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  1. Respectfully, I feel like these illustrations of Timberlake and Federline are representative of the the public dislike towards them and how certain folks feel they deserve to be treated for being so displeasing both as individuals and as figures within well-known relationships (ironically with the same woman).
  2. Well, the purchasing of vinyl's and re-releases because our girl is virtually enslaved and can't give us any genuinely new material...
  3. The compliment of knowing we are the most patient and accepting fanbase second only to those representing artists who are no longer alive.
  4. How is it that it's possible to be chastised by @Jordan Miller for speaking up against Timberlake's douche-like mentality while his ex, a near 40 year old woman with virtually limitless potential is reduced to a Grammy-winning sandwich-maker? I know, Jordan, go ahead... (Would you believe I was once too timid to comment on exhale?)
  5. My first thought when seeing this post: "I'm-sorry-what!?!"... I'd welcome a video on "Britney shows us how she made an album" (this fanbase has been in quarantine long before Coronavirus became a thing)
  6. Well, at this point, my friend, you look significantly better in contrast.
  7. Essentially, it's similar to Miley Cyrus and her Bangerz era. Musically it worked; however, image-wise it was like playing a role to fit in with a certain community for both their acceptance and financial offerings. Yet, while this may have been the case, early on, once you sell millions of records, ect. you may tend to grow out of touch with your humble beginnings. In short, wealthy folks might attempt to appear lower income in their appearance to relate to their lower income fanbase.
  8. Good afternoon, @Jordan Miller I hope all is well. I'm noticing a trend with hygiene being relatively unpopular. All I need is some reassurance that we here at exhale will continue to be blessed by your groomed, stylish presentation. You have inspired me to maintain my fitness, my grooming, and my appreciation of Ms. Spears. Please don't break my heart. As a member of exhale, I would be most grateful to you for this.
  9. Perhaps there's a drought taking place in the area and he needs to conserve water? I am attempting to give Justin some plausible deniability, here. In defense, Jesus never made a request for his followers to look as if you have an allergy to cleanliness. At least he hasn't fully taken the post-Malone/Tekashi69 route so there's that, right?
  10. I guess anything is possible. To be fair, it may be a personal pet peeve of mine...lord knows if I don't comb my hair I look quite frightening.
  11. Ironically, Justin could literally afford to buy me into personal servitude. Unfortunately, his outfits give the impression that he sleeps on a friend's pull-out couch. So many folks could benefit from the sheer amount of income he has. Again, I am a fan of what he has the potential to be not what he presently is. I respect individuality, but at least choose to look well-kept. Justin, I like you...please stop trying to make me not like you. If starving artists had your monetary abilities, they would not dress like this. You are making low income families like mine cringe.
  12. The irony is how there are folks forced to live in such conditions that this is the side-effect. This fellow, however, can at least use his currency to look polished and professional. I love Bieber but he is not J. Cole, and he is not Kurt Cobain. What you wear around your house behind closed doors in private is your own. However, this is being promoted publicly and opinions can and will be formed. In short, please put your best foot forward, ya'll. It's a principle of self-respect at its core.
  13. This Justin Bieber hops from one trend to the next. People will likely appreciate his artistry, but his authenticity is an entirely different discussion, altogether...and this is coming from a Belieber. At least Riff Raff is fully committed to his image, long term.
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