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  1. omg ya'll, that status they made about declining Juno-who donation is one of their most liked statuses. omg omg...and it hasnt even been 24 hours...omg..
  2. I'm LOVING IT TOO BABY!! YASSSSSSSSS https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2021/10/19/jamie-lynn-spears-book-nonprofit-declines-donations-book-sales/8520147002/ The story made it to USATODAY! MORE MORE MORE! SHARE SHARE SHARE!
  3. https://www.eonline.com/news/1306397/mental-health-nonprofit-declines-donation-from-jamie-lynn-spears-book-sales-following-backlash YES YES YES!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!
  4. wouldnt of added up since Juno-flop-trashbox-lou was busy texting lance husband that Britney was a paranoid schizophrenic who's issues were "Going to get worse before they get better"----We all know what that means & we all know what they were plotting. She's a disgusting human being & if she never gets held accountable for this, then i hope her husband sleeps with her best friend
  5. I was just peaking at the comments. Juno-flop-lou is getting DRAGGED!!
  6. I cannot wait until the book comes out tho. Doesnt Juno-lou know that every comment section of where her book will be selling will be spammed with brit fans?!!? LOLOLOL!!
  7. I'm asking the good lord to PLEASE make this go viral on every major news outlet.
  8. Money is the root of all evil. Even Whitney Houston's father(before his death) attempted to sue his own daughter for MILLIONS. smh. Juno-flop never really had that much of a lucrative career herself, so im not at all a least bit shocked. Its saddening what money does to people though...
  9. You just have to call a spade a spade. People who truly love you cant stomach to see Bad things happen to you. Heck i dont even like seeing the people im close to BROKE(lol) It really, REALLY, speaks volumes that Juno-lynn, brian, and even lynn, would stand by and watch/allow this to happen, all while living off her estate. I couldnt imagine doing that if something like this happened to even a friend of mine, let alone a close family member. "There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldnt even jump puddles for you"
  10. GOOD! I hope Britney NEVER forgives her. Lance husband admitted that juno-lou text him that Brit was paranoid schizophrenic and that her issues were "going to get worse before they got better" I think juno-lou has been in on this plot that team con had created....and ya'll know exactly what I mean(Brit said it in her second testimony)
  11. Dang you werent even old enough for "Onyx" poor baby. Here's some fun info about Onyx before the tour started. There was the fansite called worldofbritney(now shut down) and before britney went on tour for onyx, a petition had developed for her to please sing live. LOL. She never did. hahaha. But the show was so cool & shocking no one even cared after it started.
  12. Just praise the lawd for Janet jackson's titty! because of that titty, we have youtube, and because of youtube, you can now live out what we saw back then. It was kinda annoying tho(back in those days), If you missed an award show or really any performance brit did, you had better HOPE they aired a re-run, cause if not, you were SOL---lol
  13. YES YES YES!! That remix is FUNKY! Ive always preferred to listen to that version instead.
  14. I def agree. Especially when you pit MATM against Toxic. If Britney released toxic as a first single/plus the hotness of that vid, i honestly think it she could of had higher first week sales and drove that album into higher sales, but ugh adding madonna, of course it just had to be the lead
  15. Not to rub it in, but you def missed out on some good times haha. Im not sure if there will EVER be a teen pop idol explosion like that again. Britney may have very well made history. I just dont see that happening again the way music is now...so sad. I feel like a lot of fans who were born in the mid 90s really missed out on a fantastic era of music and performances.
  16. Those good ole jive record days in the early 2000 were the ish. Just in 99 alone i saw Brit and BSB. then when nsync came over to jive in 2000, I went to two of their shows, a BSB, concert, saw oops i did it again tour twice. Back in those days it was SUPPPPER easy to get your hand on some concert tickets. Especially if you knew someone.
  17. If you were born after 1981, you were prolly to young to go on your own. So you get a pass love!
  18. If you were born after 1981, then no. If you were born before 81, then yes you're a flop fan
  19. My dad also worked at jive. At their chicago office. he didnt work much or really at all with Brit--But thats how I saw all Brits concerts as well. LOL. I didnt actually start paying to see Brit until femme fatale haha.
  20. I remember when the opening act "Steps" performed, the entire time of their performance, the crowd chanted "Britney, Britney, Britney". LOLOLOLOLOL. I was felt sooooooo bad for them, but I was also chanting along LOL
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