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  1. People are just bad at spelling. It's not a conspiracy.
  2. For me it isn't that the video is old, it's the fact she outright says she got henna again... as if to imply this is brand new content when it clearly isn't regardless of who is posting. If it's Cassie, she must know we've seen this. If it's Britney and she doesn't know the pic was posted last year, why imply it's new?
  3. No one is talking about how she says her REAL living room?! Did they tell her she had to use that other spot before? Cause it looks nicer or something?
  4. Honestly yes. I feel this. As other users mentioned I'm sure it triggers some of my own personal issues. I follow britney/exhale as a way to escape my own issues and focus on hers (I should be currently working and I am getting married next week and have put off many tasks in favour of checking exhale/other social media in general not always britney related) A lot of the way she's been portrayed as a mother really hits home for me. It's not quite the same extent obviously but I've had many people try to gaslight me into believing I'm a terrible mother when I know for certain it's not true (for a time I did believe it). My son is only a month younger than JJ so watching Britney be judged so harshly as a mother especially when the boys were young, I can relate to. She didn't do anything wrong. I worry for her and I want her free but I don't think it's HER specifically affecting my mental health although i do spend a lot of time here and will talk to anyone who will listen about Britney She will get free, we will all be so happy and then she can remain as ONLY a sense of joy in our lives without all the extra stress
  5. A for the record style doc would be best I think. By that I mean the way you don't really see/hear much from her interviewer but you can very clearly hear and see her thoughts and feelings. A book would be great, but a doc is the best way to go if she truly wants everyone to know about it
  6. Ok but to be fair, I never liked this song right from its release. It's the one song off FF I typically skip, and in general it's my absolute least favourite single.
  7. FF. Although I've come to appreciate Glory more so, I enjoy listening to waaaay more FF songs even after all these years they still slap for me Who's BJ?
  8. I'm in Canada and it's honestly a bit lack luster until very recently. After June 23 is when I heard the morning radio shows mentioning her (I had 3 different stations on my way to work). But the only people I talk to who know about it only know because I tell them. No one comments when I wear my Free Britney shirt I thought about getting stickers made up to stick on random signs and stuff along the road... but I'm kinda broke and also I don't really walk places and only drive everywhere. I know maybe 1 person who follows free britney without me pushing it on her, but when we talk I can tell she isn't as interested as me. I'm pretty hard c0re tbh. (Does that get censored?) Anyway, I keep spreading the word. I rarely post on social media but I always share the deep dive series and any other big stories. I want her free so bad
  9. This is good! As others said earlier, I had kinda lost interest in this series, but daaaaaang this one is good! It's crazy how long Free Britney has been big for now, all that has happened I just want her freeeeeee
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