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    VMA Ratings TANK

    We could argue all day about the quality of MTV and the VMAs today compared to 20 years ago, but to me, this photo says it all... THIS is true music royalty and representation of what music USED to be: The level of iconic-ness is unmatched. What do we have today.... A bunch of TikTok stars with zero originality.
  2. Debut album? Maybe I'm so out of the loop but didn't the first single come out like a looooong time ago?
  3. I know I feel old too and I agree, some were a bit insensitive but if you can get past that, they're just soooo funny.
  4. I might be aging myself here but does anyone remember the Britney skits that MadTV would do back in teh day? Sure some were insensitive but honestly, some of them just crack me the hell up. My favorites: My favorite lyrics: Ever since I kissed her she's ben moping like a ***** And I don't need another mother but she just won't leave me alone, she won't leave me alone I don't wanna knock her, but she's a crazy stalker I wish she'd take her walker and just get a run on home ***** leave me alone LMAO! Another one:
  5. I'm loving these songs and Don't Shut Me Down is an effing bop! I love that they sound modern but stayed true to what made their signature ABBA sound. Love love love!
  6. To be honest, this is why I’m not a huge Ava Max fan. She has little originality and often samples or takes heavy inspiration from other songs to make new ones. This is why she’ll never really take off.
  7. Here's the thing, the Circus tour is by far my favorite Britney tours. I just love the music and the arrangements but like most people who love it, I hate that we never got a DVD quality recording of the tour. There's some really good videos on YouTube but I feel like there aren't many with good sound quality. So...I'm sort of making it a side project of mine to recreate the entire Circus tour in a studio quality sound. My goal is to take some good quality videos from YouTube and then sync up my music with them for an overall better experience. That said, before I get too sucked into it, I have to ask. Is this anything that anybody would even want to see or hear? Here is a 15 second teaser of Get Naked (I Got a Plan). The video quality sucks, but this will give you an idea of what it'll sound. (side note, I will add some live elements too so it has more of a live sound)
  8. True! She's delivering the classics for this generation - although she won't ever really be able to live up to the vocal trinity that is Celine, Whitney and Mariah. Still she's the closest that we have to that.
  9. I do find Madonna irritating at times and find her to be pretentious, but don't you try to devalue or label what she did for LGBT rights as simply being a "role model." What that woman did for the LGBT community in the 80's is still far more than what we see "activists" do today.
  10. This was my first Britney tour ever! I must've been 12-13 at the time. Dallas, TX at the Starplex Amphitheatre lol
  11. I’ve been here since in the In the Zone era. Man how things have changed...
  12. I thought it was great. Very entertaining!
  13. This! It’s sad that an artist who takes pride in their work and wants to put the energy into promoting is said to be “milking the era.” Like no honey, this is what hard work and passion looks like. Like you said, all these other artists are merely here to make music, cash in on it and move on. To be honest, it’s those types of artists that have cheapened the music industry and taken the excitement out of it.
  14. You don't like her, but you're making a post about her and getting more people to talk about her, but yet you don't want people putting her on a pedestal. Like why be so pressed about someone you don't like? Do you think talking about some other artists is going to devalue what Dua brings to the table? Must be so tiring to be this pressed....
  15. "87-person group who decides who gets nominated, does not include a single Black person" yet you see this as coincidence ?" Clearly you think the panel NEEDS a black person on it to have any credibility or the ability to recognize someone of color.
  16. The bigger question here is, do you really think that in 200 years anyone will be talking about this post, the OP or whatever?
  17. So you're saying that only people of color can recognize other people of color? That's interesting because we see self-hating people of color all the time. Perhaps you're blind to the fact that people of ALL races can fight discrimination and it's not required to have a "trophy black" on a panel to gain credibility. As a Hispanic with a Mexican-born father and a Spanish-born mother, I see how much hate my mom's side of the family had for my father because they considered Mexicans to be dirty, but yes, based on your logic, I should trust my Spanish family more to represent me simply because they too are a minority. Yet, my white friends show more tolerance to my Mexican roots than my Spanish family does. I'm not blind...I'm actually quite aware...
  18. In other words, we need to start issuing participation trophies just so we can meet our racial diversity quota. I'm all for ensuring that talent is equally celebrated (no matter gender, race, ***ual orientation, etc.), but it gets a bit ridiculous when your default is "OMG, there are no African American people nominated, it must be racially motivated." Or perhaps, there weren't any African American performances worthy of celebrating. But go ahead...call me racist...
  19. It’s not though. Here’s the thing, I like Britney because she has good music and I love her as a performer, but as a singer...I’m sorry but she’s not good. She strains and you can literally see it in her face. There is not one video where Britney sounds good all the way through. She’s just not a good singer. She knows her voice and its limitations, but let’s stop trying to make her out to be some powerhouse. She’s an average at best studio singer who can rarely (if ever) reproduce what’s on her albums in a live setting. There’s a reason she never sings live.
  20. Such a stupid comment. Britney is not the first and only pop girl. You act like Britney is the first to ever have a Las Vegas residency.
  21. I agree. The fact that some fans call it "amazing" shows how tone deaf they are. She is soooo pitchy and like you said, it's cringy. I feel the same way about her "Everytime" performance from the Onyx Hotel Tour in Miami.
  22. I hope she kills it! Younger ended up being one of my favorite shows and it's soooo good! Honestly, she knows how to pick good shows and scripts so I'm hopeful.
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