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Found 20 results

  1. According to words of some people, Myah Marie used to make fun of Britney Spears back in 2007. She written the joke/diss track called (“Don’t Take the Kids from Me”) which is now nowhere to be found. She made that song around the time of Britney’s breakdown and the custody battle.
  2. I'm looking for PROOF of this conspiracy theory that Myah Marie sang most/all of the vocals on Britney Jean. As in, actual factual evidence that this is supposedly the secret truth. Saying "I'm a fan, I know her voice" is not proof, it's opinion. Saying "Britney doesn't sound like that" or "The lyrics obviously aren't her style" is also not proof, it's more opinion. Please do not waste your time spamming this topic with your feelings and emotions and hunches. I want receipts, kiddos My opinion: I do NOT think that Myah Marie had as big a part in these vocals as most people say. When I hear Myah Marie's own songs and the demos that she makes for Britney, it's clear to me that their voices are similar but not identical. I'm not sure why everybody is so quick to completely forget power of electronic engineering of voices and pitch adjustment and all sorts of really nifty technology (e.g. Auto-Tune) used all over the music industry to intentionally modify the original vocals. Britney Jean was obviously heavily edited vocally and in its overall production. I don't find this as a reason to entertain this ridiculous theory that Myah Marie is the main vocalist here. But if your claims can be fact-checked, then let's hear them.
  3. When Miley sings SMS Bangerz live, she uses Myah Marie vocals, not Britney vocals. WHYYYY?
  4. I never wanted to believe the Britney Jean album was dubbed by Myah Marie. That said, six years later, the allegations persist, and there is some audio evidence that Myah Marie did dub certain parts (such as the chorus of Brightest Morning Star—I've listened to Myah's raw takes as well as Britney's—the "take me home" part of Alien and the "Not alone" hook of Alien). Note: ad-libs like those heard at the end of Tik Tik Boom don't actually qualify as dubbing. This video resumes all of the allegations: Years ago, after gathering evidence, a Michael Jackson fan brought a lawsuit against Sony Music over three songs alleged to have been dubbed by vocalist Jason Malachi on a posthumous release called Michael. Sony, however, managed to win twice: https://www.mjvibe.com/sony-wins-fake-michael-jackson-recording-claims-for-second-time/ The case is still ongoing, though: This takes us to Britney Jean, an RCA (Sony Music) release. I've spoken to a lawyer, and here's how it goes. If the allegations are true, fraud was indeed committed by a number of participants (Anthony Preston, will.i.am, William Orbit, Julian Prindle, David Guetta and so on + Myah Marie, Britney Spears and RCA executives). In order to initiate legal action... 1. We'd need a forensic analysis of the lead vocals of the Britney Jean album. Such an analysis could cost around $400 per hour, and it would likely take a few days at least. The analyst would need to (if not already familiar) take some time to get familiar w/ Britney Spears' recording voice, and then do the same thing w/ Myah Marie's by listening to her own solo material. Would any of you be interested in crowdfunding the analysis? 2. We'd need a plaintiff, preferably someone living in the United States who purchased a copy of Britney Jean (hence gave RCA money) believing Britney Spears was indeed the lead vocalist of all songs. 3. We'd need witnesses, credible witnesses. Lawyers don't like conspiracy theories, and they'd need credible witnesses as in individuals close to the situation who may have seen or heard something and have a serious reason to believe dubbing indeed occurred on that record. 4. We'd need to explain why would RCA commit such fraud knowing the risk, the liability that it is, esp. after the Milli Vanilli scandal and since Myah Marie's own father, Murray Langston, claimed his daughter was dubbing Britney's voice months prior to the album's release. Unless we come up with a plausible explanation, our accusation may be seen as a baseless conspiracy theory. To conclude, if there was indeed some dubbing, proving all of Body Ache and most of Work B***h, Chillin' With You and Til It's Gone were also dubbed is going to be harder. Note: In the booklet, Myah Marie's credited for singing background vocals on Work *****, Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Chillin' With You and Now That I Found You. On SoundBetter, Myah Marie confirms in her credits to have also done background vocals on Alien, It Should Be Easy and Body Ache. On her Spotify playlist Songs I've Been a Part of, Myah Marie confirms to have also done background vocals on Don't Cry, Brightest Morning Star and Hold on Tight.
