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Remember the POM painted on abs

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3 hours ago, colormefresh said:

I wanted to say delete this bc it’s so embarrassing lol but yeah I could totally see them all having an “emergency meeting” about Britney’s stomach.

Sidenote: remember Larry’s TV show Sunset Tan? This reminded me of that.


OMG i do not remember seeing or hearing of this show. When was this? Looks like a flop..

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As much as POM was heralded as a huge moment for her career and for vegas, Team Con (as in the ones who approve the spending!) put no energy or budget into it, and the area they got away with most was the costuming.

Britney looked incredible in 2013/2014, was she as toned as she later became? nope, but she was in incredible shape, she looked super fit and healthy etc etc. but Team Con hired Marco Marco to be the Costume Designer for the show. Marco was successful with lesser pop stars, but his main target demographic was Drag Queens and Underwear models; His runway shows usually feature some of the most successful drag race stars. Is he expensive? yes.....as any designer who works with TV personalities would be (and deserves to be) , but is he 'Global Icon does a Brand Residency?' good? not really. His concepts were solid, his execute was bleh and illfitting.

The wigs were part of his sketches, but its believed that Britney wanted them, but he still went and bought cheaper hard-front wigs.

While Glen Nutley did beautiful photoshoot make up, early on in Vegas, it was very cakey, nearly like they didn't get enough time to test it out on stage. While I don't believe it would be  him who approved the body make up, I don't know who did, because a make up artist whould know to follow the natural defintion of the body, not guess where the abs were.

Also, that woman in the video sounds so patronising.

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