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Do you consider BJ to be a part of her catalogue?

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Of course it is part of her discog. I am a BJ fan. I like most of the songs on it. Only ones I don't like are CWY and NTIFY, cause it repeats the first verse. That really bugs me.

My faves on it are WB, Perfume, and Brightest Morning Star. My mom likes BMS and so when I've played it in the car she has asked to hear that.

Actually when I played Glory in the car for the first time, my mom and sister both said they liked her last album better.

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BJ has good instrumentals tbh. I just wish the marketing was different, not marketed as personal. I also wish she recorded more vocal takes. I also wish they wrote a bridge for "Til It's Gone" and "Body Ache", wish TI was not on TTB, wish Passenger was deleted. 

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Regardless of how I feel about the album unfortunately we can’t just discard it. It’s was still a full studio album and while I hate 90% of it there was a small 10% I did like. I like Alien. I feel like it could have been an ITZ song and I wish the album had followed more that direction. Honestly if we were to go after every album that she wasn’t involved in then we may as well scrap Circus-Glory. 

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This may sound hypocritical but in equal parts, I do and I don't. In regards to Britney; The Artist? No, I don't, because Britney, when she is engaged is captivating and engaging, and you get to hear both the intricacy of her voice as well as what she wants to say; I mean Oops!, Britney, ITZ, BO, Glory, and to some degree, Circus, all have make it clear that Britney knows what she wants to sound like and say.  Femme Fatale will always be questionable for me because of the context of it; Britney worked on an album, and the team scrapped it for a dance album.....hmmmm.

In regards to the Britney Brand, as in the Britney we see due to the conservatorship, then we do have to recognise that as much as we don't like it, its always going to be part of her legacy and any detriment it has to it is due to the actions of others. 

I've always been very critical of the album, but no one is to blame other than Jamie and Larry. Will.i.am clearly wanted to do something brilliant with Britney, but was contractually obliged to do what Team Con wanted. The same with his team and Myah. I don't believe she wrote on the majority of songs, and they very much pulled a Beyonce on it, and they actively sabotaged the rest. I mean, right now, Jamie and his lawyers could use this against Britney for cheap potshot headlines even though he approved everything; I mean someone instructed Larry to tell the producers to get the backing singer to fake leads in a Britney voice, or else they potentially face a lawsuit and they could have delayed it or used older material that was remixed.

Work ***** is a bop, lets admit it, but Britney is barely on it. The songs that stand out are Perfume, Dont Cry, Hold on Tight and that's kinda it. The rest are meh to bad quality or cheaply produced.

Also, can we not hate on Myah Marie? or Will.i.am for that matter? We've seen clauses in contracts that, if they are to be believed, say that each breaking of a contact is a $50K fee. As successful as Myah is as a backing singer, I doubt she had the money to fight an estate for coming out and saying 'I sang the leads!' and Will.i.am talking about how the people around Britney brought her down should be support enough.

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Yes and no

I said yes because Britney co-wrote each title so there are hours of work, and we must not lie but there would have been an alternative production on the titles

I really think we would have had a Britney 2.0 at the blackout sound except "Alien" (even if Will's touch sabotage it) / "Perfume" / "Passenger" / "Dont cry" / Brightest morning star "/ and" Hold on tight "/" work ***** "is certainly an effective title and now I see it differently ...

and no, because as for Circus it is an album which was made to have something new for an event: "Comeback" and Residence two albums made in haste which would have deserved a minimum of additional work ... not to mention Femme Fatale or all the titles it was given over ... I'm not trying to wreak havoc on myself ...

so yes BJ is part of its catalog but with time and a minimum of retreat it is for me to sabotage ... and despite the present concept production to screw up Will it's nice to indirectly make an album on his back he had control, they made a mistake I think they believed in S&S so much that they bet on an entire album hoping for millions of sales they should have left the choice to Britney and let her choose who she wanted to work with. I think that now they will not make the error again and especially that they stop the feat with him I think that there is enough (BFB, S & S, ISBE).

luckily Britney was smart and strategic with "Glory" I really wonder what we would have had if she hadn't had the chance to make such a perfect album!

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On 8/25/2021 at 12:28 PM, Kletus said:

When talking about her iconic discography, it’s easy to see the quality and effort of every album. Except BJ :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek: do you consider BJ a part of her discography?

and since your answer is no, why not?


I don't know when was the last time I've listened BJ in full, except Work *****. Too robotic in my taste. 

If you have time, I'm doing reaction videos, and I started like a throwback reactions with Britney, and I did first 5 albums, with Blackout ofc being my favorite. And I will continue until I'm done with them all, I'm scared only of doing BJ lol 


Here's link to Blackout, and the rest is on my channel. 😊


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2 hours ago, stanLOONA said:

I can add that considering all I know now I don't even know to consider Circus, Femme Fatale nor Glory, like sure, she was involved more in these three but under c-ship :pensiveney_britney_praying_ftr_for_the_record_2008_circus_vmas_thinking:

so idk, I feel so weird now about everything post-Blackout

I feel the same way about everything post Blackout now too. I almost feel guilty listening to anything post Blackout because of the c-ship. And while I will occasionally go back and listen to Circus, FF, or Glory I never go back and listen to BJ. (mainly cause it should've been a 6 song EP titled Perfume, but that's beside the point)

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