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  1. Outrageous- I still like it, but it was an immediate favorite when I got the album back in 2003 and now one that I usually skip. Radar - Similarly to Outrageous, Radar was my favorite song off of Blackout for the longest time. I think it never living you to its potential (getting added as a bonus track/single on Circus) cheapened the song for me.
  2. It’s literally a piece of cloth. Let’s stop pretending like “people of a certain race” have a birth right to everything under the ******* sun. Where does it end? Are Non-white race individuals being insensitive when they eat donuts or corn dogs simply because these didn’t originate in a country their ancestors were born in that they couldn’t be further removed from? How would that sit? I’m calling MF’s out for their fair food choices this summer... just saying.
  3. No they are not. Just because songs were recorded between in the zone and blackout doesn’t automatically delegate them to either The Original Doll or Blackout.
  4. I think it’s a far reach to find any correlating material between “The Original Doll” and Blackout/Circus.. The confirmed material we’ve heard from OD is limited to “Mona Lisa”... anything beyond that is fan conspiracy/speculation. We’ve heard a lot of demos from 2004-08 that could have been intended for any of the three albums, something entirely different or nothing at all. The sounds on Blackout and Circus are so distinct and separate from one another as it is. Fans also like to associate songs like “Let Go,” “Sippin’ On,” “State of Grace,” etc. with Blackout. I’m sure these were recorded sometime around the wide range of years Blackout was recorded but they were clearly never contenders for the final album. They sound like sound searching/brainstorm session songs that were recorded early on while Team B was trying to harness the albums sound. Or songs that Britney recorded for more personal reasons (a la “Baby Boy”). I doubt The Original Doll ever amounted to much. I think Britney had been out of the game for a minute and got trigger happy with a couple of studio sessions that in her mind equated to a half complete album. None of us will likely ever know for sure.
  5. Definitely one of her best albums! The songs really bring me back to that era of music and has a level of nostalgia that few of her post In The Zone albums have achieved (at least for me). Hold it Against Me Inside Out Big Fat Bass Trip to Your Heart He About to Lose Me
  6. Boys and Everytime... Boys because I love the choreo, looks and setting of the video..despite not being a huge fan of the song. Everytime because it’s, IMO, the most beautiful video she’s ever done and it tells a more cohesive story compared to her other videos. As a kid I hated that she wasn’t miming to the lyrics throughout the video, but I like how it’s a unique feature among her videography. Honorable mentions: Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) My Prerogative
  7. I actually downloaded his album after I heard about this in the news. I don’t condone what he said, but I was curious about who he is, and his songs are really good. I think a good chunk of America, and the world likely as well, are tired of being told who they can’t listen to or whose product they must boycott because of some cancel worthy “mistake” they made. Secondly, you can disagree with someone, whether it be their beliefs or actions, and not deny their existence entirely. I don’t expect anyone on this forum to agree. Generally you’re all for cancelling people like Sara Silverman, Justin Timberlake and Diane Sawyer for things they did and said over a decade ago. Who’s holding you accountable for your mistakes?
  8. I am so thankful for outspoken conservatives like Candace Owens. She exemplified, with so much unintended help from Cardi B, how millions of young Americans are duped into voting for a party/candidate without even the slightest understanding of what they’re voting for. People, especially those that idolize entertainers, need to wake up and educate themselves and not allow themselves to be corralled by false teachings. Celebrities are not your go to source for politics, and if you do your research you’ll see how dangerous the Democratic Party has become. Just look at 2020. And this is from someone who ignorantly voted for Hilary in 2016....SMH
  9. Britney - In the Zone Christina - Stripped Mariah Carey - Emancipation of Mimi Adele - 25 Usher - Confessions Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Taylor Swift - Speak Now Shania Twain - Up! Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad / Rated R Beyonce - I Am Sasha...Fierce Pink - Funhouse Drake - Take Care Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Lana Del Rey - Born to Die / Lust for Life Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway Black Eyes Peas - The END Tove Lo - Lady Wood Tinashe - Nightride Ariana Grande - Thank you Next Justin Timberlake - Future *** Love Sounds
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