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  1. Never realized until just now, slay i guess
  2. I always speculated the reason Glory took SO LONG was due to them pushing her in a direction she didnt like and her simply saying NOPE ! hence Pg, Liar, Clumsy, SITS. the aftermath was her direction because she just wouldve sat there and not worked otherwise. she’s been FED up now with being a workhorse since early 2015.
  3. MAX MARTIN and Dr. Luke KNOW how to master Britney's vocals like nobody else in the game.
  4. THIS. Don't get me wrong, producers have done some VERY clever vocal processing with her, but her iconic Britney Spears voice is real and she is the ONLY one who can do it like she can.
  5. She already had the nose job here. Though it looks perfect here, it is noticeably more refined than 2012ney's nose was. Nose jobs take months to heal though, "It takes another four to six months for about 70% of the swelling to fully resolve, followed by an additional four to sixmonths for the remaining 30% of the swelling to go down. Usually, the swelling dissipates by 12-14 months after your rhinoplasty"That is why by 2015, it looked like: It's really sad that her flop plastic surgeon botched her face. The new narrow MJ nose destroys the "Britney Face", and I cant stand any picture from a dead-on angle.
  6. I gotta admit... its real sad to see her face has deteriorated so greatly
  7. trash team needs to DELETE this 4 hours ago god i hope news outlets dont call her out
  8. I hope she gets better and whatever is wrong eventually works itself out. Whether it be therapy or medication or whatever is needed to help her live a happy, normal life.
  9. I'm ready for the down votes but The caption is weird and she looks like hell!
  10. I honestly think she is one of those people who is just oblivious to some things and probably doesn't even realize she has forehead wrinkles. I bet she thinks the panda eyes look beautiful, and doesn't want to waste money on a makeup artist when she can just do it herself!
  11. I think the "tile line" is the stitching of a seat cushion, might be wrong tho idk
  12. also pretty sure she made her nose thicker, teeth whiter, and smoothed skin on face
  13. I see where you're coming from, but I honestly don't think it warrants the c-ship. As someone who has a lot of family that struggles with mental health issues, I can definitely say that she has some. Maybe not to the extent of full Bipolar Personality Disorder, but definitely some Anxiety/Depression/Irritability and cycling moods. She does need to be on medication and she's gonna have to accept that and cooperate if she ever wants to get out of c-ship and get her life back. It kinda scared me when there were reports about dancers and other people saying that Britney was really into natural medicine and holistic cures, which probably means she's against taking prescriptions. She has proved she can behave when incentivized (she was very calm, endearing, and docile during circus era without looking overly-medicated), I think she was expecting to get out of the c-ship after Circus tour and regain custody of her sons. When she realized that wasn't the case, she had no incentive to behave, and I think she got really depressed during 2010 when she realized the reality of her situation.
  14. I feel like maybe since she got out of the facility she's been putting a lot of effort into how she looks in public because she's being followed by paps again. Maybe she just got upset that they now got a few photos where she doesn't look great. Still, no reason for her to lash out when there are thousands of other candids from the past decade where she looks like hell.
  15. Bloated Brit lets loose on Miami booze cruise as family attempts to rally around her amid mental health crisis!
  16. I don't really know what to think, but I DO get the feeling that she is mad at us. She has no reason to be, though, and she looks stupid acting so immature.
  17. Also her grammar is really bad in the caption. embarassing. you would think if she doesnt know how to use proper english conventions she would have someone read it over. Shes trying to act smart but she sounds like a 12 year old girl. should be: "People always speculate that celebrities photoshop their images, but they never question if the paparazzi edit photos to look bad before selling them for money!?! These pics are 17 hours apart!!!
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