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Do you consider BJ to be a part of her catalogue?

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Yes its part of her discography. But do I enjoy the album no

Even when it was released I just didn't think it was good

As it's aged I've grown to it more but still meh

Perfume dream mix is the beat followed by WB

I do like body ache and tik tik boom is ok... the rest I don't even know the choruses too


but BJ was her beauty peak. She looked so freaking good. One of my fav covers

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On 8/25/2021 at 12:48 PM, now.watch.me said:

Truth is most fans here would have loved Britney Jean if it got the success of the FF singles, if both Work ***** and Perfume had gone top 5/10 and the album debuted #1 and had a 3rd/4th single. 


So yes, for me it's part of her discography, maybe it's the worst album but still part of the discography.

They allowed people to stream album before it’s release which leads to poor album sales. Also I am Britney Jean was released after the album which should have release before album


i love that album though

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5 minutes ago, emaster said:

The problem on this album is Myah Marie, cause the album its so good.


She should re-record the album

She should..or May be release a live version of it. It will be a big success..

songs like: hold on tight, Passenger, don’t cry, brightest morning star, Alien, perfume would sound great in live version

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6 hours ago, gapeach704 said:

:orangu_orangutan_ape:  Are you a bot? This can't be real life. :dead_falling_wig_dying:

I legit laughed out loud at that.

Since BJ has some songs with religious undertones, my mom thinks it was nice Britney making songs that were like a prayer to God. Now of course I hit that skip button fast for TTB, when she's in the car :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

But my mom and sister both liked WYN from Glory and think Brit should make songs with a different style like that. I like that song too minus the chipmunk vocals on the chorus.

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It could have been a great album if...

  • Britney had sung more than just 20% of it
  • it had had better production (EDM on BJ sounded really bland & dated)

Lots of songs aren't bad but because of the two reasons above I understand why the whole album gets a lot of hate :mhmnod_yes_agree_nodding:

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Even though I didn’t like most of the songs on first listen (compared to Blackout, Circus and FF), they grew on me, both lyrically and melodically speaking. They really had me fooled and I had no idea about Britney not being the singer on it. Once I saw they YT video proving the fact, the album died to me. I deleted it from my library. I was THAT disappointed. I only kept WB and Perfume as probably most of you since they were singles known to GP. I now can for sure tell which part is Britney singing and which Myah on other songs and that really makes me not enjoy them. Only difference is WB - like we know she’s on the song for about 5% but as I mentioned above it is a hit known by GP and she really made it her classic because of the POM shows and it’s also often used in gyms etc so there is like “no way back” and we need to accept it sounds the way it sounds. 

So my point is - I sadly, in my mind, don’t consider is as part of her discography, but it actually is so it’s like, how do you deal… 

But that being said I listen to some of the songs from time to time. I like BMS, NTIFY, HOT. 

Before I knew about Myah I enjoyed TIG and BA. 

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It feels like a collection of unfinished demos & instead of being a trendsetter, it sat right in that WILL.i.Am reductive production. It's unlike the perfectionism we are used to hearing from MY britney on her albums, and I think even though there are some writing credits, & I enjoy Now That I Found You, overall, there's a discomfort for me while listening because you can notice the absence of Britney on the record & it's confusing about when it's her or Myah. Also, with the way she spoke about BJ in the BJ & Glory eras, I think Britney herself wasn't happy with the outcome & felt it was RUSHED & that's why Brit took over the reigns for the following record in terms of artistic control. Glory has all the Britneyisms written all over it. Before BJ, there were struggles in Britney's personal life but it never had materialised into her music. BJ was the turning point where the fans I think realised the conservatorship spilling into her music. When Britney is in control, the music is INSANE. We saw this In 2007 during her darkest period when she executive-produced 'BLACKOUT' herself, her most critically acclaimed album ever. After BJ, Glory was the redemption moment for Britney's fans, & I think Britney as well because she was visibly more excited and animated in interviews to talk about that project more.

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Yes and it's achieved an iconic status among the fan base at this point. Like it or not, it's now become of the things to define her artistry; in other words, it's part of who she is as a singer and her legacy.

Is it an album I often go back to? No.

I'd honestly like to hear Britney's personal take on the album. Plus, if we get well-executed live performances for more songs besides Work B, I'm sure some songs may grow on some folks. However, that's a big IF and we don't know how Britney feels about the album.

But yes, it is part of her catalogue and it's achieved an iconic status in the fan base (mainly for the wrong reasons...)

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