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Dave Chappelle's comedy special... are you here for it?

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I don't agree with him or his views on matters of the trans communities. I'm not out to cancel him, but I'm not supporting him either. I won't watch the show. I think the slack he is receiving is just considering the history of his remarks. Yes he's a comedian and is "supposed to be edgy", but if a tv show and its writers, for example, wrote trans jokes in bad taste they would be called out. So this is no different to me. 

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It’s always so funny to me when people equate valid criticisms with cancel culture. Trans people have every right to be offended by the jokes Dave Chappell made and every right to call it out.

However, Dave Chappelle’s career did not suffer in the slightest from this. But you know whose did? A trans employee of Netflix who called him out.

Judging from the above comments, most of you have a fundamental misunderstanding of cancel culture and equate it to simply criticism by “SJWs”.

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6 hours ago, Bunkywoo said:

 I am sick of cancel culture. Everyone is attacking everyone . Even in the gay community there is a ton of hate within it.  Many gays dislike lesbians, vice versa, Fems against masculine, bi .. etc . Its not a rainbows and butterflies community if your coming out. Its isolated in many ways in many sections ( yet there are places that embrace all )   . Its not just gays who attack its many other communities as well . Its annoying and ridiculous. Sorry bi***ual  .. calling someone a “They “ is dumb and do not expect anyone to follow, your a dude , a man  . Calling an Alien  “ET” is nonsense.  Telling an actor they have to be gay to play a gay roll . I think thats bologna. Its called acting . I am for gay rights but not taking away others rights and forcing stupid nonsense down others throats. There are many amazing talented gays who do not follow this cancel crap . Get a backbone and I miss talking and listening days . Today is out of control. Bring back comedy and bring back people who listen and talk it out. If your sensitive.. get over it. Sorry the world is not going to hug you and say its ok , its ok. No you learn the world is a very shady place to navigate. So lets atleast  have the right to laugh . If your offended because your offended of beinging offended . Cry me a river . 

You "types" are the ones being sensitive. People are allowed to say this is ****. 

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