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Beyonce and Madonna named worst musician actors, Gaga and Cher the best

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The Independent named Beyonce and Madonna as some of the worst musician actors. They praised Cher and Gaga for their acting chops.

Exhale, thots?

Think of Beyoncé’s acting credits — Obsessed, The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls — as an act of charity for the human race, a way of telling us that, hey, she’s not totally perfect. Try as she might, Beyoncé has never been the greatest of actors, with a wooden energy similar to Madonna. Thankfully, she seems to have stopped trying to be a thespian of late.
It’s become a bit of a cliche to remark on Madonna’s inability to act, but it’s also not strictly untrue. She’s decent in A League of Their Own, Evita and Dangerous Game, but otherwise tends to be stiff and detached from her surroundings in everything else.
Lady Gaga
One of the great pleasures of last year’s House of Gucci was that Lady Gaga gave a real capital-p performance. Unafraid to go very big, Gaga used her role as a convicted — though naturally glamorous — murderer to showcase her range. She also proved that, a few years after her Oscar nominated turn in A Star Is Born, she wasn’t just good at playing pop stars similar to herself.

Cher is the ultimate pop star turned actor, incapable of not delivering in spades. Moonstruck got her an Oscar — playing a drifting widow finding unexpected new love — but she’s similarly brilliant as a flamboyant single mother in 1990’s Mermaids, as a nuclear power plant worker in Silkwood, and as one of the Witches of Eastwick. It’s a travesty she didn’t make more movies in the wake of her Academy Award.bey-mad.jpg.65aaa807e6744333aa0f8dfa70ec6de0.jpg

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They didn't lie, especially about Madonna. She was great on Evita which I think had a lot to do with her passion for the role and her having a great director working with her, but all her other roles from what I've seen were bloody awful, especially in The Next Best Thing and Swept Away. 

I don't think I've seen any of Bey's performances other than in Goldmember and Dreamgirls. She was stiff in the former but decent in the latter.

And we been knew that Cher's an acting force. 


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I think Gaga is overrated as an actress. I that her performance in House of Gucci was ok, her accent did not seem authentic. In Star is Born, she did good, not great but the overall movie was amazing! 

Madonna can’t act. Beyoncé was decent in Dreamgirls but cringey in her other roles. 

Cher is a legitimate actress. She’s great not just for a singer, but great amongst her acting peers. 

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