  5. yall i covered kylie minogue, i sound so good, i should remplace myah marie on b10
  6. Myah wrote what we should consider a bop in 2008 for the Circus album and is lyrically relevant to a free Britney. It would've made a great comeback single at the time Like and comment below if you like the song and wish Britney recorded it.
  7. Here's a snippet of Casually, a track written for Britney Jean by Jon Asher and Myah Marie. Vocals by Myah.
  8. She released an official single, and I'm not mad.
  9. I don't know if this is already known but i'm still making a topic about it. According to BMI, the singer Alanis Morissette recorded a song titled "Lover Boy", written by Myah Marie, Paul Geissinger, Jonathan Asher and Guy Sigsworth. Some months ago, Myah started selling a demo of a song called "Lover Boy" produced by Sigsworth on her Patreon. She claims the demo was sent to Britney Spears (team) during the sessions of her album "Britney Jean", but it was either rejected or "recorded" but did not made into the final tracklist. It seems that the song was later sold to Morissette, which recorded it but it still remains unreleased for now. Opinions about this?
  10. So Back in the Day Someone had Filtered Myah Marie's Vocals on Britney Jean (which is pretty much all of it) and added instrumentals to it it was like Britney Jean in its full form but only Myah I used to Have it Separated into Different Songs on My Pc but it Broke Down so i lost it and the original video got Removed for some reason If anyone has this Please Share here is the thumbnail of the said video below:
  11. My friend text me a couple evenings ago now with the following: ”Have you heard Britney Spears - Zombie before? It’s quite good.” I am certain y’all will have heard the recording in question below: And what’s scary is, clearly we can differentiate between this persons voice and Britney’s but for somebody who doesn’t really pay much attention to Britney - she can easily be replicated. Like if they really wanted to they could polish off all sorts of recordings with an imposter and the GP wouldn’t be the wiser... after all not many were in the know and still aren’t when it comes to Britney Jean. I’ll admit even sometimes I’m fooled, I didn’t notice Britney Jean was filled in until I read stuff you guys n gals were posting. I thought Passenger’s famous note at 01:54 was Brit hitting it outta the park I also believed this was her for YEARS: So to boil it down - Azaelia Banks style, what this post is meant to be is just me venting my frustrations and fear that we will begin to get full on fabricated “Britney Spears” records before we see the end of this conservatorship. SITS was such a serve and thanks to the stems we can rest assured that she was present, although imo many blanks were filled in and I just don’t like the idea of the GP catching wind of that and thinking she needs the help when really she doesn’t want to work at the moment. What are y’all thoughts?
