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  1. Let's goooooo! For me Lucky Star, Holiday, Express Yourself, Physical Attraction, Angel, Dress Me Up and Burning Up are my faves from her first two albums
  2. Madonna's new recopilatory album is out now. "Finally enough love" in her 16 track edition. Mixes we've already listened to. The 50 track version is set to be released later July (i think) what do you think? TBH is a good choice of mixes and edit versions, as other user said, very cohesive
  3. Finally enough love, is a show sponsored by WOW (Rupaul's company), and already people are saying is Madonna coming to the drag race after this sponsorship. . Many queens from the show are here, and already a massive co sign By saucy Santana (who pissed off the Beyhive calling Blue's hair a racist term in 2014, and didn't apologize and said gays run the worldN saying women gets their femininity and beauty tips from women, this led to a backlash as this was done at a texas show for Juneteenth) Madonna jokes about being on time saying the audience is late for once. Says new york is the greatest city in the world, sites the pizza is the best there, shades Michigan says borm from her mother's ******* but everything about her is a new york state of mind, as the city that never sleeps, who else could be the hometown of club kids. Says sleeping is for losers and posers. A material girl is not tasteless A material girl is not fake I'm a material girl, so don't waste this. If you ain't a material girl, eww!
  4. Madonna, 63, queen of queens, performed last night, June 23th in NY her mini concert "Finally Enough Love" celebrating Pride Month She performed her hits remixed (new versions that might be on her Finally Enough Love #01 album) Hung Up (full performance added) Material Gurl (feat. Saucy Santana) Celebration Justify My Love (feat. Violet Chacki and Topkischa) Vogue SPEECH: OPEN YOUR HEART (feat. Bob The Drag Queen) ♥ Holiday The setlist could be (no order) Music Hung Up Material Girl (with Saucy Santana) (Live debut of "Saucy Santana Remix") Holiday Open Your Heart Ray of Light Frozen (Remix) Vogue Celebration
  5. Going to Britney's wedding was good on her. She has been looking amazing since then I don't know if it's a different makeup artist or less make up, but she looks so great! The instrumental in the video is also hot! Wonder if it's a "Justify My Love" remix? @Spicechinodivawhat do you think 🤔?? Thoughts, Exhale....
  6. Sam commented on Madonna’s post of her kissing his wife britney at their wedding 😂 Related:
  7. Who's ready to party with The ultimate gay icon, once again in a sold out crowd, where buying her nfts got you a ticket to see her. Madonna is the headlining guest rumors is a preview of a new song. "Pride belongs to New York city, where we don't sleep" is expected to be previewed here. Along with the new remixes of Vogue and Justify my love . Madonna is expected to take the stage at 10 PM and not end til the sunrises.. After all a great poet once said. "There's plenty of time to sleep when we die"
  8. Finally got to do one of my all time favorite Madonna songs. Hope you like it!
  9. Well I wanted y'all to ask what singles of the artist you think are UNDERRATED and why? for me: Britney Spears is Someday, such a nice ballad and heart touching Madonna is American Life and Bedtime Story, her best songs IMO Beyonce is Suga Mama, biiiiitch that song is fire Gwen Stefani: baby don't lie & Hilary Duff: Spakrs ... didn't deserve flop and so on... now spill the tea sisters!
