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  1. How are the two comparable? The biological purpose of s** is to procreate. When you have s** and procreation is the outcome you shouldn’t be surprised, you should be prepared. Otherwise you should not be involving yourself in procreating activities. Yes, there are exceptions, such as r***, but let’s not be fools and pretend the exception is the rule. People who are anti-COVID vaccine, which I presume is what you were referencing in your comment, are not comparable to a woman’s “right to choose,” as it’s conveniently come to be termed. It’s rationale to not want to get a vaccine that has been produced under such a short amount of time, especially under the circumstances with which it came about. People love to “trust the experts” but humans, expert or not, are fallible. In recent memory alone we’ve seen experts in big tech mishandle our data, airplane manufacturers make faulty airplanes, and politicl leaders make decisions that resulted in the unnecessary deaths of countless human lives.. Trusting those unworthy of blanket trust and taking responsibility for your actions aren’t comparable.
  2. Should we euthanize the homeless as well? If bad circumstances are the standard for which killing is justified then we have quite a bit of work to do. Personal pleasure shouldn’t trump responsibility. Especially when the stakes are life and death. That’s selfishness taken to the highest extreme.
  3. What do you mean when you refer to a woman’s right to choose? Choose what? Choose to have s**? Because there is no way on Gods green earth, with songs like WAP on mainstream radio, that (young) women aren’t aware of the potential “side effects” of s**. For clarity, I believe in God, specifically as He presents himself in the Bible. I also believe in taking responsibility for your actions, regardless of the circumstances. What do you believe in, aside from socially convenient democratic billboard slogans? And if those are your fancy, as I assume they are, what is your rationale for backing them?
  4. Shut up you imbecile. You speak as if you know what medication she’s on. I agree, despite my own despise at siding with someone with a hamster brain such as yours, that Britney is likely taking, and has likely been taking, medication she never should have been prescribed. The question posed by this thread, however, is not one of Britney’s medical diagnosis, nor her subsequent treatment… the question is, why do fans hate on Britney for posting risqué photos that other female celebrities get away with. Now we all know Jordan and team heavily **** with mainstream media trends, so I get the trigger finger desire to lash out at the “patriarchy” in order to please the internet equivalent lab rats in their pursuit of “liberal truth”… lol at that oxymoron. But facts are facts, and your version of them don’t do Britney’s any good, so maybe keep your mouth shut, fingers still, and remain quiet until this whole thing unfolds on its own. I promise you, you aren’t doing Britney any favors by “advocating” for her.
  5. It’s clearly about the execution of these photos/posts. How do you not see that? Britney, through the lens of her Instagram, looks unstable. Quit trying to act like everyone has a double standard against Britney. You’re either blind or not paying attention if you can’t figure this out yourself.
  6. I remember how excited I was for this video. The song was/is amazing and the video teasers were giving me full on comeback vibes (don’t call it a comeback). I love when top billed artists acknowledge their past achievements so the scene with her in the white dress with all the screens displaying her past videos was giving me vibes! The most iconic scene is obviously the one with her in red where she’s surrounded by microphones… AMAZING! In the end, however, when the video finally dropped, I felt like it was one of those movies that look really promising in the trailer but then you watch the film and discover that all the best parts were in the trailer… I hated/hate the dance break and felt like it looked like an onstage performance, as opposed to a fluid dance sequence. And the Britney fighting Britney scene was cheesy IMO. Overall, it’s a standout in her post ITZ videography, but it didn’t live up to the songs potential.
  7. I don’t think anyone’s denying she’s talented…. But that alone isn’t enough to justify getting booked for the VMA’s. Nobody knows who Normani is outside of Twitter fandoms, and that’s a reality she needs to come to terms with. Nobody watches the VMA’s anyways, so I personally wouldn’t sweat it.
  8. I think I remember hearing him state recently (with Zane Lowe on Apple Music I think) that he always had a plan to use the math symbol titles for a 4 album series.
  9. Even if she is not the one posting or given a say in what is posted, she is the one taking these photographs and videos of her dancing and walking around in front of different backdrops. Regardless of whether she’s posting it herself, the behavior is what raises eyebrows and makes her seem erratic.
  10. I’m really surprised at the fans in this thread hating on others for acknowledging that these posts are not a good look for Britney. I agree, she should be free to do as she pleases and post whatever she wants, just as the rest of us are. I also don’t think anyone cares that she’s showing her body…. Britney’s been doing that her entire career. I think the point that needs to be made is that her posts make her look unstable. And given she’s fighting in court to regain control of her life, she without argument should be conscientious of how she conducts herself publicly. It’s not the nudity/***uality that is problematic, it’s the way she goes about it and the erratic captions that make her seem mentally unwell. If she is posting these herself, then I think it’s hard to believe she doesn’t have some mental issues she’s working through… and hopefully, if that is the case, it doesn’t prevent her from being let out of the conservatorship.
  11. I’m a huge fan of “Reputation” and this album just felt completely boring and intentionally ‘light’ & ‘whimsically’. I was also was put off by her social justice advocacy fake celebrity bs that’s just so rampant in Hollywood.
  12. From the Bottom of my Broken Heart Gimme More Make Me Honorable Mentions: Perfume Radar
  13. This tattoo has appeared and disappeared randomly over the years, which is odd in itself but also lends credibility to the idea that Britney posted this herself.
  14. I hear where you’re coming from in terms of generational sensitivity and 100% agree that this is a beyond frustrating problem in 2021… but I get where some fans are coming from in not fully appreciating Colbert’s “advocacy.” I don’t have a problem with generating buzz with a little comedic relief, but it felt to me like the segment was making a mockery of Britney, particularly in how they compared her to a waving cat trinket. Who was that joke meant to serve? It sure wasn’t Britney. I think Andy Cohen did a fine job at relaying the facts and seriousness of what Britney said in her testimony, but with better jokes that didn’t deflate her as someone to be taken seriously.
  15. So a person must be insecure if they dislike a late night talk show segment? Nothing about this comment was directed toward you, and yet you seem to be taking this really personally. I doubt the OP felt they were being courageous in their comment. Your exaggerated response is odd, to put it politely…
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