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  1. God, I'm gonna miss Soojin's voice on their songs. What's sadder is that even though there's one less member now, Shuhua still won't get any lines.
  2. Also, I love that there's both a vocal chorus AND a beat drop. I absolutely love a good instrumental break, but only if it's not included at the expense of an actual chorus. This is how you do it.
  3. The MV is insane. That cat tree set is one of the most creative things I've ever seen in K-Pop. As for the song, it's a grower (just like every other Itzy song). I actually ended up loving Mafia / In the Morning, but it was definitely a big departure from their usual experimental color pop and teen crush sound. This is definitely a return to form while also being another breath of fresh air. I haven't listened to Loco enough times to rank it, but as for the rest of the songs: Wannabe Icy Not Shy Mafia / In the Morning Dalla Dalla Also, shouldn't it be Loca instead of Loco since they're girls?
  4. Applying for jobs, huh? That's good to hear. Hope you find one that not only pays but also brings you fulfillment. I'm doing really well myself, and I'm hoping you're doing much better these days too. Good luck!
  5. I really said: I've just been trying to be more productive by cutting more or less useless things out of my life. I still tune in from time to time for #FreeBritney updates, but I don't post.
  6. Delusion. You clearly don't know what the hell you're talking about. She literally makes all of her songs with her brother. That's two people when other artists need teams of 15 people to write one hit for them. Moreover, I used to think she could only whisper into a mic too, but if you listened to any of her work or watched any of her live performances, you'd know she's a great vocalist.
  7. I mean, I can't say I'm bothered either. I'll close this thread and forget about it again, but these titles have never really been a matter of opinion, so...
  8. I'm honestly surprised at Justin's relevancy in 2021. The other day, he became the #1 artist on Spotify. Also, I can't speak for other regions, but he's super huge in Korea, for example. Whenever idols are asked about their favorite artists or singers they'd love to collaborate with, Bieber comes up very frequently, and Peaches has been in the top 20 of the biggest Korean chart (Melon) for months. There's like 3 or 4 Western artists charting on Melon, yet Bieber has 3 songs that are charting simultaneously (at #2, #14, and #42), and one of them is a random b-side. It's honestly insane.
  9. Yeah, he even produced 5 songs for Madonna's Rebel Heart, and that's just scratching the surface.
  10. Is this the new marketing strategy for 2021? I'm not buying it, especially coming from someone like Kanye.
  11. The way I'm disappointed but not surprised. Not the song being called Die a Little Bit too. And people still wanna say the Law of Attraction ain't real.
  12. She's no Tinashe or Bebe Rexha, that's for sure: US Billboard 200[21] 175 US Billboard 200[21] 140
  13. Are OneRepublic? They've never even gotten one in the first place. Tbh, I'm surprised OneRepublic have that many monthly listeners on Spotify because their last hit that anyone genuinely remembers is Counting Stars unless I didn't get the memo. I'm no Halsey stan, but she deserves it. The album is great, and I haven't seen this much ambition and effort put into an era since Future Nostalgia. Kanye can choke.
  14. The art is sick! I swear to God fans are always so much better than artists' actual teams of supposed professionals.
  15. Isn't he also legally changing his name to Ye? He will legitimately do anything for attention. This man is so lost.
  16. Yikes, that's a touchy subject. While there is definitely a certain level of privilege that comes with being able to pass as white in the Western world, I've heard quite a lot of mixed people say that it's actually harder because they don't fully fit in on either side of their heritage (for example, too Asian for white people while also being too white for Asian people). Either way, this kind of discourse is so weird and uncomfortable because it literally makes it sound like people need to be purebred to be valid, which is so gross. Bold statement, but it's giving me slight Hitlerish vibes.
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