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Pitch your realistic plan for the rest of Britney's "career"

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I know this is all in good fun but I also think this is exactly why fans keep beign disappointed at every turn...because fans set themselves up for disappointment with all these "realistic" future plans for Britney's career, which are nothing but wishful thinking and. I don't think it's very healthy to do this with any other artist, much less with Britney who is deeply traumatized and who knows how she will choose to navigate her next few years.

For me the only realistic pitch for her future is for her to do her thing one day at a time and hopefully get to a peaceful place with herself and the world, however she finds it best.

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Realistic because releasing already existing tracks is just a thank you to fans and doesn't require any effort. We know she doesn't want to perform but don't know much besides that. She can still be free and happy. She may have recorded many songs that the label wouldn't let her release, and she may want her fans to hear them. Also, it would be a good way for her to make money. 

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Aww some of your ideas are very cute. I love the idea of an album of unreleased material. Especially if she can choose the songs and maybe write a little blurb about them in the booklet or something. I just love reading her words and her perspectives. 

honestly, I could see her producing songs for other artists or just having fun in the studio with no pressure to release until one day maybe she does want to release her sessions in an album format. it would just be nice if she could reclaim what she once loved about performing in any capacity. 

I don’t care how long it takes, or if it never happens. Obviously as a fan I’m thirsty for Britney music but I have 9 albums, unreleased tracks and greatest hits to get me through.

My only gripe is I’m angry that the c-ship took away the joy of performing and recording for her. I truly hate them for that, among so many other reasons. 

I be waiting on that book tho!!! Lol 


truly tho if Britney retires and gives us absolutely nothing I will remain in awe of her career, her talent, her beauty inside and out and always be revisiting her past work no matter what. Forever a fan. 

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4 minutes ago, Axad said:

That exactly what a true fan would say thanks :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support:

I disagree. Nobody would be forcing this plan on her, it's just what I would love to see her want to do, as a fan. Assuming she would want to do all this. Britney already signed the book deal which is supposed to be released early next year. So it's not like you can deny that...she wants it to happen and you don't know what else she might want.

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i'll say it again, thank god for dreams. :tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:

seriously though, i like the idea of her releasing what's left of her albums as she slowly fades from the public's attention and focuses more on herself. and then the idea of a second book being released as the result of her (hopeful) healing, how cute. :awyeah_britney_yes_yas:

it's a really nice plan and i wouldn't mind if it really happened. ;)

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I do wonder. Britney's net worth is now only $70 million according to Google [has she made $10 million in the last year somehow??] is that enough  for her to never work again given shes only 41 in December and could have  another 40+ years of her life left??

im really unsure what the rest of her career will look like. i think its a very safe bet that she'll never tour again. Shes said she doesnt think she'll ever perform  again and tbh she hasnt performed in 4  years now, itll be hard for her to go back to performing 2 hours shows 3 nights a week. so i do think her performing days are over.  Music wise, i do have hope she will make more albums, because not being horrible but if shes never gunna perform again, making music is the only option for her to make any more money, apart from acting but she said herself that she  thinks shes a terrible actor. so what else is left for her other than making music??. unless she lives off the interest and Sam keeps doing his fitness career. Apparently Sam is worth $1 million and hes only in his late 20s still.

BTW side note, Google says Kevins net worth is $1.5  million! is that ******* true??  

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I completly accept the fact that she doesnt want to perform again and i unterstand it with her history. 

But i would so love a revenge album with her being completly in control. 

Thats it - no shows, no promo. 

It would close her story in the business. Now i feel like theres something missing, call it a „happy end“. The gap between „Blackout“ and now would be closed. 

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