  10. Madonna knows she raised pretty much her children herself including the first 15 years of Rocco Also you can lola's father severed his rights, as he said, he couldn't give the life To lola, the way Madonna coukd. Carlos is right, just look at the schools she went to! No way could a fitness trainer afford the academy in france that lola attended.. But kudos to wishing tony her father. Happy fathers day to the daddy of all single mothers
  11. Marilyn and Madonna Dietrich and Madonna, two usually themes. One the monroe one as she told Philbin, I'm inspired, but i want to live a long life and not die young (Madonna will see her 64th Birthday, Marilyn died not even in her 50s but 36)..she was 32 using the imagery of monrow to promote her Truth or dare documentary But on the flip side her usage of 1920s and 1930s Film star and queer icon Dietrich is used when it comes to queer coding (she also states Madonna is rumored to have many affairs with women, when she is addressed with such things, she laughs it off and ends with so what if i am, that's not why im here, that aggresive assertiveness is usually telling the reporter stick to your script. But this video points out while others never admit their inspired by or influenced until the media picks up on it, Madonna was the only one to be honest, that her inspiration came from artists, poetry and old school Hollywood, use it but was never condemned like others was. She used marilyn during the 80s avd the height of money is good, gredd is good as Michael Douglas said in his film wall street. The material girl reflects that who i am oj stage is the public persona off stage and in private, that's for you not to know. Basically it's showbiz it's all a lie. During AIDS era the Dietrich was used to support a community that was demonized and vilified by the Republicans, which it's still the same today, the way they handle the pandemic today, can be traced bsck how Reagan ignored the AIDS pandemic untol it was too late amd 10,000 people died, but he never called it by its nane, but only said abstinence until marriage, like that was gonna work, you're asking for people to be teased for being virgin's in high school. Enjoy
  12. Madonna accomplished a lot before most of were born. This video is a good career rundown for GP and new fans.
  13. Madonna did an Instagram poll on her stories and world tour had the most votes over the biopic film she’s directing.
  14. Per Deadline: Julia Garner is the top choice to play Madonna in an upcoming biopic at Universal Pictures sources confirmed to Deadline. The Emmy-winner has been the front-runner since the top of the year but insiders add the reason an offer hasn’t gone out yet is there are still several things in play which include the budget as well as some creative factors which include how long the film is. Madonna is directing the film based on a script by Diablo Cody and has been meticulous in the casting process putting talent through a boot camp that included testing on dancing and singing. The studio has made it clear it needed at the very least a name audiences recognize and Garner has been that person for some time given her leading lady status following star making roles in Ozark and most recently Inventing Anna. She is currently filming the Paramount thriller Apartment 7A. She is repped by UTA and Anonymous Content. Variety was first to report news of interest in Garner.
  15. Variety exclusively reports that Julia Garner will be playing the role of Madonna in the biopic from Universal that will be directed by Madonna herself: Read more: https://variety.com/2022/film/news/julia-garner-madonna-biopic-lead-role-1235287260/
  16. It all started with a series of risqué photos Madonna posted on Instagram. Madonna’s nips were exposed on some of the pictures and Instagram took down her pictures. Madonna reposted them (censoring the nip) and had a few words to say…. 50 Cent tried to ridicule Madame X and felt the need to roast her on his Instagram. He eventually took down the pics but here are the screenshots of the two pictures he posted: “ 👀 yo this is the funniest ****! LOL 😆 That's Madonna under the bed trying to do like a virgin at 63. she shot out, if she don't get her old *** up. LMFAO 😆😆😆😆🚦 GLG” But he did not stop there. He added two more comments that say, “SMH 👏👏😏and people say i’m ****ed up, no ya gotta look around. LOL,” and “BBL NOT DONE WELL, Bars fool BARS LOL,” he said referring to cosmetic surgery she’s reportedly had done on her rump. But don’t worry, Madonna dug up an old pic of them together, photoshop’d the hell out of it and clapped back at 50 Centz! Not one to stay quiet, 50 cent cowardly responds to Madonna (through Twitter) and quickly deletes his post. Madonna responds to 50’s half-assed “apology” and drags him for filth! is 50 Cent vs Madonna the most unexpected beef of 2021? Will 50 cent respond? Well… looks like 50 cent is fanning the flames. He went back to insta to drag Madonna once again. #LikeAVirgin63 Then he tried to jokingly call out Bow-Wow for liking a post about Madonna Dragging him. Bow Wow responded in the comments… both scum! 50 Cent has done it again! 50 cent had resumed his Madonna drags on Instagram… Related:
