing to celebrate the debut album and the best selling girl group album of all time. Their record label says 30 Million a lot of people including chart masters debunk this. But @Prachidid say they forget that stores buy shipments of the music, hence why Virgin would have legit rights to say that it sold 30 Million worldwide as stores bought that actual number. We never go buy the actual sales data as shipments is how Music gets certified as the wholesale numbers are seen as more important than the buying public. But none the less the artwork is even an updated Spice logo of wannabe 25, with the girls images like it was in the original album cover.
  14. 100 tracks spans The exclusive Now that's what I call HMV!, an exclusive 5 CD set being sold as a limited edition to the biggest British record shop chain.. Britney spears debut single, Black Magic by Little mix, the juggernaut Wannabe is included along with countless others. Sadly former Now mainstay Kylie minogue isn't included as PWL is with BMG Rights management UK and Parlophone is with Warner music which was never a Now artist label. Anybody excited.. The decades go from the 60s to about 2015 in pop Music.. Pre order link is live to UK residents only as this is a UK release. @Slayer
  15. The Spice girl known as Baby, discusses how she felt when little mix acknowledged them, they talk about how it's still shocking that not very few British pop acts made it to the global scale like the Spice girls did, and yet, the British Music industry shut them out on all awards to just local popular acts at the time.. The hosts discuss without the Spice girls, girl groups wouldn't have been a thing, Emma elaborated back in the 90s, nobody believed them, they were told, they would never be cover stars on mags, as Boys sold magazines, and for Geri, she was told the industry never cared about the gays or youth question themselves, as aiming for teenage girls was where the money was at. Obviously all those doors were broken and ceiling's shattered, and oddly this led to uni*** pop bands like S Club 7 and steps, etc, something the US never tried in capitalizing at all during the teen pop mania. UK realized if we have markets for boy bands, and girl bands, you can combine both and get a bigger audience shares, and it worked especially for S club 7 and Steps. @Slayer @Jordan Miller
  16. Wannabe turns 25 this year! The Spice Girls have always been a huge part of my life, and I hope this remix does the iconic original justice. It samples two of their other songs... one is more obvious while the other is a bit more hidden. Can you guess what they are? Instrumental:
  17. In, 1998 after much delayed two months, Virgin records Limited, The Spice girls released "Viva Forever" was issued as the final single, part of the delay was Geri's fast departure from the girls, on Mel B's Birthday (the audacity, but this led to animosity and resentment from Mel B, who during the remaining tour dates was hella shady to the drag queen that left and pray she flops), The original single was to be issued as a Double A Side with fan favorite 70s disco track Never give up on the good times, but with no time to re record Geri's lines the A side was abandoned to just "Viva Forever". The Music video was directed by Academy award winning director Steve Box, of Wallace and Gromit fame, the video predicts the Spice girls as fairies, leading a boy to a rubix cube, which the boy goes in, and in the new HD ending turns into a fairy, also look for Geri going into another direction, as it signaled she's no longer in the girl group. According to the director, the video is about holding onto the innocence of a child, before teen pressure and stuff like teens do, that removes the innocence like s**, drugs and alcohol.. The track returned the girls to a familiar place in the UK #1, their 7th after Stop peaked at #2 in the UK. With 9 massive number ones in the UK, the Spice girls still are the girl group with the most #1 singles in the UK, and with only 11 career singles, that's an impressive track record.. The return of the Spice girls tour performance is iconic, all 5 performed the track, with Geri performing in the chorus and adding additional harmonies, but look at the very end, the light is only on her as she descends from the stage signifying her exit from the group in the tour's storyline.
  18. Thanks to a huge advertisement by spotify with billboard's and times square and Spice City (Toronto has been dubbed as The official Spice city as it was the final stop of the 2007-2008 Return of the Spice girls tour).. Well they officially join Blackpink, Little mix (who is the only girl group in the 100 most listened on spotify ( @Slayer), DC3, Fifth harmony and PCD to amass 9 Million listeners. And last week The fan favorite "Stop" crossed 100 Million streams, their second song after Wannabe of course, which according to the Wannabe 25 EP Press announcement was the most streamed song by a female artist of the 1990s in 2020. Congrats to The Brit Fab Five.. I doubt TLC will ever get this treatment as a lot of their songs have outdated views i.e. No Scrubs especially the passenger side part.
  19. In this interview, Ross asks Victoria why she keeps trying to sing, about her weight and other cringy topics. Do you agree with Ross?
  20. On July 08, 1996, Wannabe was released in the UK as the debut single by English girl group Spice Girls under Virgin Records. Produced by Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard and co-written by the two of them along with all the members of the group, the dance-pop track was also the lead single off their first studio album Spice, with Bumper to Bumper as its B-side. The song became an anthem of female empowerment with lyrics that value the female friendship over a relationship with a man, setting the theme for all of the upcoming music from the group: Girl Power. Wannabe topped the charts in 22 countries, including the Billboard Hot 100, and it is the best-selling single by a female group worldwide. Also, according to a study published in 2014 by the University of Amsterdam in association with Manchester’s Museum of Science & Industry, Wannabe is the most recognizable pop song of the last 60 years. An iconic one-shot music video directed by Johan Camitz was filmed at the Midland Grand Hotel in London, and it was released in May of that year. It currently has over 500M views on their official YouTube account.
  21. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lBQYY7f2QqYibwyGN4tfpItRoew8DmS3Y&feature=share The Spice Girls issued Wannabe 25 Extended Play.. Featuring the full length Demo of Wannabe which is more poppy than the final mix, and "Feed Your Love" which is a 90s ballad in R&B and has Melanie B most of the lead and the girls in the background vocals, thankfully it never went in that direction as the Spice girls was all about all 5 being equal, and not a lead vocalist which isn't a girl group standard. Feed your love subject matter was considered not appropriate for the targeted audience mainly Children, so it was shelved but discussed lots of time.
  22. Stylist Magazine announced a Spice girls special issue to celebrate 25 years of the best selling girl group.. Still amazes me only 3 studio albums, 1 greatest hits and 11 singles that equals 90 Million records sold worldwide in their press release announcement.. The fact they are 10 Million shy of 100 Million has me on cloud 9. The issue is called Woman Power and it credits Posh, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Sporty spice as Redefining Feminism and what it was like to be a Girl in the 90s.. For Mel B it was we don't men to complete us, we control our own destiny and our own lives, we don't need men, it's the other way around, they need us. For Geri, it was because feminism in the 90s was a dirty word, ir translated to her as Burning your bra (these days women prefer no bras as it's more comfortable, to go bra less). Melanie C for her meant if you can't beat em, Join em. Emma Girl power meant, he does the chores and more of the dishes (she's much different now, but old interviews she admitted while living with the girls, she would ditch them on a chore night she hated, leaving someone else to do the dishes, she only stayed if it was laundry day, which is weird. Male or female it seems doing the laundry is the most loved chore of them all) Victoria for her it meant ditching her fiance and finding the family in her girls, whoo she really found her soul mate at an event in 97, where david Beckham was being honored and she had Melanie C (the football fan) set her up the right way, training in all aspects of the sport to impress him. But, most of all the message of girl power was male or female of the hetero***ual kind can actually be friends.. There is this myth that it's impossible for the opposite s** to be friends with no ***ual feelings or any romantic ideas involved, to the girls it was extremely important that this message was to get out there. Friends can happen, after all the best relationships happen to be your best friend that you fall in love with, naturally.
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