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Dave Chappelle's comedy special... are you here for it?

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I mean yeah all the people Dave Chappelle complained about is every single member on GaGaDaily (won't listen, won't ever let anything go, never actually accepts an apology, takes offense just to use it as a weapon, probably some of the worst people you'll ever meet), but also there are people who are just as bad on the other side and need to be bludgeoned by being cancelled. So I can't choose any sides! I do, however, get tired of the internet suddenly having this strange power and authority to determine whether someone's career needs to be ruined, it's very creepy like people just take it upon themselves to bless themselves with authority. But, it is a good thing sometimes. And would have helped the media to stop attacking Britney if such a third party had existed back then. So I just accept it all as divine intervention!

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Let's all laugh at a minority that's disproportionately targeted and killed worldwide, who can't even have basic bodily functions made political by people who would set society back fifty years, on a global platform in a comedy show by the Richman who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about....


It's not cancel culture all the time. Transfolk have to literally fight for their basic existence on a daily basis. 

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Its actually good to hear peoples opinions. Weather some argue its pure hate .. others perceive as comedy . They know not to take offense. Yet comedy can cross lines at times . Do people take offense. Yes ..


David Spade “ Source Foxnews” ( not a foxnews fan but he talks truth ) 

"It’s very dicey. It’s very tricky," Spade responded. "You used to have to say anything to go as far as you could, to push the envelope, to get attention, and people would be like, ‘I like this guy. He’s pushing it.’ And in comedy clubs, audiences really appreciate that."


He added: "Now you say the one wrong move and you’re canceled. It’s a very tough world out there."

Spade, who got his big break in comedy in 1990 on "SNL," noted that the world of comedy clubs has always played by its own rules. While he says that he does not believe being mean to people is funny, he explained that an "outsider" can come into a comedy club and miss the point of the kind of satire that he’s become famous for. 

"I think all the comedians have gotten together, in a way, to say we just have to keep doing what we were doing, and the people that come to the shows will appreciate it," he explained. "But you get an outsider that comes in and goes, ‘I was so offended.’ The intent is not to be mean… If the intent is to do it as a joke or a spin on something, and it is mean to people, but you’re just making fun of that, I don’t think that’s horrible. I’ve been in the business doing it for 20 years, so I hope comics are allowed to be comics. I really hope so."


Spade is hardly the first comedian to comment on the dangers of cancel culture for people in the comedy world. He’s joined by Kevin Hart, Seth Rogen, as well as his former "SNL" cohorts Jon Lovitz and Chris Rock, in speaking out about the new climate comedians find themselves in.


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3 hours ago, standherealone said:

Say your jokes, you're gonna offend someone regardless, your job is to make it funny.

Standing there and complaining that the gays and the trans folk didnt think your jokes were funny.. just wasn't funny.

Was like listening to a boomer complain that millennials were ruining everything all over again.

That’s my impression too LOL. He’s complaining he isn’t allowed to make fun of trans people… while doing it on Netflix for millions of dollars. He seems entitled/privileged 

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One of the main issues that I personally have with today's culture is that "phobias" have become synonymous with discrimination, which isn't always the case. Apparently if you don't 100% agree with someone's lifestyle or choices (if it's a choice) or have a differing opinion, then you are labeled phobic and discriminatory. 

The reality is that you can be phobic towards something but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are discriminatory, and that's a really tough pill and idea for people to swallow.

I recently came across a TikTok video of a trans-woman who was claiming that employees at an establishment were transphobic because they were "purposely" misgendering her and being discriminatory. What really irked me is that whether or not it was intentional, this woman was just hollering and blathering about it rather than trying to have a rational conversation. The manager appeared to be more ignorant than transphobic but then she goes on this rant about how she's being discriminated against. It's like we've watered down the meaning of what it means to discriminate. Discrimination would have been denying her service for being trans not misgendering her. 

I don't know, maybe I'm just behind with the times but this entire culture just seems toxic to me and making it more difficult to gain understanding and acceptance by the general public.

As a gay man, I'll admit that this entire idea of having gender pronouns seems ridiculous to me. If you want to be referred to as they/them because you don't want to be gendered as male or female, then just wear a flesh colored body suit that covers your face and body and call it a day. 

Queue the hate comments...

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I’m mixed. I thought it was mostly funny but I feel like he’s incessant with the trans jokes and it’s not him so much as it is, how it enables his fan base (who are often homophobes/transphobes) to joke and treat lgbtq+ people on the daily basis.


I think he supports the lgbtq+ community and the problem isn’t him as much it’s how his followers are not on the same page. Just a reminder, outside of NYC / LA / San Fran, the country is still very homophobic. These people still are openly discriminated against. If you look at the stats of youth, you’d see how marginalized they are. Dare I say, Moreso than the black community other than in those few places.


I also noticed many of the black community is fiercely defending him without question. Since they know ***ual orientation / gender identity isn’t a choice, I would’ve hoped they’d at least understand the perspective of lgbtq people.


would the black community be forgiving if a white or gay comic made fun of Black Lives Matter as black people are marginalized? I know I would think it would be off putting.


I think we need to create a more understanding society. It’s all or nothing. We are fully inclusive, respect each other’s right to safety, life and existence and we can all joke about each other. OR we essentially segregate ourselves from each other and live in this cancel culture. A society built on “tribes”

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8 hours ago, thebritmaster said:

That’s my impression too LOL. He’s complaining he isn’t allowed to make fun of trans people… while doing it on Netflix for millions of dollars. He seems entitled/privileged 

I felt sorry for the audience haha. They paid money to watch someone vlog in realtime.

I like Dave Chapelle, off colour jokes make me laugh when they're actually done well. But there were no jokes. He literally just whinged the whole *** time. Which I guess if you think someone whinging is hilarious, then this would have been a good watch.

I did feel really bad for him when he brought up his trans friend though. Because I dont think he is transphobic. I just think if he's gonna make the jokes, make the jokes. Don't complain that someone didn't like your jokes for a whole god damned special. They have free will, they dont have to like your jokes. Who cares?

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