  17. Madonna has been one of the most influential artists, go to any biography on her and it will state her competition was Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, and Prince, most of the competition is dead, where are they now and barely is making a comeback after a scandal pre cancel culture derailed her career and that is of course Janet Jackson.. She's a lighting rod for controversy whether it's the pope, or gay Rights (should be noted the most celebrated gay icon was for us when others was afraid of losing their careers before it was cool to love us). Madonna now is actually amazed to see her career at the streaming culture,in a 2005 interview she was presented a vinyl record of her first album and was asked did she herself at the forefront of itunes and mp3s, she said no, she had no idea she would see 20 years let alone alone a digital revolution like the ipod as Madonna the pop star.. Critics aren't surprised she's still standing while her peers went to obscurity, as she's a business woman and she's always there when the industry is changing, she was the first artist to sign deals with live nation as a premier artist,while her album sales sucked. Arthur fogel said forget the album sales as a concert performers, Madonna consistently sells out cos she puts on a show and as a veteran in the touring industry she needs 3 months and then she's ready. Madonna herself stated that the industry changed in the last five years, you don't need to make albums anymore and tour.. The rollout of a traditional album sounds tedious, getting a small core team Mike dean, Mirwais, Diplo and Jeff Bhaskar was the madame x team, then you have to find themes ( the election, the world and the state of the world and looking back on her life was the themes of Madame X), that takes a year and a half then you have the roll out, the interviews even on a bad day you can't cancel an interview as the label's budget is wasted cos you're in a bad mood, then the tour. Madame x was a good 3 years of her life then add the concert film she said that was a whole other year as I am a perfectionist and if something bugs me I reedit until I'm happy with it. So she said I totally get it when people don't want to tour, the fans don't understand how tedious it is and tiring. They only know the end result, not the work that we do.. Most of us Don't even sleep cos of deadline's.. She also announced sickick Remixes of Vogue (top priority for her pride performance on June 23, in new York city where gay Rights movement was born.) And music. Plus the expansive reissue campaign with the remix album starting out first, she's doing one album at a time in chronological order her debut album turns 40 next year and she's timing it according to release date and years. The frozen remixes are done. She only planned to do 3 as 3is her lucky number. She even states that none of the demos are being used until like a prayer. They technically released as Madonna 81 and she refuses to actually talk to Stephen bray cos it was something she was against cos it was released in 1997, and to her a demo should never be released cos they were rejected to start with, bit does talk about an album of unreleased material with the title "The rejects" and she states if it's available online, it's not on the rejects, as a b side or a Japan album, she said you can still get that on YouTube or Amazon on CD.. She actually pulled her vault and all the tracks on analog equipment is the rejects project a 8 CD album of 12 hours of music and a couple of Blu rays including the rare blond ambition from Wembley where Madonna said the f word so many times cod the BBC asked her not to, she said that's the best one as well as the Toronto one, and Both will be coming on that box set..
  18. It’s rumoured that MTV have asked Britney Spears and Madonna to present the "Video of the Year" award at the 2022 VMAs. Nothing is confirmed However, Britney has turned down many job offers so far. Do you believe it?
  19. The Mister Universo 2020, the brazilian Donizete Esttevan is saying that he's exchanging texts with Madonna recently. He said he started interacting with international artists and the material girl is one of them. He also says that Madonna saw one of his Instagram stories, liked it and then was the exchange begun. He currently lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and he mentioned that he even set a date with Madonna when her tour Madame X comes to Brazil. Here's the article in brazilian portuguese: https://www.uol.com.br/splash/noticias/2022/05/21/modelo-brasileiro-afirma-estar-trocando-mensagens-com-madonna.htm
  20. I have no words, but the classic is ruined The molly references, the i need to get d right now, and sickick doesnt help either. I was fine, the others didnt do what this remix did Matched the original with their verses, but let sickick get his own version and it's a pg 13 x rated bedroom romp with molly references. While it's great we have her here, but one comment said, i grew up with her, 14 when she debuted, i feel alienated and abandoned by her. And as an American it sucks Madonna represented me as a gay man, i couldn't relate to Janet, but then again i was angry with the system as a gay man, had my own problems, im 50 i feel alone and deserted, can someone change the script and say it's okay to not do social media, we communicate with e mail, that way i can't get influence by what's popular.. Can we have a **** social media revolution everything from beauty to the whole division on human kind is a result of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  21. That’s right, aren’t we lucky. Frozen on Fire is coming this Thursday 🔥
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