  12. Okay... YouTube user B W says they have been talking to Myah Marie on SoundBetter (where she can be hired) and she revealed to them exactly what happened. They told me (public posts): "@RockVeteran I was talking to her on soundbetter about it" Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXbOgCia5d4&lc=UgxBaPBV0mn0GgUo5dd4AaABAg.90WKE05_lFw9GL8rE64kf_ "@RockVeteran Basically this: That she went in to do backgrounds for Britney Spears (she had done so in the past). She was then asked to do some extra doubles (which is basically overdubbing the lead vocals for extra punch and emphasis) since Britney was unavailable. During mixing Serban confused some of them for Britney making them louder than Brit's leads in places. He thought they were all Britney. That's basically it. She could have been making it up but I doubt that ahahaha." Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXbOgCia5d4&lc=UgxBaPBV0mn0GgUo5dd4AaABAg.90WKE05_lFw9GNepcNRsTh Another YouTube user, benG, wrote this: "@MelonPeach I actually hired Myah to do some co writing/backgrounds on my upcoming debut. It came up in conversation and she said she did indeed dub most of Brit's vocals (and some other songs too), just because Britney couldn't get to the studio to do doubles and harmonies herself. I believe then in the mixing process, the mixer got confused and put the doubles up higher in the mix." Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXbOgCia5d4&lc=Ugzx0jaUb1KXpn0gOG14AaABAg.90gI3Y6APiU9ACVCYoD2c1 Mmm... So we now have not one but two YouTube users reporting the same explanation from Myah Marie. (Maybe Myah Marie should make it an official public statement, then.) Serban Ghenea worked as a mixing engineer on Britney Jean. According to the booklet, Serban only mixed the following tracks: Alien, Passenger, Brightest Morning Star, Hold on Tight and Perfume (The Dreaming Mix). Serban's official website lists the same tracks except for the alternate mix of Perfume. If Myah Marie actually did reveal this, it then explains why does she sound louder in certain parts of some of those tracks, but it doesn't explain the allegations pertaining to Work *****, Body Ache, Til It's Gone and Chillin' With You. (As for Tik Tik Boom, according to this video, it's all Brit except for a few words and obviously the ad-libs at the end, but singing ad-libs does not quite qualify as dubbing.) What's strange, though, is that prior to working on Britney Jean, Serban Ghenea had worked on the Britney, In the Zone, Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, Circus and Femme Fatale albums, related singles, maxi-singles as well as 3 and Ooh La La. Having worked on so much of Brit's material, heard all those vocals of her a cappella, etc., he should have been able to tell her voice from Myah's... And why didn't they properly label the stems? Serban then worked on Pretty Girls and Glory.
  13. The post: The comment: Other comment: And she also comments on a fan saying they loved Chilling With U (which is also rumoured to have vocals from Myah) Related:
  14. This version of Alien without Myah Marie or that awful glitch in it is so much better in my opinion. The link is here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvgOqOw75NsrggtJ3NPeFwWkseJT I created it myself, what do you think? Is it better?
  15. So, I was just listening to Britney's first self-titled album (the beautiful gem that it is) and when I got to "Bombastic Love" a connection was made in my mind. I feel like Britney's vocal delivery in this song is what Myah Maire tried to imitate while recording for Brit. I can really hear the inspiration on some of the Britney Jean tracks especially "Til It's Gone". Just a thought but what do y'all think, do you hear the specific "Bombastic Love" inspiration too or is it just me?
  16. I honestly think Britney Jean isn't a bad album, the only problem with the album is... it isn't Britney, it doesn't even remotely sound like her. Myah is a good singer and released so many demos i vibe with "Feet On The Ground" and "Want It Or Not" are my favourites. Outside the Britney army it's not well known that Britney didn't sing Britney Jean and people actually kinda liked it. It wasn't extremely successful but it still did pretty decent. It makes me wonder why Myah hasn't signed to some kind of record label and released some actual music that get's promoted. I can really imagine her being one of them artist that serves bop featuring on David Guetta tracks etc. Do you think she's under some kind of legal restriction? During the AMA videos she seemed super cool too. Would you become a Myah stan?
  17. Hey Exhale, this is Myah Marie here! 👄 You might know me from working with Britney. I did background vocals on Circus, Femme Fatale and Britney Jean and also co-wrote "Body Ache" and "How Many F----s?" by Erika Jayne. I also was the lead singer of My Crazy Girlfriend with Capitol Records and have worked with some other amazing artists, like Lil Wayne, Justin Tranter, Jesse Saint John and more. I'm going to participate in an AMA (ask me anything) here on Exhale on Thursday May 21st @ 1 pm PST. Please go ahead and start asking your questions now and I'll begin responding live on Thursday at 1 pm. UPDATE: Video responses below:
  18. Used the search option... Looks this wasn't posted yet. It's a musical parody posted last month by Myah Marie (regarding the quarantine). #BabyOneMoreTime https://www.tiktok.com/@myahmarie_/video/6813064504402889990
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